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Fleur du Mâle (2007)
by Jean Paul Gaultier


Fleur du Mâle information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJean Paul Gaultier
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
Parent Company at launchShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Fleur du Mâle

Fleur du Mâle is a masculine fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

Fleur du Mâle fragrance notes

Reviews of Fleur du Mâle

Fleur du Male opens up with a huge dose of synthetic orange blossom that nearly made my eyes water as I mentally scrambled to place where I had smelled this before. After about ten minutes or so, I had it. Have you ever been in a public bathroom where they have those automatic air fresheners that spray the scent into the air every few minutes? Well, they're on a timer, and when the people who install them don't take the size of the bathroom into account, and you combine a small bathroom with too many discharges of that scent, it becomes a sickly, cloying mess that forces you to breathe through your mouth during the time that you're in the bathroom so as not to actually smell that spray and retch. And what's the most disgusting scent that they have? A thick, waxy, horribly synthetic orange scent.

Next, layer that orange air freshener with heavily synthesized white florals, combined with performance akin to Ron Jeremy on an intravenous Viagra drip and you have Fleur du Male.

This stuff makes me pray for nuclear winter.

Thumbs down.
09th August, 2019
White flowers. I'm terrible with female fragrances, and this seems pretty feminine to me. There are aromatics of some nature which hint at unisexuality. It is strong and lasts a quite a bit. Reminds me of the other Kurkdjians that I have tried. APOM and Aqua Universalis Forte. Both of those are also white florals. He seems to have a style that he uses when composing these. In my wardrobe they would be interchangeable, though not identical. Thumbs down for me. It is just too feminine for a fragrance not marketed as unisex. Also, I just feel that the other fragrances Kurkdjian composed after this for his own line are better.
21st March, 2019
Back to the year 2007 when Fluer Du Male just a new face on the shelves, I walking with my friend to the department store that located in Bangkok called “Central LadPrao”. At that time I just was a 1st year in University , and when I walking to JPG counter the staff show me a pure white trouser shape bottle. He put one spray on my hand and that make me stunning! God! I never smell any fragrance like that before, It so strong in the open with heavenly pure white flowers surrounded by green crisp vibe from herbal around, it strong but subtle , it daredevil and gentlemen in the same time. I can imagine this fragrance is the smell from the angels not human and I can imagine the angels with charming face falling from the sky with his white suit and white shirt with smell like this around him. More than 10 years that the scent and the bottle never leave my mind the smell still sticking to my memory and I hungry to smell it again ( I can’t buy Fluer Du Male at that time because I was a University student and the price 3,000+ Thai Bath is the way too expensive). Now year 2019 I have a chance to buy it from online decent shop in local area and hopefully I will get it! Seriously guys this is the best of JPG, and I sad that it discontinued how shame it is.. It hard to find nowadays, so I hope Untonio Puig will bring it back again. “This review is for a dream of a young man 13 years ago”
06th March, 2019
A surprisingly pleasant experience is Fleur du Mâle. I have always loved the original, controversial Le Mâle, and in general I tend to be suspicious and hesitant with trying out flankers of beloved scents.

But this one threw me offguard! It's different than the original, packed with loads of lavender and orange that exudes warmth and sensitivity - not a flowery, feminine construction, as I feared it'd be. And WOW it lasts forever!! Relaxing and predictable, Fleur du Mâle is a wonderful flanker to seriously consider checking out...whatever else you may feel of the original Le Mâle.
24th December, 2016
I just got this earlier today and have been wearing it since its a nice spring-feeling day here. It opens obviously with a lot of white floral and chamomile. The dry down gets a bit more masculine though in my opinion (its drydown has some comparison to the original Le male even though there is no lavender in this one listed). I am unaware of why both drydowns remind me a lot of one another, but it does. It also gets a bit muskier/manlier as the dry down occurs.

For a man's floral, I think it is done quite well, but this could be classified as unisex in my opinion. Also in regards to people calling it powdery, I don't really get much powder (definitely NOT like Midnight in Paris, and more along the lines of the powderiness that La Nuit de L'Homme has).

In my opinion, if you can handle the jasmine of Chrome AZZARO, you can definitely pull this fragrance off without it being "too feminine" for you. This will definitely be my favorite men's floral this Spring.
01st March, 2016

Fleur du Male is a beautiful fragrance for lovers of strange scents.It has a wonderful aroma just stunning.this scent is unlike anything i have smelled before.Strong,Aromatic,Fascinating, Modern, Impressive,Different,Sweet,Spontaneous and Fresh.

The petit grain prominent top notes(dry and almost brittle)are enlivened by a pinch of neroli and something like orange blossom.these notes by support basil and chamomile lend an air of pure freshness.however the opening is so strong but i will say the dry down is really lovely and soft and totally the all notes intertwine beautifully.

In my opinion This JPG EDT is more of a everyday scent for a young at heart elegant man.It is really a woman magnet.The packaging and bottle are cool and stylish too.I recommend it at SPRING. Anyway if you are looking for something different something that you will not smell on every man JPG don't disappoint you again.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

23rd April, 2015

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