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Apparition (2004)
by Ungaro


Apparition information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
PerfumerFrançoise Caron
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group

About Apparition

Apparition is a feminine perfume by Ungaro. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Françoise Caron and Francis Kurkdjian

Apparition fragrance notes

Reviews of Apparition

Big blast of raspberry and sweet pepper. Followed by tons of rose. Ends with gentle patchouli, amber, and vanilla. Mimics an aldehydic perfume IMO. Long-lasting. Moderate sillage. Interesting bottle.
24th September, 2017
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United Kingdom
It has a sweet and floral scent.
It begins with a sharp scent that irritates me and becomes softer as it dries down.
It has some similarities with Wish perfume by Chopard.

Notes are as follows:
Top notes: raspberry and red pepper.
Middle notes: rose and passion flower.
Base notes: heliotrope, Tonka, patchouli, amber and vanilla.
09th October, 2014
Hmmm-it's not magical or fairy-like at all. I just purchased a bottle on sale, and could not decide whether to crack open the cellophane, or leave it on my 'gift shelf' for emergencies. I read the reviews, saw a few composition elements that were common to my favorites, and gave it a try.

I'm not a big fan of berry-scents; this one is a grown-up version-more like raspberry jam than raspberry soda-pop. I should have left it wrapped up. It's all right, but nothing to get excited over.

14th August, 2009
A most lovely and under looked gem from Ungaro. I think it's perfectly suitable for a man. And it just makes me smile to know Ungaro can still come out with some above average scent. Apparition is one of them. Please, please do something about the hideous bottle.
02nd May, 2009
Excellent lasting power for me, and a very unusual fragrance that always has people stopping to ask what perfume I'm wearing. Spiced fruits, with an exemplary balance of raspberry and musk, neither dominating or overpowering yet incredibly heady and sensual. I agree with RoseAmber regarding the bottle - it just isn't right for this particular perfume, which simply begs for a fat-bottomed decanter to sit snugly in the hand. This is most definitely a womanly fragrance, all lips and hips, certainly not a whispy frail little thing, as the name may suggest. One of my new favourites!
02nd August, 2008
(Inhales deep at the wrist) :) Well that was a good way to begin I think.... To my nose Apparition is a magical, fairy-tale like, fragrance that blends well with my natural skin smell... It reminds me of being in a Butterfly Conservatory and watching all the colorful butterflies all over the place fluttering their wings here and there and everywhere. Colorful bowls of freshly cut fruit placed randomly all over the garden... tropical misty air full of wonderful aromas mixing flowers and fruits together... Knitting fairy-tale and reality into one... Apparition is a very feminine, charming and sensual fragrance....and to my nose quite unforgettable. The tops notes of raspberry liqueur, so creamy and smooth, and sweet with a bigtime yum-factor, mingling with cayenne pepper to create a very energetic and almost thrilling atmosphere -the exact reason why I think of butterflies when I spray this on. But then shortly into it my heart swoons at the first notes of rose and passion flower charming everyone around... my co-workers stop by my office to inhale deeply and walk away smiling... sometimes they say nothing, just smile on their way, as if they were able to take away with them a little piece of that special, magical fairy-tale feeling... But as much as I adore the opening with the cheerful, unpredictable butterflies and heart notes with sexy, tiny fairies in yellow, pink and blue dresses, the base notes are just spectacular! Deep and mysterious with the marriage of seductive almondy heliotrope princess dressed in a gossamer white dress with silver shoes and raven hair, and depth and richness of patchouli, dressed like a groom for their wedding day... I would definitely repurchase Apparition again...
15th June, 2006

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