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Angélique Noire (2005)
by Guerlain


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerDaniela Andrier
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Angélique Noire

Part of the 'L’Art et la Matière' collection launched in 2005, where different perfumers create a scent based around a "raw material". The line is available at the flagship Champs-Elysees store.

Angélique Noire fragrance notes

Reviews of Angélique Noire

Stunning vanilla fragrance. Very cozy, people pleaser, strong but never cloying, blended to perfection. I actually spray my bed with this to make sweet dreams :)
23rd March, 2020
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United Kingdom
The Angelica as seed appears pretty much right from the start, combined with a slightly fruity notion that contains pears and whiffs of white peach. A dash of white peppers enhances the touch of bitterness that is overlaying the top notes.

The drydown adds mainly a good rendition of jasmine, quite green, and pleasant. Additionally, and mild caraway note is present that has whiffs of cumin attached to it.

A vanilla Leads us into the base, an ingredient prominent in many creations of this house, but less strong here, less sweet - here Angelica root counteracts the sweetness also - and less vivid than in other cases where it is employed by Guerlain.
Towards the end touches of cedarwood come and go.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumn scent, a part of the ‘ L'Art et la Matiere’ series, is agreeable and in its employ of Angelica not without an original twist. Some of the notes are a bit generic though; the performance is good. Overall nothing particularly special, but crafted solidly enough to warrant - just - a positive score. 3/5
26th January, 2020
Guerlain Angelique Noire is among the most celebrated of L'Art et la Matiere collection, and it's easy to see why. The craft of this vanilla-dominant fragrance is carefully-executed as in Spiritueuse Double Vanille or Cuir Beluga, but the use of vanilla in Angelique Noire is more subtle, and used in less proportion.

Angelique Noire has a healthy amount of angelica root/seed, caraway, and musk shifting much of the focus away from the vanilla, providing herbal, semi-spicy, and indeed musky accents. It's rather sweet--again, the vanilla is the centerfold--but not a gourmand, really, and it gives the feeling of being carefully nuanced, a vibe of "vanilla but with a lot more" along the lines of Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser, itself a mix of vanilla with myrrh and some other players.

Angelique Noire feels very much like a Guerlain fragrance, somewhere in the continuum of Shalimar to Cuir Beluga though very much closer to the latter.

I prefer Cuir Beluga on my own skin, for sure, but would very much enjoy Angelique Noire on someone else. It strikes me as a little feminine, as many of Guerlain's sweeter offerings do, but it's surely unisex enough for anyone to enjoy. It has the feel of a more mature scent, though, not for the younger crowd, and I suspect it's more popular among seasoned fragrance fanatics. It's not an instant winner: it takes some settling down to enjoy fully.

Highly sophisticated and emblematic of the house's imperial stature, Angelique Noire is surely worth trying. Even though I probably am unlikely to pursue beyond a small decant, I think it's a great entry the house's pantheon.

8 out of 10
20th November, 2018
Angelique Noire is such a lovely and unique fragrance. It is rich, dark, sumptuous, lush, and thus very aptly named. I love the angelica note in this. The legendary Guerlain vanilla takes AN right up to the border of "gourmand," but keeps it from crossing over, yet there is something "delicious" about AN as if it is almost but not quite like a decadent dessert. I find AN rather feminine, but I think the right man could easily wear this as well. It is a lovely fragrance for Autumn and Winter. It would wear well on very crisp Spring days as well. It might feel slightly heavy in hot humid weather, but if you are in a temperature controlled environment all day, I see no reason why it would not be wearable during the Summer months.

On me AN wears pretty close to my skin. Projection and sillage are rather minimal, but longevity is very good, especially on clothing. I must say, as well, that the presentation for all of these Guerlain exclusives is outstanding---far nicer presentation than CHANEL exclusifs. Guerlain is elegance.

This fragrance whispers, "come hither...." and draws in those around you. Wear AN whence you want to be relentlessly nibbled. ; )
02nd December, 2017
Fresh and green, dry and slightly bitter, Angelique Noire begins nicely with an artemisia-like quality, conjuring dry beach grass blowing in the wind.

The vanilla slowly makes itself known, paired with a sweetly refined jasmine as the heart takes over. The cedarwood is used sparingly, simply to anchor the scent, not to overwhelm it as some bases can with such delicate heart notes.

This is lovely as a summer scent, making one smell fresh as a summer breeze and just as light and effervescent. For me it is the jasmine that is the star, not the angelica. Very unisex and a delightfully different and uplifting addition to the Guerlain roster. Recommended.
23rd October, 2017
Wow, I love this! A lot of vanilla, it gets sweet but it's not cloying thanks to the freshness of bergamot. Of course, it has a powerful floral chore as well. It's long lasting and sillage is good!

Edit: I’m devastated. 3/4 of the bottle (old-style one) emptied in my bag. They are not made to stay in bags, even closed. Now I’ve got a very good smelling bag, since weeks. Good sillage. Hm.
22nd May, 2017 (last edited: 09th February, 2018)

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