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Noir de Noir (2007)
by Tom Ford


Noir de Noir information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerJacques Cavallier
PerfumerHarry Fremont
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Noir de Noir

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

Noir de Noir fragrance notes

Reviews of Noir de Noir

If Tom Ford’s name-making ‘noir’ perfume Black Orchid was Cleopatra’s catacomb – dense like unguent and full of fusty intrigue – this take is much easier, an ad person’s dream version. The chocolate-rose pairing at its heart is the stuff of Valentine’s Day sentiment, easily understood, a bit gauche with a kind of herd-following sincerity about it. Underlaid with creamy vanilla and darker patchouli, it takes a selection of good things and packs them in its box rather well. What Noir de Noir lacks in terms of the nocturnal mysteriousness its name suggests, it attempts to make up with a sense of hospitality bordering on a feeder tendency.
For me the best is saved for last, when in the deep drydown NdN becomes more of a woody rose. But there are enough decent variations on that theme around at somewhat friendlier prices.
08th August, 2020
This definitely has the TF DNA in it, there's a certain je ne sais quoi about the TF scents, but you can definitely tell that they're family.

On my skin this is a sweet rose, almost fruity in scent feel. I get a good dose of leathery saffron and slighter nuances of entrancing oud as we get deeper into the drydown. Truffle adds a bit of earthiness as does the hints of patchouli that emerge towards the base. Oakmoss resides at the base and helps pull the strings on this fragrance to hold it together.
07th May, 2020
A very likable boozy rose not quite as powerful as Rose D'Arabie or United Arab Emirates but very enjoyable and decent endurance. When pulled over by RIDE and asked "have you consumed any alcohol this evening"? Me: "Why yes officer but not internally, I've been kissed by a rose".
29th February, 2020
It's a dark red rose, opulent, thick with earthy and musky elements. There is a very nice dry red wine accord that will linger for a good while; it's a beautiful aroma, not boozy and it's combined with a sweet saffron and vanilla combo that is really nice. I can't wear it whenever, I feel I need an occasion for it because of its richness and opulence. It’s also sensual, elegant and mature with a fleshy dry down. It's very good!
10th November, 2019
Tom Ford 'Noir de Noir' is the sultry, mysterious women who walks in late because she's a double agent working for the Romanian Intelligence Service. She just came off a mission and arrived a few minutes late to an upscale formal event happening tonight. Draped in a deep blood red, backless, low cut dress with a dark red lip and sky-high heels, she is taller than most of the guests. Her long raven hair is loosely curled and put into an unconstrained low bun, wavy tendrils falling over her forehead, shaping her beautiful tan face elegantly, her beauty rivals Aphrodite herself. The small smirk on her face tells everyone to be wary, she knows things she shouldn't and if the wrong people got a hold of her knowledge.. she could start diplomatic wars. Her scent is alluring as it is mysterious reeling in bystanders (like an unsuspecting fly diving straight into a pot of honey, unware that the sweetest of treats has the ability to destroy their lives within seconds) She has a haunting presence. She may seem delicate like a rose, but look closer and you can see just how destructive she can get; her thorns will rip your flesh if you pose a threat to her.

She walks toward the darkness as the midnight ink swallows her whole, only her sensual scent trail remians.. She will always be your greatest mystery.

One youtube fragrance reviewer "Demi Rawling" described this as a dark chocolate filled with rose liquor and that is spot on
02nd January, 2019
Rose is a note that I am not usually a massive fan of but here is one that I actually like. No...I actually love. It's not all out rose. The rose is both dark and fresh. The added Truffle, patchouli, oud, saffron & vanilla just round things off and give the overall composition a slightly exotic feel. The chocolate note is a lovely touch. Extremely romantic. Alongside Italian Cypress this is probably the best from Tom Ford.

01st December, 2018 (last edited: 08th August, 2020)

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