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Encre Noire (2006)
by Lalique


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchPochet Group

About Encre Noire

Encre Noire is a masculine fragrance by Lalique. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

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Reviews of Encre Noire

It smells like your nose is down in wet grass and mud, very close down.

Encre Noir is that place in a basement where wooden supports might meet the dirt. It's also slightly nauseating.

A better name for this fragrance would be Crawl Space, or Eau de JW Gacy.
24th February, 2021
Encre Noire altered the scape for vetiver scents with a daring, rustic minimalism that bordered on niche; proving that a modern masculine perfume of this nature could break against the conventional tide of sweet appeal, as well as the traditional soapy-centric lemonades, and strike a chord with the masses. Imagine the smoky, dank peat of Islay fermenting on an aura of dry, earthy cypress and sensual wood musks as a contemporary scent of fashion, beyond vogue. Truly, the unconventional became a new convention that distanced itself from the definitive 20th century mossy, citrus, spicy hay where vetiver seemed to be gift-wrapped as an elegant barbershop (ex. Carven Vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver, Givenchy Vetyver, distinctively notable in their own right). This 2006 release brought a futurist rendering to a finicky genre that seemed so boxed in and limited to these classic templates. Encre Noire merely opened the box and let the dark cool vapour of vetiver breathe as a new urban hip that was fittingly sober and all business... It begins with a cypress opening that is dry, earthy, sharp and green, along side a vetiveryl acetate, giving off a citrus-like conjuring that transitions towards a hearty possession of an ethereal, clean Haitian vetiver and its Bourbon brother, whose smoky streak is nutty, leathery, and soiled in flavour. Each a complementary, each a contrast, each a vetiver strain, that functions in dualistic fashion, beating harmoniously with its linearity. This one-way direction heads towards a base of cashmere wood musks, shaped by Iso E Super, that surrender to the vetiver rush, giving the design its inky billing. The mere absence of any floral or citrus notes in the accord is remarkably audacious, and its strictly vetiver theme is astonishing given its wrinkled nose reputation. Encre Noire is a pure work of art, a standard to be judged by, from a masterful perfumer and a house that continues to remain beautifully edgy and refined within the designer orthodoxy. Bravo!
23rd December, 2020
This was a blind buy for me, because of the price and the comments, but it is not a fragrance I can truly enjoy despite not being averted by it either.
True, it is a compliment getter but that's just because it is so old-school masculine, somewhat in the vein of Paco Rabanne's Pino Silvestre.. No, patriarchy is not dead yet.
After a choking-strong opening where cypress dominates, it dries down to a pleasant but non-descript lemony and somewhat fruity (is this the tahitian vetiver?) musk. Pleasant is all that it is but other than that nothing else.
It isn't nauseating, like most designer perfumes, but then it is way too simple and basic, so much so it doesn't feel like a real perfume to me. I would call it a scent rather than a perfume. Actually, it reminds very much of an insect repeller, as another reviewer has said.
13th October, 2020 (last edited: 16th October, 2020)
I bought this as a blind buy as I'd come in to a little extra money and had been meaning to pick a bottle up for some time.

I am not disappointed.

Encre Noir to me is a really dry, woody vetiver. That said I pick up a scent in this that I have found in many fragrances before but in other fragrances has never sat well on my skin. I get a bit of an Incense vibe from it.

Some of the Comme des Garcons fragrances spring to mind like Incense Kyoto and there is also something in here that reminds me of EDPFM French Lover. Both fragrances I loved on paper but EDPFM FL didn't work on my skin at all.

Suffice to say Encre Noir does work on my skin and I quite love it.
04th June, 2020 (last edited: 06th December, 2020)
Opening blast of sharp, jagged peppermint overwhelms more pleasant cedar undertones. I thought it might just have interacted poorly with my skin chemistry; I spritzed a (female) co-worker, who grimaced and said "it's very antiseptic -- something you'd find at the dentist's". She's right, too.

The jarring opening notes take a good while to fade. The drydown is very pleasant, and subtler, more complex tones emerge. It's just not worth it, though, to power through the first three hours smelling like cheap toothpaste. Very disappointed in this.
27th May, 2020
I get a lot of cypress as the base followed with a cool blast from ISO Super E. Add to that a dark and rooty vetiver note that blends with the cypress creating that "black ink" impression. Hints of cashmere throw on a fabric sensation. Lastly a kind of sweet and pale musk note develops later on as part of the finish. The musk doesn't seem to fit in the fragrance style.

I'm just not seeing the hype on Encre Noir by Lalique. It smells exactly like the pair of grey wool gloves that I keep in my basement. I use them for burn days and chopping wood. The wool has absorbed ash, pine tree needles, and sap. That cold breeze of ISO Super E adds the sensation that I'm wearing those gloves on a windy winter day. Encre Noire might be innovative to people who come from urban areas. To rural people it's a smell of yardwork that we shower off before going out to eat or sitting at the dinner table.
13th May, 2020 (last edited: 22nd May, 2021)

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