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Rosewood (2006)
by Banana Republic


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBanana Republic
PerfumerPascal Gaurin
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Rosewood

Part of the 'Discovery Collection'

Rosewood fragrance notes

Reviews of Rosewood

Now HERE'S a Euphoria flanker I can get behind! I'd call it Baby Euphoria, or Euphoria, Baby! for its gentle, powdery finish.

I joke about the Euphoria association because the opening combines tart+sweet+loads of clean musk in a way that says Calvin Klein or at least "Macy's" to me - it's straight and normal and American. But from there, it goes off in a surprisingly restrained direction to last for hours and hours as a gently sweet, slightly wood-smoky, very powdery musk - not "mall", unless maybe we're talking 1970s mall and there's a lot of Je Reviens, Heaven Sent, Jovan Musk, and Love's Baby Soft in the air. (If you want to reach me at a subliminal inner-teen level and make me love a fragrance, those are the place to start).

I understand that the sweetness is supposed to be coming from amber, though if that's the case, this is a feather-weight amber, not a deep, resinous one. It doesn't have the presence or complexity of my beloved L'Instant, though it's on the same fluffy end of the amber scale, and a great cheap and cheerful find if that's your kind of thing.
15th January, 2016
I love this one !! Everytime i use it many people ask whats the name of the parfume, it smellt realy good :)
23rd January, 2013
Cover the name up, then the scent does wonders. A powdery woodsy sweet tea fragrance and I find it excellent. Of the others in The Discovery Collection, I'd prefer to smell this one a girl than Malachite or Alabaster (they were too harsh and I must point out that those two don't have their names as notes in their fragrances either). Rosewood is linear, and to the point but not in your face about it (unless you actually spray it in your face!). No rose but unlike the saying, this one smells sweeter than actual roses.
13th November, 2009
I like the scent, but what about the badly designed bottle? I bought the spray, and was unable to use at least a fourth of the bottle, because the bottom is domed and the tube doesn't reach into the corners! I liked the scent but B-R needs to redesign this bottle!
19th January, 2009
This is *NOT* rosewood. Please, Dear perfumers at BR, do not name a fragrance after a note that's not even in it!
The reason I tried this on me (and what a grave mistake that was...) was that I thought it would be a mature, feminine scent just like rosewood is. It was not to be.
Alas, I was hit with a wave of sweetness straight after application that just kept intensifying into this cloud of cheap, cloying candy.
Now, I have no problem with sweetness, if it comes in a digestable form - Dior's Hypnotic Poision is a good example of a good kind of sweet.
But this one... No thanks!
03rd August, 2008
tergen Show all reviews
United States
Smells just like my nootka rose bushes watered on a hot summer's evening. Delightful. I would love a more masculine rendition.
25th April, 2008

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