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Stetson Black (2005)
by Stetson


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Stetson Black

Stetson Black is a masculine fragrance by Stetson. The scent was launched in 2005

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Black hat, black leather.
Smoky wood and gasoline.
Fahrenheit Dark Light.
13th November, 2018’s okay. It’s nice to have handy for casual days. It’s Coty’s version of a watered down Drakkar Noir in that the longevity is very short lived. Not my favorite but not my least favorite.
17th May, 2018
Stetson Black is a strange and far-reaching masculine that tries to ape the style of many popular late 80's and 90's scents. I can gather that the target demographic Coty was trying to reach with this stuff was assumed to not particularly care about distinction or originality, but rather just the Stetson name as a brand they trusted. I can further surmise that these same potential buyers had probably never smelled any of the things this scent was attempting to emulate, let alone recognize their piecemeal addition to the Voltron-in-a-bottle that is this cologne. The entire "black" fragrance trope to begin with was pretty undefined, as all of the most notable scents within it were "darker" flankers to bigger and older marquee scents, and "darker" is defined rather subjectively in the realm of fragrance anyway. I can't hate this stuff, because my mother loves it so and won't stand without me having a bottle in my collection, so I'm more acquainted with it than I perhaps should be otherwise. I feel Coty was going mainly for a rarefied 80's breed of leather scents reliant on juicy top notes, floral hearts, and mossy leather bases. My first instinct was to call this a drugstore French Line (1984), but this is missing both the rose and the coconut of that obscure discontinued cult classic, and supplants them with woods and vetiver, even if it does somehow duplicate French Line's "cherry" ghost note, just in a drier format. I actually admit I like this more than I should, but it is if nothing else, somewhat unique in it's segment.

The smell opens with that aforementioned dry cherry ghost accord lifted from French Line. I know the official notes say otherwise, but the white pepper, basil, cypress, and nutmeg come across that way, so there must be something else here unlisted causing it. Maybe it's a combination of whatever aromachemicals are here, who knows? The primarily difference is the cherry impression is not as delightful, it's just a sour candy kind of cherry and not the rounded cordial cherry or cherry schnapps smell in the opening of French line that would have made this more of a gourmand scent. This dry and sour cherry is met with a heart of cedar, vetiver, and musk which all might as well just be Iso Super E to me because I can't tell them apart from each other. Moss, sandalwood, a suede leather note reminiscent of French Line once again, and a similar subtle patchouli all the way down in the base also help marry this to the 1980's, even if it's top and phantom middle are definitely more 90's. Therein lies the "dark" smokey base anchor this needed to fit it's description of a "black" flanker: the moss and suede notes. Stetson Black wears pretty fine for what it is, and overall smells like what one would get if Coty reformulated the much-better Preferred Stock (1990) to be a bit fruitier in tone and -even- sweeter than it already is, with a bunch more leather in the base to compensate. It sort of takes that same Preferred Stock route to the dry down too, going from soapy synthetics right up front (outside the ghost fruit), and ending in a haze of blended dry fixatives that make this the Walmart equivalent to a sensual skin scent. Again, not terrible, just not particularly original either, but certainly more unique than Johnny Q Aquatic or Mary Jane Ozone could ever muster.

If you always wanted a less-scary or more masculine Joop Homme (1989), this is a good surrogate, but you'll sacrifice a whole lot of quality for that more buttoned-down approach to a fruity floral blast. It's definitely close to being a chypre, but it's just missing too many chypre base prerequisites and too shrill for that classification. Stetson Black also works as a scent that's just meant to be pleasant, safe, and a bit more alluring than the citrus and fake sandalwood meat grinder that most commercial houses were still making us traverse even into the 2000's. The scent just can't be disliked, but neither is it really noteworthy outside it's plagarism of obscure sources. It's a "black" flanker for a scent that really couldn't benefit from such a thing (Stetson original is furthest from anything that would impart edginess), and ultimately just becomes a cork board with a scattering of inspirations pinned to it. There's a bit of ozonic here, a bit of floral, maybe a touch of gourmand. Spicy cherry woods and musk in a black bottle. I can't really get past that initial impression. Take the best of the 80's underdogs and scan them through a 90's copy machine, and you end up with this. I guess if you really wanted to save that precious bottle of French Line (1984), you could get real good and drunk then douse yourself in this. You'd be too intoxicated to care that it's not. It's romantic if your idea of romantic is a dinner at TGI Friday's, and watching Miss Congeniality on Netflix afterward. Do yourself a favor and only wear it if somebody you care about likes it on you, which is my case. Good for being cheap, but not really all that good once you tasted better, just like TGI Fridays!
17th December, 2017 (last edited: 15th March, 2018)
A weaker imitation of Dior's Fahrenheit. No more, no less.
07th August, 2015
Not an essential purchase by any stretch, Stetson Black´s staying power is very limited, a maximum of 3 hours shelf life if you´re lucky. The somewhat synthetic leather and suede blanket the aroma the whole stretch, with a tint of berry-grape that manages to tone down things a bit and certainly can charm but all too quickly seems to fade after the first 20 minutes.
A nice, affordable alternative to the overpriced Polo and Kenneth Cole Blacks, Stetson certainly hits on the masculine element of what black should embody with this one. Sure, the scent is one-dimensional, a bit sweet, and guilty of using cheaper ingredients, but for a cheap drugstore fragrance this is a decent find and worth throwing into the rotation if not to keep things interesting.
Agree with Jenson from India, the aftershave is far more wearable. Works well as a splash on more than a feature scent. Stetson deserves credit for bringing the dark and black back into black.

Overall 6.25 (Scent 7.75/Longevity 3.0/Sillage 7.0/Originality-Intangibles 6.5/Value 7.0)
17th February, 2011
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Highly synthetic, cloying, harsh and sweet.

Up front this smells very sweet. None of the listed top notes come to mind. It smells sweet and grape like.

I can notice a tad of the cedarwood and musk it the middle mixed with a harsh synthetic leather note.

The end has a sweet leather note, a touch of sandalwood and something I can't place but smells vaguely like glue.

IMHO this is a disaster that earns a neutral only because it isn't offensive despite its poor blending. Nothing about it smells good. It is like a cheap imitation of Gravity with worse linearity. About all it has going for it is it is not offensive smelling, and smells like some sort of cleaner. Something clean would probably be associated with good to most people.

The biggest drawbacks are it isn't cheap and it is terribly weak. Don't expect to get by on a spray or two for an 8 hour workday. It disappears in no time. Expect to go for about 6 sprays to make it last. This does nothing for it, it doesn't make it the drydown more apparent. It just makes it last longer. You get the same, sweet grape, fake leather and cheap woods. It is like an inferior imitation of Gravity. It isn't cheap. Regular Stetson, All American Stetson and the like all offer longevity for the price. Like Gravity this stuff doesn't last and it is just not as smooth. If you wanted a sweet budget scent that at least smelled acceptable go get something like Elizabeth Taylor's Passion for Men. Don't waste your time with this stuff.

Update... I finally placed what this smells like. Ever smell that copy paper, or carbon paper that has that weird sweet scent to it? That is exactly what this stuff smells like when it immediately hits your nostrils.
19th January, 2011 (last edited: 04th October, 2011)

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