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Eau d'Italie (2005)
by Eau d'Italie


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Year of Launch2005
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEau d'Italie
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Eau d'Italie

A light sea breeze and cool citrus groves on the cliffs of Positano. Terracotta tiles warmed by the summer sun. Bergamot, blackcurrant buds and yellow sweet clover. A hint of musk, a touch of incense. A sparkling and seamlessly blended Eau de Toilette, Eau d'Italie is the award-winning signature fragrance of Positano's Hotel Le Sirenuse.

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The Blooming Meadow by Viktor Baturin
27th December, 2017
Genre: Woods

Eau d’Italie’s eponymous scent begins life outside the bottle with an extremely odd accord of incense and dewy green notes that could stand as the perfect example an olfactory oxymoron. The balance that parfumeur Bertrand Duchaufour offers between wet and dry, warm and cool, is one of the more compellingly weird effects I can remember since I first smelled Serge Lutens’s Borneo 1834. The tension doesn’t hold for long, though. After a few minutes the green notes and incense meld at their edges, and the surprise result is a much milder, brighter, and more wearable variation on the heart of Duchaufour’s own Timbuktu. Eau d’Italie sustains its cool, green tinted, transparent incense quite well before it dries down to a brisk cedar dominated base. I can’t say that it projects much, but it’s paradoxically not weak either. Eau d’Italie just seems to hover close to the body.

Once it’s run its course I’m left feeling that Eau d’Italie represents a simpler and “safer” essay on the theme of Timbuktu and the more recent Dzongkha. It’s more approachable than either of these other Duchaufour compositions, but it also has a lot less going on. If I’m going to wear a scent of this sort, my inclination is to go whole hog, and for the like-minded I’d recommend Dzongkha or Timbuktu (even though I detest it!) over Eau d’Italie.
13th June, 2014
Mineral, sunny and sultry.<p>Interesting and particular (though never groundbreaking) fragrance in the body of which the creator imprints an incensey/mineral, green and weirdly fruity twist over an ordinary cedary/musky base. The first blast is all about a green lemon and a still tart blackcurrant. In this first stage the aroma is yet boise but basically dry and citric. I don't detect the Duchaufour's incensey twist yet while effectively i feel the clay which frankly i'd never been able to detect without reading the list of notes. The clay represents the weird mineral side of the aroma. It takes a while to the blackcurrant become slightly balmy and with a magnolia (more than tuberose) type of spark. There is still a green and slightly soapy lemony feel in the air which is gentled by a soft floral touch. The background is decidedly mossy/cedary (and clay featured) under my humble nose while just at the end of the trip i can feel a vague incense/patchouli shadowy mist surrounding musks and woods. Effectively this is not the type of fragrance able to polarize a lot of compliments but is well made, evocative and honest , though not so particularly creative in my opinion. Anyway along the dry down the lemony feel slightly fades while i start to feel a sort of slightly powdery woody vibe flanking the durable clay. I detect a sort of mediterranean sultry summery vibe with this one and a sort of aromatic (almost minty) secret touch emerging sometimes from somewhere. Discreet lasting power on my skin. Not bad.<p>Pros: Weirdly mineral, lemony, soft and cedary.
Cons: Probably pale in consistency for my full pleasure."</p>
20th October, 2013 (last edited: 24th December, 2013)
Alive and green

When I first smelled this, the weather was cold and the vial smelled of a crisp, starched shirt. I put it aside. Now that it's hot and humid, it feels perfect — complete, but not dense. Alluring, but fresh. How Duchaufour combined clay and fresh air is beyond me.

There's zesty green, dry bergamot, sunned tiles, and something akin to clover stems. Perfect — green and sprightly throughout.
02nd June, 2013 (last edited: 15th May, 2015)
I literally cannot smell it, way too "light" I suppose.
13th April, 2013
I get nothing but green and jasmine. Very green floral that has a nice smell but not my style. Sort of linear. I'm giving it a thumbs up b/c the floral is really nice
30th October, 2012 (last edited: 17th July, 2017)

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