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Wicked Wahine is a feminine perfume by Royal Hawaiian Perfumes.

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Meriem Show all reviews
United States
This was a pure-curiosity buy on my part. Reading reviews of Wicked Wahine, it was so obviously a retro cult favorite that I had to try it. And "retro" it is, which possibly explains the reviews (else-Web) where buyers are disappointed. Modern expectations of something that's obviously "beachy exotic" include certain elements and notes that just aren't present here. There is no tropical fruit, no coconut, no plumeria, no sand accord. Nary a hint of modern suntan oil and flipflops here. This scent is a time capsule of what was strong, feminine, sexy, and exotic when this was created in the 60s: lots of white flowers -- jasmine and orange blossom -- with musk and a bit of sandalwood. The opening is aldehydic and strong, and very old-school. I'm glad I'm not the only person reminded of Joy, because it's very similar to Joy at first smell. I expect this was intentional: Joy would have been one of the fine-fragrance classic standards when this was created, so it's not surprising that it might emulate Joy somewhat. Once Wahine calms down a bit, though, a spicy carnation scent emerges, and it's fantastic. The carnation adds a kind of sassy dimension to the indolic blossoms. As forthright as this is, and heavy as this could be, it wears remarkably well, not becoming cloying. It is no doubt old-fashioned. The teenager I live with described it as "kind of old-ladyish." That's probably a valid assessment, but it's an old lady with a lot of charm, not insipid or boring. Excellent retro scent, a bit kitschy, but isn't that exactly what you'd hope it would be?
22nd April, 2016
cjkamm Show all reviews
United States
This is too funny~~~wow! Wicked Wahine, talk about a scent from my past, I loved this stuff! I bought this while on vacation in Florida, most likely from the Polynesian Village Resort at Disney; my family would vacation there every year so I was never without a bottle. This was my step up from the little orange ball of orange blossom that I'd get as a kid. I'd wear it all summer long. Definitley a beachy scent for me. I guess it was probably the musk and orange flower that drew me to this one. I remeber it was very sweet. I wore this into my teens and nobody else had it! (and it did make me feel wicked) I think it is still a very original scent, as I've smelled nothing like it since. A great youthful scent and great childhood memories for me. Oh and Rock-Head your review was spot on~~I can almost smell it!
21st July, 2009
I laughed at the only other review because I also thought about not writing a review to keep it my secret. You know how once in awhile a lipstick or a liquid makeup, or a compact powder will have the subtlest scent that you can't quite put your finger on? But all the while you are thinking "they should make a perfume like this" I have two shelves in a linen closet devoted to my fragrances and this is one of my top three favorites, and all three I love equally. I feel like I am the only one in the world who smells wonderful when I put this on!
01st February, 2009
I just can't believe mine is the first review of this treasure. I was tempted to keep it that way, and keep my secret weapon safe! It was created in 1968, and I thought in my youth it was an expensive perfume that could only be had in Hawaii; I prized my bottle and used it for only the most special times. I didn't find out until my honeymoon on Maui that it was a drugstore brand! That didn't detract from it for me though - I was happy to buy loads and loads to bring home so I could properly slather, where before I had been frugal. Now, it can be had anytime from any number of Hawaiin online stores, and I'll never be without. My tastes have changed and grown over the years, but Wicked Wahine is one of my staples still.

Wicked Wahine is officially composed of orange flower, island rose, pikake (Hawaiian jasmine), a bit of white musk, and sandalwood. Sounds safe enough, right? The edt lasts and lasts on the skin, and has amazing sillage. It is floral, but I would call it a floriental - rich, heady and warm, and that first rush can be headache inducing, so be gentle on the application. Once that initial roar of orange/jasmine is over, though, it dries down into a mystery. Something about it reminds me of Patou's Joy, but I don't know what it is, and I haven't actually sniffed Joy in 20 years. I should invest and compare (what a great excuse to indulge in a bit of luxe shopping!) Funny that it's at the opposite of the price range from Joy. You can pick this up at any ABC store (a mini corner drugstore/gas station chain for island tourists) in Hawaii for less than $20 for a nice big bottle.
08th September, 2008

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