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Allure Sensuelle (2005)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Allure Sensuelle

Allure Sensuelle is a feminine perfume by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge

Allure Sensuelle fragrance notes

Reviews of Allure Sensuelle

Fruit and floral opening. Not too fruity - just enough. There is some bitterness for awhile, also.

Becomes all flowers for some time, in the middle. There is vetiver in the background. For me though, I don't find anything exceptional with this scent, in the top or middle.

The florals merge into the base which has a mellow, oriental feel. It's more of a woody-oriental. Overall, this doesn't blow my mind. It's just, safe.
10th December, 2019

ALLURE SENSUELLE entices the people around you to lean in closer and breathe deeply.It is rich and warm without being too floral or heady.However rather it has a old-fashioned scent that reminds me of the classic,iconic 70s fashionista but totally this kind of fragrances are always interminable. Oriental, Seductive,Captivating,Evocative and Absolutely French.

A blend of fruity tope notes and especially patchouli meld over a rich heart of Rose and Pink Pepper,while a warm base of sandalwood,vetiver and super absolute of vanilla round out the scent with an air of sensual that if the opening was as excellent as dry down for me this CHANEL EDP was perfectly.

ALLURE SENSUELLE is a nice perfume to layer for going out in the Evening.Definitely for the Winter and a self confident and bold not a shy and Faint-Hearted character.Anyway if you are looking for a Oriental Floral perfume to make men turn their heads and women envy your sexuality this is what you need.


Longevity?Surprisingly Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
This has always been one of very favourite Chanel's. I've tried to like Coco Noir but the drydown is always a bit like cat-pee on MY skin. Unfortunatley! That bottle is so gorgeous but its no good so I'm sticking with Allure Sensuelle which on my skin is a really lovely fruity/patchouli but not in the way that Coco Mademoiselle is - now that one is not good on me either. Love it on other's tho I fear re-formulations have made it more like sour shampoo...oh dear! So backa to Allure Sensuelle and yes that drydown is gorgeous...long lasting and sweetly sexy - I love it!!!
10th May, 2015
I'm rating this as neutral because it's not outright awful, but it simply doesn't work for me. I tried to move on to this when my husband got tired of smelling the regular Allure on me. I liked this well enough on a paper strip; on the paper it seemed to have some similarity with the original.

On the skin it feels completely disjointed, as if wearing two separate mismatched fragrances. Thanks to the facet structure the fresh aquatic side is quite persistent while the richer notes are there from the start. But they don't blend or even cooperate.
In contrast in the original Allure the different notes seem to take their turns, but they also work with each other as a blend. The notes in Sensuelle behave like oil and water. And as other reviewers commented it feels neither refreshing not warm. The strengths of the respective characteristics are equal and consistently battle each other for the duration of the fragrance. I'm giving this one a miss.
22nd January, 2015
I dislike the original Allure but like a lot this surprising fragrance. A patchouli dominant fragrance, a spicy-fruity patchouli with a damp floral-lemony-orangy vibe over an ambery-vanillic  base. A touch of frankincense, on the side of pepper, nutmeg and vetiver, creates a final glamour and sparkling spicy dust full of facets and nuances.  It reminds me deeply the vintage Versus Pour Homme Versace. Citrus and spices play a notable role till the end and the juice becomes dark and sexy. It's a bold, projecting and glamour fragrance that i appreciate seriously.
04th May, 2012
rso6e Show all reviews
United States
I don't do flowery scents. But I'll make an exception for Allure Sensuelle.

This is a wonderful, dynamic, attention-grabbing scent that's classy but takes confidence to pull off. Allure Sensuelle has excellent silage and longevity and in my opinion is very different from, and much better than, the original Allure. In fact, they're so different I wish this wasn't marketed as a flanker. The original Allure is overly powdery and floral on me and is the only scent I've come across yet that feels too 'old.' It has a nice drydown of amber/sandalwood but I won't sit through the *long* blast of boring powdery flowers just for that.

Allure Sensuelle is another animal. The short version: flowers->carnal flowers->musky/spicy/sandalwood sexiness.

The long version: It opens with a BLAST of sharp green geranium - I get no fruit. An explosion of flowers follows and blends immediately into the geranium. My impression is white flowers - fleshy, heavy, sweet but very slightly musky - so probably jasmine. I don't get much rose. There's also a slight spicy edge to the flowers, perhaps pink pepper. After a while the flowers change; they're still very much present but I detect the barest edge of something dark and faintly animalistic, almost *rank* which I think may be another facet of the jasmine. This flowery stage has VERY strong silage.

After this, once the flowers begin to quiet down, the scent gets closer to the skin. It's as if the flowers shout 'pay attention!' and once you're looking, the smell beckons you closer. Once the animalistic-flower note fades, I get hints of chocolate and something deliciously like hazelnuts. I wish this stage had better silage because it's so yummy! It then blends into a simultaneously sharp and creamy sandalwood, with hints of something cool and powdery I'm attributing to iris. At this stage I occasionally get whiffs of spice and sweetness...but it's mostly a cool sheen of iris over woods.

And Allure Sensuelle is STILL not done changing! At its drydown I get a lot of sandalwood, which is like catnip for me: musky, spicy, creamy, and sweet. I wish the sandalwood was a *little* sweeter and less sharp...if Chanel had added amber to warm and sweeten the drydown it would *perfect* but even so, it's pretty heavenly as it is! These ending stages are my favorite, when Allure Sensuelle morphs from creamy/nutty/mocha (wood and chocolate touched with coffee) to a spicy/musky sandalwood that makes my eyes roll back. It's never gourmand or overly sweet; it's very smooth and well blended. It really is, as its name suggests, *sensual*. This is bite-your-lip sexy: confident, feminine, and bold. A smell for a woman who knows what she wants.

29th January, 2012

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