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Prada Intense (2005)
by Prada


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Prada Intense

Prada Intense is a feminine perfume by Prada. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Prada Intense

Just smelled like a more mature, round and strong version of JPG Classique on me. The amber turned into a smoky cigarette butt in the dry down on my skin and it was far too mature and unisex for my tastes.

It is very strong with good longevity but surprisingly minimal sillage after the top and middle have tried, even on a hot day.
06th August, 2010
This is one of my favorites, I like it much better than the original Prada, which I also wear. IMO its very unisex. Much more unisex than the original version IMO. Its warm and ambery, slightly leathery, lots of warm woods, tobacco & sweet vanilla. Something about it reminds me of being a kid around Halloween time, and that makes me happy. Its the perfect type of scent for me. I wear this a lot & get numerous complements from women & men alike. Everyone that I have told that its a "womens" perfume, said it didnt smell like a perfume to them at all, they said that it smelled like a mens cologne. Maybe its my chemistry, or just the fact that I have a strong masculine type personality, maybe a combo of the two, I dont know. One problem I have with Prada Intense is the HORRIBLE sprayer, WHAT the heck are they thinking using such a cheap piece of junk?! Im sure it that theyre trying to be fancy or whatever, but c'mon! It isnt airtight one bit, the fragrance will evaporate from the bottle in no time after attaching the atomizer, I learned that from my first bottle, it was like a scented airfreshener difuser, lol, no kidding, my bedroom smelled strongly of Prada as it evaporated from the bottle. I didnt use the first bottle much, and after a few months it was empty except for a layer of thickened oil at the bottom that the EDP had condensed to as it evaporated away. Also, you must keep the bottle perfectly upright when spraying or it will leak all over your hand. It says right on the box "Once cap is unscrewed and atomizer is in place ALWAYS keep the bottle in an upright position to avoid leaking." and wow they arent kidding, i tilted the bottle to spray it under my shirt & it just poured out of the sprayer & all down my arm. What a waste! At least with the original version of Prada they give you a choice of regular spray or that terrible "prestige" spray thing (that costs MORE), but with the intense version theres no choice, its only available with the leaky atomizer. I use it as a splash bottle, this version doesnt even need to be in a spray as it is so much stronger than the original version, the original lasts about an hour on me, the intense version lasts all day & I can even smell it on me the next morning. For me, $140 is kind of pricey for a 1.7oz EDP (especially if you attatch the leaky evaporating atomizer) but a few drops applied here & there lasts subtly throughout the entire day, so its worth the price. Another thing that bugs me is that on a lot of department store websites they show the Intense bottle still in its dark plum colored box with the cap sticking through the top & they describe the bottle as opaque glass, well its not, its the same exact bottle as the original Prada, clear glass. The bottle is in a box within a box & in the photos they havent removed the second box from the bottle, thats confusing & irritating. The Intense juice is slightly darker than the original, same color, just a little darker.
10th April, 2009
Nice sweet ambery floral for women. Its not too sweet, and its quite classy too. I believe it has alot of vanillic benzoin, and it smells quite candy-like overall, but in a mature, refined way.

Intense yes, but its quite subtle after all ; stays close to skin without overloading sillage. Lasts for a long time.

I like it :)
16th November, 2008
The fragrance notes for Prada & Prada Intense are the same, however, the end result is quite different! This intense version is noticably sweeter - fruitier. Kind of raspberry/plum-ish, if that makes sense. To me, the earthiness of the patchouli is not quite as prominent here as in the original. In comparison, PI loses some crispness and balance. I much prefer Prada in it's first form, which is superior in blend.
17th May, 2007
I love the bottle. Very sophisticated but the smell is too strong, almost acrid, for me. Didnt think twice to pass this one. Prefer it's sister i.e. Prada Tendre.
13th May, 2007

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