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Original Santal (2005)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Original Santal

Original Santal is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Original Santal

First Creed that I ever called a scrubber. Don't know what happened here but like some have already posted, it doesn't even seem like a Creed at all - just maybe someone else's interpretation or something but definitely a failure. Why anyone would pay $355 for even the smaller bottle is beyond me. My observations are from a sample atomizer. There is no sandalwood, just a mess of synthetics that, granted, do last a long time. After 3 hours I just couldn't take it anymore.
08th March, 2020
First Creed fragrance I have actively disliked. ZC brings the heart of my objection to the fore straight off the bat - there’s no effing sandalwood.

General marketing rant - if ran a Brasserie and put steak frites on the menu, then served a single poached egg with a mountain of fries and salad, how would my customers react?

If you’re naming a fragrance after a note, by all means, add depth and dimension, but don’t forget the effing steak.

On the upside, the vanilla and tonka in the base aren’t overdone (a la Versace Eros with its rank ambroxan bombing), and while the opening is just on the passable side of cloying, the performance, as expected, is above average.

I don’t have the knowledge or points of reference about the fragrances this has followed (I’m only vaguely familiar with montblanc individual), but overall I just found this too sweet, characterless and tepid to be interesting. Steak and sandalwood free thumbs down.
07th November, 2019
Well I mean, if you really want to pay $500 for a bottle of prestige Joop! Homme (1989), go ahead, but you're not doing so on my recommendation. Oh wait, I'm supposed to say more than that. Where were we? Oh yes, Creed Original Santal (2005) is an unmitigated disaster of a fragrance that suggests a novel presentation of sandalwood with the relatively high quality Creed is known for (even if the prices at the counter are beyond stupid), but instead gets confused with Montblanc Individuel (2003) more than is fair to the latter, and really smells most like the aforementioned Joop! Homme. On that same token, one could argue Creed Himalaya (2002) smells like a cross between Chanel Platinum Égoïste (1993) and the later Cabaret de Grés Pour Homme (2004), but fresh fougères always have intertexuality because the style is narrowly defined. Original Santal is supposed to be an "original" fragrance, so what's the excuse Creed? Here we have another example of "selling your dad's cologne back to you for five times the price and calling it exclusive", and shooting themselves in the foot with naming to boot.

For starters, I get no discernible sandalwood at all; none, zero, zilch sandalwood in this puppy. Sorry guys, but if you're lying out the gate this bad, you're gonna have a bad time with people's reactions to your fragrances. Cinnamon like a truck load of red hots hits your face with some juniper and bergamot, making the whole thing smell like candy for the first few minutes on skin. Original Santal doesn't have the nuclear sweet mushroom cloud of Joop! Homme thanks to a lack of neroli and honeysuckle, but the similarities are undeniable once the heart emerges. Lavender, mandarin orange, jasmine, all the key players of Joop! Homme are also in the core of Original Santal. Rosemary helps keep the Creed a bit drier and more aromatic, but that's it. The supposed sandalwood is likely the pasty polysantal that fills designers whjch once relied on Mysore, but it isn't here enough to ring true as sandalwood, instead just feeling thick and aromatic in a generic way. There's a sort of ginger vanilla tonka soup in the base, accompanied by Creed's magic ambergris note which may be partially genuine and blended with ambroxan or just pure ambrox, although it doesn't matter since it too registers little.

Wear time is sufficient for an EdP and thankfully this doesn't have the notorious sillage of Joop! Homme, but is it better? Not for $500 it isn't. The kind of accord Original Santal utilizes was a love or hate thing back in 1989 when it first appeared in Joop! Homme, and this kind of spicy-sweet floriental thing will never not be polarizing. I barely like this vibe more so for nostalgia when encountered in Joop! Homme, but I could never conceive shelling out so much more for a slightly drier and toned-down take on it like Creed has delivered here. All I can say is Olivier Creed must have secretly been a Joop! Homme fan. As for the ties to Montblanc Individuel, they're there, and perhaps that's why Montblanc struck back with Explorer (2019), but Original Santal sits between the two designers in my opinion. If this is your thing, go for it, but I'm not okay with a prestige sandalwood perfume that doesn't smell like sandalwood, and perturb even when one tries to obviously steal the thunder of an infamous powerhouse masculine in the name of "luxury". I like Creed's general house style, but this one is a hard pass. Thumbs down.
15th July, 2019
Creed gets a lot of grief for their high prices and their questionable history (Official Court Perfumer of Jesus and His Apostles!), and I tend to cut them some slack since although they are way overpriced and many of their offerings are just pure ripoffs for the asked price, they do have some solid scents that I enjoy and regularly wear. That said, Creed gets both barrels from me on this travesty.

The comparisons to Joop! (1989) are fair in that there is most certainly some similarity note-wise, but Joop! accomplishes what it seeks to do in a more simple format, and it accomplishes its goal. Original Santal is like a hit of Big Red cinnamon gum and ginger combined with a vanilla that reminds me of the kind of vanilla you get in cake frosting. A thick, soupy, cloying mess that I could not wait to wash off, and that's not something I say lightly. The different notes swirl around in an unholy goulash that is just horrendous to behold, coupled with the fact that it smells extremely synthetic. I can deal with synthetics that go the fresh/aquatic route, but this is an immoral display that tries to bridge the gap between oriental and gourmand, and it fails in a Hindenburg-like fashion. I have to try to sift pass those abominably sweet notes to try and even find some hint of sandalwood, and it's just not worth the effort. This name of this fragrance is completely misleading. I suggest they rename it "Original Jonestown."

This is one of the worst offerings by Creed, and its quality along with its exorbitant price are so ridiculous as to almost seem like a practical joke. It's no wonder why Creed prices this so low (by their standards). Run from this. Run screaming.
29th May, 2019
I have tried several Creed's and find this to be a super fresh and clean juice. Not offensive. I would say go easy on the trigger with this one due to it's strength and longevity (at least on my skin). Starts strong with spices and juniper. Once that dies down the sandalwood hits it does last for hours on my skin. I do pick up vanilla in the dry down to add some sweetness. A try before you buy due to cost but I do think most people would be pleased with this juice. Enjoy!
16th April, 2019
You can find many juices that smell alike in the popular beauty stores. It smells alot like La Male - one of the versions, don't remember which one right now - not the original one.
So You get the idea.

- it's pretty generic, smells mainstream, youthfull, not mature.
It's not sophisticated as other Creeds.
But then, Aventus is also very youthfull to me, so I guess it's a matter of taste.

Sorry if I come off shallow, but:
I feel that such a word may also be useful - I know I appreciate such descriptions.
- I'm trying to not go in too deep, to describe the impression as it is - from my straight male perspecitve.
I like interesiting scents - this one just isn't.

11th April, 2019

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