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Miranda is a feminine perfume by Fragonard.

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Miranda was an absolute surprise. I visited the Eze factory, asked them for their darkest, most mysterious/read "sexy" perfume (I wear the original Coco perfume, or brooding men's frags or oud based Serge Lutens). They apologized and said that while they didn't have any of the sexier Orientals, I should try Miranda--eau de toillette. I balked. I wanted mysterious, they gave me light eau de toillette!
Miranda was too sweet... at first. I generally detest sweet. But something about Miranda's essence grew on me. I absentmindedly sniffed my wrist as I walked through the factory, testing other, headier perfumes. And every time I went back to my Miranda, an involuntary smile...Miranda is magical. Yes, it has vanilla and coconut and does very well on the beach and frankly, it shouldn't really work as a high-end fragrance. And yet, somehow it does. It never goes too far, it never devolves into sun-tan lotion or dessert, it's never cloying. There is something deep down in the juice that elevates it. Maybe it's simply the amber, but I doubt it--there's something more interesting happening and on me, it's a weird wonderful mystery. NARS makes an amazing body oil smelling of coconut and tiare flower--not coincidentally, from Tahiti. Miranda is the luxe version of that oil--she's surprisingly sophisticated, gorgeous, but never pretentious. Miranda is the girl next door who, against the odds, made a name for herself and is now having a ball in the tropics. She's chic but effortlessly so. She isn't afraid to get her $300 bikini mussed in the Tahitian sand. Miranda is summertime vapors rising from the asphalt and coconut rum and sex all wrapped up in a big pink and yellow bow.
19th August, 2014 (last edited: 21st August, 2014)
Miranda by Fragonard is such a girly fragrance. This is the scent of vanilla icecream, coconut flavoured lip gloss and a bouquet of flowers from an over-the-top romantic and doting significant other.

Funnily enough, as I was reviewing Miranda a random sugar ant ran over my tester strip but not without hesitating first to see if this perfume was indeed edible.

I do mention this fragrance as being rather sweet, however it is nothing nauseatingly so. Jasmine and rose feature quite prominently with a milky sweet coconut and vanilla texture.

Miranda actually smells like one of my favourite cakes to bake, Angel Vanilla Cake. The foody cake note is fortunately subtle and pretty on the skin.

Very rarely does a fragrance remind me of a certain colour, however Miranda makes me think of baby pink, that innocent, feminine and youthful colour. The drydown which consists of powdery and creamy vanilla and sandalwood possibly adds to its cutesy appeal.

Some people call this fragrance sexy. Personally, I'd most likely wear a scent like this on a shopping trip with the girls rather than during a night of passion with my lover. However each to their own.

The longevity and sillage of this little wonder is fabulous, well worth the money spent. Actually, to be honest Fragonard is one of the most affordable niche houses on the market today, so there's no reason to dismiss this fragrance or any other of the Fragonard's perfumes for that matter.
04th April, 2012
Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla! I was curious to try Miranda after the great reviews but I don't get any of the other notes - they seemed to have been overwhelmed by the vanilla. Fragonard is to me one of the best houses out there for well-blended and designed perfumes, but Miranda lacks complexity to me. Vanilla can make a great, sweet base, but as a predominant note, it just smells like wearing cake.
05th May, 2010
I adore this. It smells of summer and sunshine, but you can quite happily wear it in cold weather.

Well-composed and intricate, it isn't a simple 'suntan lotion' scent, so don't let the coconut fool you. It's a beautiful perfume from a fragrance house that is often overlooked.

I definitely recommend this, but if you're new to Fragonard, I suggest visiting their website and ordering a set of samples - excellent value for money and a great way to try a very good range of scents.
21st May, 2009
This is actually amazing. I bought it on a tour through fragonard in Grasse last spring. I had a horrible cold and could not smell anything! my friends decided what one I should purchase. It happened to be the one that the tourguide described as their "sexy perfume." I could not be more pleased with their decision. Throughout my insane trip ( I was without luggage for 6 days and trapped in heathrow twice) I was told how good I smelled! When I came back to a guy I had been seeing for only a couple weeks before I left, it was like he wanted to jump my bones! I love the smell, it is sweet but it has hints of spice kind of like the pie everyone is talking about but better! I think it is the amber with the vanilla that gives this perfume its sweet and sexy smell.
08th May, 2009
Miranda was the first "whipped dessert" fragrance I ever bought. (It came in a sampler pack of bottles)
It did smell like a dreamy coconut cream pie, but it softened and mellowed. After awhile a single friend asked for it, so I gave it to her. She too smelled like a pie, but a very high class pie that attracted men.
Like all of the Fragonard scents, it is hopelessly romantic.
25th October, 2006

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