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Signature Collection : Lux (2006)
by Mona di Orio


Signature Collection : Lux information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 58 votes)

People and companies

HouseMona di Orio
PerfumerMona di Orio
PackagingJeroen Oude Sogtoen

About Signature Collection : Lux

Signature Collection : Lux is a shared / unisex perfume by Mona di Orio. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mona di Orio. The bottle was designed by Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

Signature Collection : Lux fragrance notes

Reviews of Signature Collection : Lux

This fragrance opens with a sharp lemon note that quickly morphs into a lemon meringue. Lux is a unit of measure of light. This is a light fragrance for sure. After 15 min. I'm still waiting for the middle/base notes. The lemon and vanilla are all I'm detecting...Mona has some real masterpieces before she died, unfortunately this isn't one of them.
UPDATE: Dry-down has morphed into a Laudanum and musk aldehyde that is less pleasant than the lemon meringue.
26th July, 2017
Lux gives the impression of frantic splashing about in an attempt to swim. The star of its opening is so conflicted it probably needs therapy. This is a lemon that waxes and wanes, one moment tart almost pungent but with some of the refinement of classic colognes, then the next more like some lemon-scented floor cleaner. There are hints of lemongrass and lemon verbena, and then there are none too flattering nods to soap and pesticide-like powder. Some of this is enjoyable but what my nose senses most of all is a muddle, the overall impression demonstrating that there are negative aspects to the adjective ‘undefinable’.
There are resinous components evident from the start but they seem superimposed rather than integrated. The sharpness of much of it (probably the vetiver and cedar bolstering the lemon) gives the impression that a fougere-chypre cross is being attempted, but things get decidedly ambery in the drydown which also reveals some warming incense-like notes, possibly the sandalwood used. When this finally settles some time in and with a significant drop in projection, it is a pretty standard issue vanilla-woody amber. Although I can’t take to it, I don’t find it an absolute flop; some of the ingredients have a richness that makes it worthwhile in part.
17th December, 2016
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United Kingdom
The opening blast with its lemon and petitgrain promises a bright and refreshing citrus-based experience, but this is not a very bright version, but a bit darker and more restrained - more gently uplifting than truly refreshing. This is partly due to the nature of the added litsea, which is a darker citrus-style scent, and partly due to a darker and a hint earthy vetiver that contributes to the top notes.

The drydown is woodsy, mainly a somewhat bland cedar, whilst the basenotes are more convincing with a offering of a light musky foundation, which is given a nicely balancing sweetness by a vanilla impression that is actually as well done as it is unobtrusive, with whiffs of a sweetish amber are making an appearance at times.

The performance is very good, with moderate sillage, good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This is one of those summer fragrances whose citrus-fresh notes are tones down; Versace's old formulation of the vintage Versus for men and the green Jaguar, inter alia, come to mind; they are great for daytime on days that are not too warm. A nice composition. 3.25/5
18th December, 2015
Got a slightly spicy gourmand effect with this one. There's a citrus note in here that kind of disturbs the fragrance for me. A slightly boozy vanilla note gives this a calming effect. 7/10
17th November, 2015
Reviewing as I wear:
Initial burst of lemon pledge - really, I was not expecting this. I'm surprised and, really put-off. I'm learning to appreciate citrus as a supporting role in fragrance, but this is sorta gross. It sticks to the back of your throat, like you've sucked all the sugar off an old lemon drop you found at the bottom of a forgotten candy jar in Aunt Edith's parlor.

I'm 15 minutes in now. Waiting for anything...I mean ANYTHING to happen.

20 minutes: I think I smell something else! Is that AMBER??? Oh dear please say it The lemon is demanding my attention. Its like a cat while its owner is on the phone. DAMNIT!

30 minutes: ARE there any other notes? Did I get a bad sample? This is an official house what is going on here?

(Husband just yelled up from downstairs to ask what I was doing - thought I was dusting and was confused...apparently this has incredible silage...I only had a tiny sample, and only used one spray on the back of my left hand!!!)

45 minutes...I might as well be running a lemonade stand. There is nothing else in here. The back of my hand is very shiny, and feels sorta weird. Not so sure about this fume in any way, shape or form.

1 hr. ok...I *think* I may be smelling some sandalwood...very faint, and in the deep recesses of the lemon. I want it to be much closer and LESS LEMON!

Does Lux mean Lemon in another language?

1.5 hours. FINALLY less lemon...but seems like less of everything...whatever else "everything" was supposed to be.

So, I think I caught whiffs of both amber and sandalwood, but they were overpowered by the lemon, and did not last.

If you really like lemons, and have always yearned to smell exactly like the rag you sprayed with lemon pledge, this might work for you.

BTW, I own straight labdanum, and if there is any in this frag, I am completely blindsided. Perhaps the lemon ate it?, it's been a few hours and I FOUND THE LABDANUM!!!! Why in the world did I have to go through that nasty Pledge hell to get to such a lovely dry down several hours after application??? Is this a test of my fortitude? Did I do the equivalent of a fire walk??? Help me understand! I truly do not understand the construction here. I am at a loss. No, I will not buy this, even though NOW it smells pretty nice. This mental nonsense is just too much work for something that is supposed to be enjoyable...and I never liked dusting anyhow.
22nd August, 2015
Social psychology as a discipline has given relatively little attention to the problem of LIGHT in perfumery, it seems that banality could be a creative strategy to make perfumes.
First of all: Neutrinos are not faster than light! Denied the discovery of Italian researchers. The results that questioned the theory of relativity were falsified by an error in cable connection between a GPS sensor and a computer used to calculate the time in which neutrinos were fired from CERN in Geneva to the Gran Sasso Laboratories.

Here we want to define the speed of light. If we take a period of fifteen years, we find that the light gets faster and faster and even changes. Let's start with Luce (2000) by Beth Terry Creative Universe. Among citrus notes leave the first rays of light, between a cover lavender, a synthetic musk and much crap... The rays come up to Lux (2006) by Mona di Orio. Now we can smell again citrus notes with cedarwood and sandal, then amber, benzoin, musk and vanilla. Finally the Light picks up speed reaching Luci ed Ombre (2013) by Masque, or would it be more accurate to say Giuseppe Imprezzabile (alias Meo Fusciuni). Here the perfume is very different, in fact we have musk and cedarwood but jasmine replaced citrus notes. Then the light ends this creative journey: here it is, Luce (2013) by Meo Fusciuni (alias Giuseppe Imprezzabile). Here some cedarwood, sandal, amber, benzoin, vanilla.
Ops! If you mean Light as Luce, you have also to remember Light Blu by Dolce & Gabbana: here again cedarwood, musk, jasmine, amber.
Are you wondering why Mister Pregoni is talking about ingredients? Simple, to give form to the banality I need substance, which is why I speak about ingredients!
Ambroxide, widely known by the brand name Ambroxan, is a naturally occurring terpenoid and one of the key constituents responsible for the odor of ambergris and bla, bla, bla…
Please, next time could you add a little of art… We need neurons and not neutrinos!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

13th May, 2015

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