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Aoud Roses Petals (2005)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Aoud Roses Petals

Aoud Roses Petals is a feminine perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

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United Kingdom
For a change a name that fits: a rose greenery me in the first moments indeed, a slightly dark and smooth rose petal with no stems or leaves. It is mixed with a wood impression, mainly cedar as well a the oud. This is a pleasant out, soft, not sharp, and blends in well with the rest. Additionally, there are hints of teak and a whiff of old oak. A nice, unobtrusive yet quite intense set of too notes.

Later on a dark but restrained amber develops, with a slightly earthy undertone towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

An autumnal scent that works well in early autumn, with a very civil oud and a lovely rose. Not a particularly brilliant creation, but crafted well. 3/5
27th November, 2020
I don't get much oud in this one and the overall feeling is of a chemical rose blended with geranium and amber. I have smelled many roses and no petal has come even close to this synthetic blend in the first part. The second part, which comes after about 4 hours, is simple, but better. Again, I am noticing that the harsh floor cleaner smell from the opening of many Montale is gone until the dry down and at least I can enjoy a decently sweet rose.
05th October, 2018
Nice rose frag, not as nice as Louban, but has a pleasant odor of cedar breaking through the rose. A warm/sweet note is present, and I don't get any Aoud. I Already have a FB of Louban, so I think I will pass on this.
20th May, 2016 (last edited: 21st May, 2016)
Watch out world – here comes another Montale rose on jet skis, leaving a vapour trail of hairspray musks. This turbo rosiness seemed quite similar to another Montale I’d tried recently – Deep Roses – both share the thrust and edge of geranium to make the rose blare louder. So I tried them side by side and of course there are differences. Deep Roses is the fresher and livelier of the two, while Aoud Rose Petals accumulates quite a cloud of sawdust as it progresses. Whereas the oud note may be restrained in Deep Roses, here it is mainly dusty, woody tones that emerge during the wear rather than anything one could instantly recognize as oud. Also, there’s a grown up amber setting a steadier pace after the rush of the opening.
And it’s that rush that often gives the impression that many Montale’s are identikit smellalikes.
Aoud Rose Petals is a refined, satisfying rose in the later stages – if one doesn’t overdo it, as it has all the power for which Montale is renowned/notorious. It gets increasingly abstract, opening up from a tooth-decaying attar-like concentration, into a more diffuse and welcoming rosy cloud.

27th February, 2016
Overall, this is an alright, extremely wearable & easy introduction to oud and a "rose-oud" fragrance. With that said, this perfume lacks anything outstanding or memorable, IMHO.

“Aoud Roses Petals” definitely opens with sharp, highly detectable, intense citrus & SPICY notes, which generally are not my favorite opening notes (or notes in general). Within minutes, this perfume with its sharp & spicy opening morphs into a light, fragrant, somewhat synthetic, almost cloying (not "dark") rose oud fragrance with lots of spice and citrus...way to spicy and sharp for my tastes.

The oud is not intense, resinous, earthy, dark or over-powering in any way but definitely the STAR of this fragrance. The rose is dainty & light. Someone mentioned the rose in this fragrance as being "high-pitched," which I think is an apt way of describing that note. When wearing this, I DO detect oud but more-so, I detect oud & lots of spice...almost some vetiver (which I dislike). Some rose is detectable but definitely in the back seat. Spicy oud seems to dominate this fragrance from top to bottom. And cedar...I definitely smell cedar in the end.

I like this fragrance but I certainly do not LOVE this fragrance. Montale Aoud Roses Petals is just a bit too spicy, GREEN, vegetal and distant for my tastes. The thoughts this fragrance evoke are not comforting, romantic, warm or soothing. I do not feel "wrapped-up" in, or "held" by this potion. While wearing this, I feel very un-feminine and unattractive. After an hour or so, this fragrance smells too "masculine" for me...perhaps I would like this scent more on a man than I do on myself. Aoud Roses Petals doesn't project or signify who I think I am (and who I want to project) in a fragrance. After a while, I smelled like I was wearing Clairoil Herbal Essence Shampoo...The Original Scent.

This Montale just never seems to settle down on me & onto my skin. For me, this perfume is not compelling or cozy, not moody or dark. When I smell this fragrance, it smells green, active, intense, sharp & blinding. For me, this fragrance never "grounded."

I do not think I will ever own this scent...I just do not like it enough. May move up the scale and try Montale Black Aoud or Montale White Aoud. As an aside, I like Tiziana Terenzi "Gold Rose Oudh" and Maison Francis Kurkdjian "Oud Silk Mood" a lot more than this fragrance.
03rd March, 2015
One of the prettiest roses out there

Scent Dynamics: Opens up with a field of roses, or at least a giant rose bush. Oud comes out strong 5-10 minutes later and wrestles with the rose about 20 minutes. During this stage, Aoud Rose Petals is a sharp. I think that the medicinal quality of oud hides in its ability to feel like it reaches all the way down your nose and into your throat, the same way an alcohol iodine solution does. Twenty minutes later, oud mellows down, becomes pleasantly woody, and the rose takes center stage. From here on, it is a pretty, creamy rose with a touch of sweetness and a depth of oud. Lasts forever, and projects very strongly.

Opinion: Montale’s Aoud Rose Petals is not a sweet, drunk, rose like Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir. It is not a soft tea rose either. It is not a musky rose which overwhelms you with its sexuality, as is the case for Montale’s Roses Musk. Montale’s Aoud Rose Petals is a sea of rose petals around a burning altar of oud.

I can’t think of it as a western perfume. It constructed in a way that only centuries of tradition can permit – it is simple yet very powerful in effect. It is opulent as opposed to elegant. It is beautiful without any reservations.

I think that this is Piere Montale’s most powerful idea. He took an undeniably gorgeous rose note, and instead of trying to tame it with fresh notes, westernize it with powdery notes, or vulgarize it with musk, he amplified the hell out of this rose with his most powerful ingredient – oud. The result is an enormously beautiful, proud and an unapologetic rose parfum. This perfume is a dark haired woman, painted in bald strokes, who had not even once in her life looked at herself in the mirror and thought she was less than perfect in her features.

If you think of attars as a blend of rose and oud, you will find Aoud Rose Petals to be quintessential attar. It is simple, enormously powerful, gorgeous, and very effective at what it is supposed to do.

Rating: Every time I wear Aoud Rose Petals, I am stunned at how pretty it is, and secretly want to wear it every single day of my life. After wearing it for a few days, I come to a sad realization that beautiful is just not my thing, and that the fragrance does not have the complexity to keep me interested for many wearings in a row.

As it is the prettiest rose I own, I give it 8.5/10.

Pros: Powerful
Cons: Simple"

06th September, 2013

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