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Ignition (2001)
by Lomani


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyParour

About Ignition

Ignition is a masculine fragrance by Lomani. The scent was launched in 2001

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Reviews of Ignition

Looking at the fragrance pyramid, I'm not sure where they came up with all those notes, but this is definitely one quality cologne. If you like sweet, you will love this little gem. You hear most reviewers mentioning vanilla, and it's there, but I get more pineapple and tobacco than vanilla, maybe even a touch of anise. It's earned a special spot in my lineup for being so inexpensive (typically $15-$25 for a 3.3oz), which is that I only wear it out at night and to special events. Occasionally I even spray it with YSL L'Homme and that mix really kicks into overdrive. It's unlikely you will find a tester of this anywhere, but if you think a sweet, well blended mixture of tobacco, pineapple, and vanilla with a touch of anise might strike your fancy, go for it!
09th April, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
vanilla,vanilla and more vanilla!! decent longevity and for the gourmand lovers only. also check out michael jordan's legend which is cheap and along the same lines..
12th March, 2013
This was my first blind buy based on it being a) extremely inexpensive b) fairly well regarded as a Vanilla frag. I have to say, upon first testing I am really liking this! People are saying teak but to me it smells like cedar. Unlike L'Occitane Eav de baux (which I really like) this is more vanilla-over cedar, while that is more cedar-over-vanilla to me.

If you are into gourmand scents, I think this is definitely worth a try....I agree with the other poster in that I can't see wearing this everyday or all that often, but I am glad I have it at my disposal.
06th July, 2010
i have learned as of late to totally ignore the scent pyramid and rely on what "i" smell... it could be my prodigious smoking of parliament lights, my penchant for indulging in too many glasses of red wine, or perhaps a genetic flaw that prevents me from me from identifying each individual note in alot of complicated fragrances... my olfactory skills of differentiation might not be as pronounced as some of my more gifted contemporaries, but the fact remains that i am a consummate whore for fragrances... i guess lomani must not be a well known perfumier, but i got ignition "blind" off of ebay (for 15 dollars nonetheless) based on the limited amount of positve reviews, and i must say i'm quite pleased... i haven't owned any heavy "vanillla" scents, and I have been pondering spending a cable bill buying spiriteusse or tom ford's offerings, but i think i'm very content with this purchase.... there isn't too much here besides an extremely soft vanilla sweetness, but it isn't at all cloying, and i can see wearing it in various situations without it feeling noni de garme or offensive... i can't say that it is entirely well put together or complex, because to me it is entirely linear albeit beautifully so... there was a girl i knew many years ago that wore VS dream angels heavenly exclusively, and for some reason this reminds me of her... i have absolutely no outside opinions of how this smells on me, but it has put me in a place of total relaxation and memories of the one who got away.... thumbs up for that
07th March, 2009
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
The teak and vanilla are strong. I don't get much of the top or mid notes; perhaps my bottle is old. Or it might be that the blending is extreme. One spray is all you probably need. Though "linear," it doesn't bore me, as other ones like this do, and this may be a matter of personal taste, rather than anything to do with the fragrance itself. However, it's something I only like once a week or more. If you use it for nights out, and are on a budget, this is probably what you're looking for. I enjoy the teak here, more than the vanilla, which is so common these days. It's very inexpensive too.
05th August, 2008
wtb Show all reviews
United States
This never fail to ignite my love life when it burns out!!! Sexy, sensual, and long lasting... Highly recommended for good lovin' with those special ladies!
14th July, 2008

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