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Burberry London for Men (2006)
by Burberry


Burberry London for Men information

Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerAntoine Maisondieu
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchInter Parfums

About Burberry London for Men

Burberry London for Men is a masculine fragrance by Burberry. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu. The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron

Burberry London for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Burberry London for Men

I'm glad that Zealot Crusader pointed out the strength and quality of the tobacco note in Burberry London as the beautiful cherry tobacco dries down quickly into a superior rich tobacco note that I really like. Along with CK1 Shock for Him this is an outstanding Christmas/Autumn fragrance. Longevity on me was not stellar, so I have a travel spray for portability so I could re-apply if I was out shopping or spending holiday time with extended family. For less tobacco I would go with CK1 Shock, but both are fall/winter winners and not overtly expensive so with the amount of reviews and if the notes appeal to you this would be FB and blind buy worthy. Thumbs up(and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Hannukah, etc...)!
28th November, 2020
I bought this one based on the notes...not the reviews. Got it dirt cheap. I could care less what the general public thinks.

This one is a winner. Smells warm, rich and masculine. It works in any situation. About as good as a men's fragrance can get.
07th January, 2020
Beautiful beautiful boozy slightly spicy cinnamon on tobacco and some leather or resins. Very soft, sweet-ish, but in a nice and comforting way. Not very masculine to my nose, seems very suitable for a woman. I like how spices mingle with sweetness and booze, this feels and smells like Friday or winter holidays to me - Christmas in a bottle indeed. Would wear again and again and again. Unfortunately, longevity is very short on me - after 2 hours it's only a faint skin scent, after 2,5 hours it's almost completely gone.
14th October, 2019
I often hear "Christmas in a bottle" I feel like it is "Autumn in a bottle" It misses the pine of Christmas. It smells great. Mulled spicy tobbaco leather. Smell is great. As a functional fragrance it misses the mark. The main problem being longevity. It is one of the quicker fading quality designers. Also, the plaid sleeve on this bottle is ugly and unwieldy. It is one fragrance that I hope gets reformulated someday to address the issues. Almost smells good enough to own though. Neutral.
09th October, 2019
Burberry London follows closely in the footsteps of Remy Latour Cigar, trading the tropical fruit for spices. They're both, in current form, equally synthetic, though Latour Cigar boasts the better blend; Burberry London feels a bit thin throughout, and is really only diverting for its opening few minutes.

It's not terrible, but it's hard to recommend when there are so many better options in its lane.
23rd April, 2019 (last edited: 09th November, 2019)
Burberry as a fashion brand sticks painfully close to their conservative pastiche of all things British to the point that you just feel the "Proper English" rolling off the brand's clothing without even knowing the name. Likewise, one sniff of most masculine perfumes made by the house up until the release of Burberry London for Men (2006) communicated the same stiff feeling. Antoine Maisondieu had slowly been pushing boundaries within the this context when he made the violet-led Burberry Touch for Men (2000), then snuck in a little bit of rose to the otherwise prim Burberry Brit for Men (2004), but when Maisondieu composed Burberry London for Men, all dandyish or structured posturing was tossed aside for an earthly and fundamental kind of masculinity that Burberry wasn't exactly known for and still really isn't. Burberry London for Men is a tobacco fragrance at its core, a flavored pipe tobacco one with hints of Earl Grey tea to be exact, and brings home the feeling of old smoking rooms where Victorian men of importance blustered and rumbled their way through overgrown mustaches and woolly eyebrows discussing business. Burberry London is an altogether burlier and less-refined vibe than all the pale-skinned Y2K "dour and gray" Neo-Traditionalism-Chic hubbub that was getting the green light from Burberry before it came long, and is probably my favorite masculine of the house. Tobacco scents were all the rage in the 2000's as the darker, richer alternative to all the clean aquatic blue and fresh fougère things clogging up the shelves since the 90's. Tobacco really got a good revival in the 90's with scents from Italian houses like Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (1994) and Versace the Dreamer (1996), but had a slow uptick in interest just like gourmands as other 90's genres like the ozonic died away before the mid-2000's. By the time Burberry London for Men rolled along, tobacco was in full-swing and would carry on to a lesser extent through into the 2010's as well, meaning Burberry London was just the right scent at just the right time.

Burberry London for Men opens with a really rich Earl Grey tea vibe right off the bat, carried out by bergamot, black tea, and English lavender. There is some cinnamon here and black pepper to make it appropriately gourmand in style (as per the fashion of the decade), but merging with the Earl Grey opening is the main tobacco accord, giving Burberry London for Men a countenance that puts it right at home around a fireplace in mid-winter, or a Christmas gathering with family. Many guys with experience using Burberry London for Men often call it "Christmas in a Bottle" and for good reason, but I feel this aesthetic works well in fall or cool early spring as well. The heart of chypre-like leather is flanked by mimosa flower and all its honeyed sweetness, mixing with a port wine note that is the cause of the "cherry" effect on the tobacco. By this middle phase, I am getting big recollections of Révillon French Line (1984) with it's "cherry leather" accord afforded by rose and coconut, but here created with the port wine, leather, and mimosa flower instead. The tobacco is there from start to finish, and by the time we actually reach it loud and clear in the base, the rest of Burberry London for Men has simmered down leaving just that "cherry tobacco" feeling. Opoponax adds an incense-like sharpness in the base alongside guaiac wood, but the smooth tobacco and oakmoss assisted by a slight hint of tonka keep Burberry London for Men from ever being harsh. The overall effect is hours of that rich and sweet spicy tobacco leaf and wood, warmed over a soft leather that remains utterly masculine and inviting. Yeah, there is a bit of stodginess in the mix, but it wouldn't be a Burberry if there wasn't, and the feeling one gets when wearing Burberry London for Men is a feeling of comfort. Burberry London can get suffocating in hot or humid conditions, so this is strictly for cold or dry weather, and casual use since it has no seriousness outside it's recollection of olden days. Wear time is easily over 8 hours but sillage is not wide, with Burberry London for Men behaving more like an eau de parfum with a tight concentrated envelope of smell mostly for the wearer to enjoy.

Mature men will likely love Burberry London for Men, and that very well may be the market Burberry was after with it, considering the bottle is even adorned with a tartan pattern sweater. It doesn't get much more cozy than this folks. Fans of either Earl Grey tea or flavored pipe tobacco will love Burberry London, and getting to have them both mingle on skin simultaneously is an even bigger treat. Burberry tried playing the Calvin Klein game of seasonal special editions for several of its lines in the 2000's, with Burberry London for Men receiving two such limited variants on the original theme, but neither are worth pursuing, considering how expensive tracking down limited editions years after their release can be. Burberry London for Men itself is so good, that anyone digging other tobacco fragrances like Calvin Klein cK One Shock for Him (2011), Jacomo Aura Men (2000), Vera Wang for Men (2004), or anything in this relative ballpark can almost blind buy Burberry London for Men and expect greatness. I normally don't recommend such leaps of faith, but only under the pretense that one is well-versed in the genre at the designer price point, would I say that Burberry London for Men is a safe blind purchase. Easily the best of Antoine Maisondieu's masculine work for the house, and maybe the best masculine from the house period, Burberry for Men is an essential for winter time and must-smell otherwise. This was instantly likeable for me, and my only bit of caution here is for people either on the fence about gourmands or tobacco scents, as this is literally both genres fused together, and not for people who don't like sweetness, food notes, or heavy tobacco in their perfume. After the release of Burberry London for Men, Burberry masculines more or less fell back into the same boring trap they were in beforehand. Oh, and just for the record, some older variants of Burberry for Men (1995) also carried the title "Burberry London" before this scent debuted, but that's another story. Two Thumbs straight up!
15th February, 2019

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