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Blu Notte pour Homme (2004)
by Bulgari


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Year of Launch2004
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Parent CompanyBulgari

About Blu Notte pour Homme

Blu Notte pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Bulgari. The scent was launched in 2004

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Reviews of Blu Notte pour Homme

Not bad, and quite pleasant but nothing remarkable or interesting. It's more creamy, soft and powdery than blue/fresh. Not getting much, if any tobacco.

Projection is below average but longevity is very good, lasts all day.
06th December, 2017
Bulgari scents fascinate me greatly, esp. the flankers they steadily bring out.

Being a fan of the original Blu pour Homme, I found that Bulgari Blu Notte did a great job of rounding out the former by toning the strength down slightly and injecting some nice tobacco leaf into it. Still has the "blue" characteristic of the original, plus a more powdery-sweet accent that make it even more of a soft oriental men's fragrance.

Great flanker, and enjoyed it greatly.
15th January, 2017
I am not afraid to say that I love this scent. It is similar to the original and that's fine. I find this to be slightly smoother and not as " zingy" as the original. One of the few powdery dry downs that I like. If you like the original you will like this as well. Enjoy!
15th May, 2016
Blu Notte by Bulgari is a barely-to-fairly pleasant and quite distinctive fragrance playing some interesting, albeit not entirely compelling gourmand-barbershop chords in a less common way than usual (didn’t say “better”). It may be considered a “chocolate-lavender” fragrance, as those are for me the main notes composing the recognizable bone-structure of the scent, so we’re in Rochas Man and similar masculine gourmands kind of league; not saying Blu Notte is similar to Rochas though, as besides the absence of coffee, it is massively more synthetic, more spicy-woody (cedar and cardamom are surely there) and with a more decided office-safe “laundry” feel of lavender and musk. Also less sweet and gourmand than Rochas or similar fragrances, and showing some fresher-greener head notes to balance the sweet spicy-woodiness. But as I said, the “concept” seems similar – pairing “office-barbershop” notes (lavender, woods, citrus) with some younger, “urban” Oriental-gourmand stuff (from cardamom to chocolate here).

A bright, warm, polished type of spicy choco-lavender fragrance... With an elephantine flaw, though: an unbearably bold feel of aseptic, synthetic soapy-powdery “cleanliness” which reminds me of some of the cheapest Versace on the market, and other 1990s/early-2000s fragrances heavy on “laundry-powdery” aromachemicals – musk, lavender, sweet soapy stuff. This has the same feel, a nondescript smell of, well, pure “synthetic soapiness” which I can’t really cope with. It’s everywhere, wrapping the notes like that white ice cream of that great horror B-movie from the 1980’s – “The Stuff”. Which is sad because aside from this, some notes smell nice. So shortly I quite enjoy the concept personally, as I have a penchant for adult masculine gourmands; but sadly the execution for me is just barely decent and a bit too cheap to be compelling enough (and worthy the discontinued prices).

24th June, 2015
Genre: Fougère

An improvement over the insufferably sweet original, but still far from my top drawer. There is a depth and complexity here that BLV pour Homme lacks, but I still can't take this seriously as an evening fragrance. The ginger-Nicotiana accord is still too sweet and one-dimensional for me. I'd say this one's OK for when you want an uplifting, sweet scent in cold, wet weather, but not something that excites me.
10th June, 2014
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
For me this scent will always have a place within my heart. I do not know why but it always invokes nostalgia of when I was young and I saw a train for the first time at a train station. This seems bizarre as this scent was released 15 years later than that event in time. There may have been someone with a similar scent, or just that I associate this smell with a train station (but in a good way). Nevertheless, BLV Notte Pour Homme is a darker, more superior version of the original, apart from the longevity and sillage are a bit lacking. It is versatile and smooth. 7/10 but only for the disappointing sillage.
07th February, 2014

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