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Tobacco Vanille (2007)
by Tom Ford


Tobacco Vanille information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerOlivier Gillotin
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tobacco Vanille

 Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection.  The company say:

Tom Ford's affection for London inspired this scent, reminiscent of an English Gentleman's Club...

Tobacco Vanille fragrance notes

Reviews of Tobacco Vanille

This one rates as neutral to me. As mentioned by others, the dry-down is really not too great, especially when compared to others like Versace Dreamer. This smells to me like those vanilla black and milds, and it gets much much sweeter smelling throughout the wear.

Also noting: I'm not sure if this is just a tobacco frag thing, or if this is Tobacco Vanille in general, but...: I've noticed that a lot of people, men and women, tend to complain about the tobacco smell. *I actually get "anti-compliments" from women on this one, from those in the 25-mid 30's range, so keep that in mind.

The only thing that keeps this from being a thumbs down, is it is sometimes soothing to wear this when I am alone/at night alone. It was really close to being a thumbs down, since this is a heck of a lot of money for something that I will not really wear in public..
28th March, 2020
Thumbs up for the 2007 version: very beast mode, 1 spray lasts 12 hours with longevity and silage, 12 more as a skin scent. Sweeter, but not too heavy.

Thumbs down for the current version: too heavy, tobacco leaf is too prominent, just smells cheaper or has less craftsmanship.

Either way, it is linear and can be cloying. For my money, I'll take vintage D&GPH, vintage Dreamer, or try something else.

Poor Tom, he tries soo hard. But he never can make it across the finish line on his own team. He played much better on other teams....
18th December, 2019
It’s the quintessential smoky vanilla, but it gets a bit over powering, and there are plenty of more subtle and alternatives now that offer something a bit more interesting, be it with a more floral, spicy, or woody vibe. Hemmingway, odd fellows bouquet, eau duelle, tabac rouge, aramis tobacco reserve, pure Havane, and, of course, Herod, to name a few.
11th October, 2019
Smells like pipe tobacco and vanilla. Pretty realistic pipe tobacco thing, which I like. A bit of booziness and a backdrop of, ?leather? It says woods, but smells akin to leather to me. But that is me analyzing. Really, in the air it is probably just vanilla pipe tobacco. As it dried it smelled better. The pipe tobacco seemed to stay true for longer than I thought it would, it didn't unravel. I like it, not love it. The composition seems somewhat simplistic. Some get crazy performance, others poor. I feel like my experience was closer to crazy. It wasn't the hardest projector, but was clearly smellable on my skin for 8 hours without having to bury my nose. On a full wearing I would catch wiffs every now and again, which is fairly ideal. On top of all this, it is stupid expensive, dropping its grade to a neutral.
09th October, 2019
This scent inspired me to begin my journey as a fragrance enthusiast, so I can't turn against it completely, but I've fallen out of love with it and would no longer recommend it. It now seems unpleasantly thick and waxy in a "scented candle"-y sort of way, with the best elements of the composition tucked away beneath the vanilla.

In 2007 it was undeniably original, a bold evolution of the gourmand tobacco that had evolved over the prior five or six years into a strong market presence. In the ensuing decade, it spawned countless descendants, many of which bested it by building compositions with more clarity and structure and intrigue.
11th September, 2019
Quite disappointed with this PRODUCT, which was quite expensive.

The smell is simply unpleasant... Objectively, it's unpleasant. This is not a preference so much as the Formulation should not be worn by people.

I sense that the 'Tom Ford' name sucks customers into buying things such as this. Count me as someone who is regretful. I left it for the Hotel Cleaning staff when I checked out of a stay in London.
17th July, 2019

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