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Silver Cologne (2002)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2002
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PerfumerEvelyne Boulanger

About Silver Cologne

Silver Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Evelyne Boulanger

Silver Cologne fragrance notes

Reviews of Silver Cologne

There is nothing bright about this.
It starts heavy plum rose amber sandalwood. It so heavy that you think its going to be a wash off. Then it settles leaving you with orange musk and vetiver , almost becoming fresh and you think wow, just like Creed Viking its worth persisting through the opening. But in calamitous contrast this continues morphing and drops its pants even more leaning heavily towards the feminine with florals and patchouli.
Not for me but it does take you on a roller coaster journey. Some may like it just for that!

Fragrance: 6.25/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
07th September, 2019
Amouage Silver Man is appropriately-named, given the metallic, musky, fresh spicy vibe that I get from it. The opening is a burst of floral and fresh spices, enhanced perhaps by the citruses I see in the notes breakdown but do not detect much of individually. Orange blossom factors in somewhat, especially at the opening, but quickly gives way to a variety of florals and a woody musk mix that doesn't sit well with me.

As in many cases, it's not the sharpness in the opening that is prohibitive for me but the odd fruity/musky dry down that is simply displeasing, but I realize that this is just a matter of opinion is that is not one of the crowd favorites among Amouage fragrances.

Projection is decent but longevity leaves a little bit to be desired. Sample first, for sure.

5 out of 10
10th January, 2016
Not bad, but not all that good IMO. Citrus and kind of fruity vibe with this one. More on the feminine side IMO. I give Amouage credit for trying something new though.
03rd November, 2015
Silver Cologne by Amouage is absolutely heavenly. At first spray I get a blast of orange blossom and plum. As it dries down I can also detect the jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose. The full dry down is followed by a mild floral (all of which I mentioned above) with musk, patchouli and sandalwood. The longer I have it on, the better it smells. To me it is sophisticated and has lots of character.
15th July, 2015
Genre: Woody Oriental

The top notes are perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Silver Cologne: a very bright crisp citrus, some deeply indolic white flowers, and clear, dry incense. There’s a bit of the ripe animalic accord from Amouage Gold for Men as well, but in this instance it’s far more subdued and tightly integrated.

As the floral and animalic notes settle, Silver evolves into a somewhat herbal eau de Cologne structure with Amouage’s trademark “silver” frankincense layered on top. It’s far more wearable than the baroque Gold, but nowhere near as novel or complex as Amouage’s Dia or Jubilation XXV.

Like everything else from Amouage, Silver offers expansive sillage, though without the stupendous wallop that characterizes Gold. Silver’s drydown combines sweet balsamic notes, smooth woods, and a touch of creamy iris, and in line with the “cologne” designation, is far less tenacious than most of the other Amouage offerings I’ve tried. My final verdict is that while Silver Cologne is pleasant, wearable, and well made, it lacks the distinctiveness of the other Amouage scents – even the ones that I dislike.
09th June, 2014
A sharp,crisp tart animalic citrusy opening with the support of a background of flower from the Orange felling of a citrus oil...reminds me of a powerhouse type opening of a classic fougere/chypre fragrance from the good old days (70's - 80's )...a very thick feeling scent...has a sense of class and elegance...this is an Amouage that I am comfortable wearing just about anywhere including the office...this has gotten me compliments...I have a lot of Amouage decants and splits but , so far, this is my only Amouage full bottle...Another thing I love about this fragrance is that it is one of those that to me has a very distinct top, middle, and base...It's like enjoying 3 different fragrances in one...First I get this nice citrus blast opening...then a nice floral bouquet for a while...and finally a nice smooth slightly resiny, slightly woody, slightly earthy drydown with just a touch of musky sweetness...One of Amouages more European/American than Oriental fragrances, but I like that there's different options in their line up...The way the flowers are presented in a rich but masculine way, and scent wise reminds me a lot of Givenchy Insense...a Citrusy/Flowery classic inspired chypre/fougere done with Amouage style and quality ingredients ( the kind that used to be in designer scents in the 70's and 80's )...
21st November, 2013

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