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Angel Garden of Stars : Rose Angel (2006)
by Thierry Mugler


Angel Garden of Stars : Rose Angel information

Year of Launch2006
Average Rating
(based on 91 votes)

People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerOlivier Cresp
PackagingThierry Mugler
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Angel Garden of Stars : Rose Angel

The "Garden of Stars" series is intended to reach out to both consumers who are fans and those that do not like the original Angel. "Rose" is reportedly the last in the series.

Angel Garden of Stars : Rose Angel fragrance notes

Reviews of Angel Garden of Stars : Rose Angel

La Rose strikes on my skin like the drydown of Angel, loud patchouli + choco-caramel combo. It then soon dissipates.

Then comes the heart which is my favourite part. Plum, bergamot, patchouli and some pepper, displayed on a rose carpet. Underneath hide chocolate and caramel, which I catch a whiff from time to time. The rose is never dominate, but helps to blend everything in. It acts more like the caramel in Alien the Taste of Fragrance if you understand what I mean.

Towards the drydown, the patch + choco-caramel combo becomes more and more prominent but never to full strength like the original. Though I love the typical Angel base notes, I still wish the middle parts could last longer as it combines classic Angel elements but restructures and brings something new to the table.

The sillage and longevity are both significantly softer. If you're looking for a toned down Angel, this can be a good option. However, if you're looking for an extraordinary rose dominante fragrance, I'm afraid this might not meet your expectation.
13th December, 2018
I adored the original Angel for just that, its total originality. It smells like the scent of a tiny shop (the one with the real bell that rings when you open the door) all decked out for Christmas with both natural spices and balsam notes plus potpourri.

The addition of rose and an upgrade of its patchouli base does nothing special to that idea. I do get the rose wafting above the original Angel formula, but it's not significant enough to warrant a separate name and release.

Neutral review is only because I don't believe much was added to the original formula to differentiate this by product. Both the original and the Rose smell pretty much identical to my nose.

So you can't go wrong with either, just don't expect anything significantly new or different with this version.
04th November, 2015
Rose patchouli bomb!
Wonderful strong perfume, highly recommended to those who adore Angel flankers especially innocent. Dominating patchouli aroma, yet not heavy of heady and could wear it even in the summer. The rose in not strong though, while it is spicy enough to keep it very interesting. I am sure if you start collecting Mugler perfumes you would never stop doing it because the secret lies in the formulation and you become a Mugler addict. I am thinking of trying the whole Garden collection. Super choice!
23rd August, 2014
I haven’t tried the other Angel jardin fragrances, but this seems like the logical, if not sensible one of the group. Rose in place of a shouting white floral should make for a loud and expansive, but not quite as jarring version of angel. Rose has a natural ‘in’ to patch as the tart wine like and peppery rose elements join nicely with the earthy patch elements. The blasting white floral just bounces off the patch in Angel, creating the discord and imbalance.

Others have said that the drydowns of all the jardins are the same---more or less that of Angel. Because there is less cotton candy in La Rose, and at least a remnant of the rose remains in place until drydown to match the patch, the drydown isn’t simply overtaken by the ‘Angel’ side of La Rose. Somehow, La Rose has Angels’s ridiculousness, its silliness but not its sense of mania teetering toward peril.

I dog many Angel imitators for not understanding the inherent conflict in Angel that makes it a brilliant perfume. They tend to copy the surface and miss the point by miles. The ride La Rose takes you on is loud and fabulous like Angel’s, but not as risky, and therefore should not work. But it does. It’s a smart spin on Angel, and not a copy of patchouli/candy/flowers with no real intention, my complaint against the Angel imitators.

People are very attuned to the tone of laughter. Angel original has that uncomfortable, inappropriate laugh of someone at a cocktail party that makes everyone unconsciously take a nervous step away. It’s the laugh of someone who breaks unspoken social form because she’s unbalanced in a way that sort of scares you. It doesn’t relax inhibitions and bring a group together, it raises hackles and all the pre-arranged ‘time to leave’ cues start passing back and forth between couples.

La Rose’s laugh is like that end-of-the week drink or joint among friends. You kick back and let your hair down. A lot of giggling, a little laughing til you cry.
04th May, 2012 (last edited: 09th June, 2012)
In the battle of Angel vs. La Rose, Angel has prevailed in ANGEL LA ROSE, a flanker explicitly claimed on its packaging to be a tribute to the unmistakeable, unforgettable--and, to me, utterly unwearable--ANGEL. To my nose, ANGEL is the perfumic equivalent of a garbage pizza. I am therefore relieved to be able to report that fully half of the notes which conspire to make ANGEL such a concoction have been edited away, leaving a luscious caramelized patchouli base to buoy the rose. Because the base is so strong, however, it really does drown out the floral quality of this composition, with the overall effect of the ANGEL base plus a few rose petals attempting with limited success to break through the wall of sweet patchouli.

In spite of its lack of subtlety, I like ANGEL LA ROSE. I regard this as a successful composition because it manages to capture the spirit of ANGEL while actually being enjoyable to wear--within the privacy of one's own home. Definitely not appropriate for the office or public transportation or any other hors de boudoir context which comes immediately to mind.
12th August, 2011
I love Angel for its uniqueness and dominating presence, so I was really eager to try the Angel Garden of Stars range.

This fragrance was the first one I tried and honestly I disliked it at first. My nose was assaulted with a strong burst of pink pepper, coumarin and heavy, old-fashioned rose. The opening was so loud that I was almost shocked, which is weird because I usually love bold and 'out there' fragrances.

It pays to be patient with La Rose. After the loud and incredibly rosy introduction subsides, the rose note softens into a beautiful powdery and feminine scent. It's hard to believe its the same fragrance that I had been smelling only minutes before.

The delicate rose note transcends effortlessly into the drydown to blend with the vanilla, caramel, chocolate and patchouli which makes for a truly delightful gourmand experience. The patchouli in La Rose is much dryer and lighter than in the original Angel where it can become quite overbearing.

Overall the lasting strength and sillage is as good as Angel, it will last and last. The drydown was the highlight for me by far. One of the most beautiful gourmand blends I have ever come across
05th June, 2011

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