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Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme (2004)
by Yohji Yamamoto


Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseYohji Yamamoto
PerfumerJean-Pierre Béthouart
Parent CompanyIFD Group
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme

Re-released in 2013.

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Reviews of Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme

Odd and wonderful at the same time. It’s surprising, pleasant and perplexing to wear because I don’t know why I like it but I do. Has some sweet, woody and clean aspects that I like but then it has some veggie or herbal notes that keep throwing me off. Also, I can’t decide if it's mature, young, old or new. Maybe that’s why I like this, it intrigues me.

Looking at the notes, the orris and sage are what’s probably throwing me the curveball. There’s also a smokey aspect in ethnic drydown that comes from the orris.

The other thing about this is figuring out which Yohji Homme version I’m smelling. BN has this listed as Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme but on my carded samples from Yohji, they all say “Yohji Yamamoto Homme” and are EdC strength. The only indicator I could find was the picture of the bottle on the cards which matches the 2013 version. Also, the Fragrantica name is simply “Yohji Yamamoto Homme” which does match the cards and samples.

Projection is slightly below average but longevity is good, especially for EdC. I get about 4-5 hours.
10th February, 2019 (last edited: 11th February, 2019)
Yohji-style curve-ball.
Close transparent sandal-suede.
Sneaky strong skin song.
09th November, 2017
Starts out smelling like it has promise...nice burst of fresh citrus-then-poof, like magic it dissapears without a trace...this is quickly replaced by the ozony spice/wood combo that every mall fragrance seems to spend most of it's time doing...sorry, that's all I get...
14th July, 2016
This one is interesting because it mixes some dirtiness into the smell, giving it some character. The balance seems to work. I am not in love and planning for a full bottle, although I think I would enjoy wearing it periodically.
16th June, 2016
Not on the same scale as stablemate Yohji Homme (hereafter YH), Yohji Yamamoto (hereafter YYPH) displays the same ambiguous, ephemeral Japanese aesthetic. Whereas YH displays whatever you want to find in it, YYPH for me seems to live not on the skin as such but in a cloud that comes and goes and presages my arrival. And perhaps "pre-sages" is not a bad usage, as the progression of the scent is through a touch of Yuzu, through a long-lasting sage and ending with a touch of leather closer to the skin. Perhaps one of those scents that "wears you"? Not tactile in the same way that YH is; you won't be able to grasp this one through sniffing the skin. Perhaps more for reflective moods. I like it a lot, but not necessarily to buy. And I couldn't say for whom I would recommend YYPH. One last point: as the previous reviews note, this is an abysmal bit of naming. In fact, given that the male lines of YY appear to have been discontinued - AGAIN - there seems to have been a sustained failure in marketing respectively highly original (YYPH) and stone-cold-classic (YH) fragrances.
16th April, 2016
I bought a 10ml/0.34FlOz travel-sized bottle of this on ebay, advertised as "Yohji Homme" (to be fair to the guy, I don't think he realised, and has offered to exchange it) - so please note, this is NOT "Yohji Homme", as made famous in the Luca Turin review, this is "Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme" - a completely different kettle of fish, if you'll pardon the expression.

This is very linear, seems to stay on the same thing from start to finish, which is a vaguely boozy, watery aquatic nothing, really. It reminds me of a less interesting Baldessarini Del Mar Marbella (which in itself wasn't that interesting to begin with).

Vaguely pleasant/vaguely insipid, depending on your taste. Not one to revisit for me.

This bottle was imported by "Delphic HSE Solutions" to the UK, made in France. Not sure if it is a reformulation, as other reviews mention this was discontinued, but I think a fair few reviews of this I have seen elsewhere on the internet, as well as the Basenotes reviews of "Yohji Homme", may have had the two mixed up.

Understandable really, given the similarities of the names, and the bottles (something I think they may have changed now - a quick internet search shows this now comes in a rectangular-shaped bottle, whereas mine was the slim, tall "Yohji Homme" shaped one, but without "Yohji Homme" written at the top - photo submitted below).

12th November, 2015 (last edited: 11th November, 2015)

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