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Virgin Island Water (2007)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2007

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Virgin Island Water(2007)

I had to get a decant of this, it just sounded like an amazing summer scent that I had to try. I was fairly certain I would love it( and I do) but figured I would end up with TommyB St Barts as a cheaper option. As a Silver Mountain Water and Royal Oud fan and owner I didn't need to find another bottle worthy Creed. At all.
Wow. They 'put the lime in the coconut' for the top and it is fantastic. Gorgeous. So natural and well done. I get the 'suntan lotion-y' references but it's way more elevated and elegant and that type of description is way too simplistic and doesn't do justice to this fragrance.
As it melds into the musk/white rum/sugar cane the coconut and bit of lime hang around for surprising longevity. I was impressed at how long this lasts. It is not 'light' nor 'weak'. It exudes class and quality.
Can you bottle the feel of a tropical island vacay? With VIW I say absolutely. Obviously this works as a summer scent. Of course it would work occasionally at home in the depths of winter as a cheer up fragrance. I personally wouldn't have an issue rocking this in a casual office setting but probably not more formal settings.
I did order a full bottle. I couldn't help it. Having smelled VIW first, I loved it so much I knew any cheaper imitations would be so lacking.
Since I have a lot of vintage, heavier frags and not much in the way of lighter, more modern 'blue juice' I am totally willing to work with a core of VIW, Havana, and Voyage for the warmer months ahead. Thumbs up.
19th April, 2021
I normally try to avoid superlatives but I would be lying if I didn't say Creed Virgin Island Water (2007) smelled gorgeous. I'm not typically a fan of coconut, or even the "lime/coconut Piña Colada accord" found here in this luxurious ode to tropical getaways, but there is so much else going on here that the smell more often associated with crazy binge drinking than the beach actually works very well within the context of the fragrance itself. The magic with Virgin Island Water is the conglomeration of multiple facets representing indivual sense experiences occuring during a tropical vacation into a nostalgic or allegorical whole, making this feel literally like paradise bottled. Best of all, there are no harsh chemical bases or scratchy anything to be found here in Virgin Island Water, meaning this stays smooth from start to finish. Granted, something this pre-defined and hard-cut in theme may be hard to use outside of summer or casual settings, but I feel like the point of something such as this, especially at the price point, is pure escapism and folly. Some consider this a sequel to Creed Silver Mountain Water (1995), since it denotes a distinct location, and when combined with Creed Erolfa (1992), Creed Millésime Impérial (1995), and Creed Royal Water (1997), creates an unofficial oeuvre of house Creed freshies. Among them all, Virgin Island Water is the most distinctive and unique, not feeling like a genre exercise (aquatic, chypre, et al), nor really being done before quite in such a realistic manner.

The opening notes of lime and coconut come zooming out of the sprayer and onto skin immediately. Bergamot and mandarin help smooth the lime, while the coconut accord is formed both by the essence of the fruit and the copra (dried seeds). The heart is jasmine hedione, with some indole from ylang-ylang, ginger spice, and hibiscus, recalling the Jamaica punch also popular in this region of the world. If you've ever tasted Jamaica punch, you know what this is. Tonkin musk (likely simulated and not from real deer) is mixed with a boozy white rum note, coumarin, ambergris, and what Creed calls a "sugar cane" note. Whether or not this is derived from real sugar cane, it is a clarified sweetness that isn't sticky (like real sugar), so it doesn't cloy or over-pronounce itself like most chemical sweet notes. I catch bits of Iso E Super wood notes here too. Wear time is long and this is deceptively powerful in terms of sillage, likely from the sweetness of coconut, the zing of lime, and the punch of the musk, so don't let the otherwise clean feel of Virgin Island Water fool you into over-applying. I'd use this on weekends, out of the shower, on hot summer days, or anytime you want to take yourself away to another place. Some liken this to the smell of suntan lotion, but I don't get that so much, although I can totally see this coming across like any number of Sun-In hair lightener sprays that used to be popular when I was a kid; they definitely had a variety that smelled close to Virgin Island Water.

Long story short, this stuff is just about the king of tropical/vacation-themed fragrances, is perfecty unisex (although some may argue against that), and unlike many, dodges the bullet of having performance issues or clear chemical edges. A lot of people compare this to Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts (2007), but that scent has way less coconut, more of a white floral heart, less booze, and what is for me an irritating laundry soap note in the base. Like Virgin Island Water, the Tommy Bahama starts off gorgeous, but unlike this Creed, it doesn't exactly stay gorgeous, and you find yourself at the laundromat dreaming of Tahiti instead of feeling like you're there. Now there is no avoiding the massive price tag Creed likes to charge, complete with dubious historical pedigrees, claims of ancient esoteric perfume methods, all-natural ingredients, and other unprovable hubris, but none of that is a dealbreaker when you catch a bottle on discount for about the price of your typical Tom Ford at retail. For those who care, the oldest "firehouse sprayer" batches had a blue cap with silver crest, then a gray cap with a blue crest was used, then finally a standard silver cap became the norm on all bottle sizes. When the price is right, Creed Virgin Island Water is one little piece of frivolity I can get behind. If you're a fan of fresh summery smells, you absolutely need to catch a sample of this, if not an actual bottle when they occasionally pop up online at a tolerable price. Thumbs up.
19th May, 2020
Wow. Mistersurgery’s review is pretty bang on, but I thought I’d add my two cents because this is a truly impressive creation.

Part of a recent sample selection I received from a Creed boutique purchase and just... wow.

Okay. The depth in VIW comes from its simplicity. Lime and coconut powerhouse with rum weaving in and out. Eerily reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s tanning lotion (which evokes powerful scent memories of some incredibly beautiful women from my youth). You can kind of just pick out the Ylang Ylang and Jasmine from the coconut in the dry down, but only very faintly... and not to the point you’d care beyond the calming effect.

The lime is eerily natural most of the way through and only noticeably synthetic for a fraction of its projection... everything else is simple, but picture perfect in its execution.

It won’t form a part of my collection unless I become an overnight millionaire. But if I had the ducats to spare, the sheer whimsy of this would convince me to keep a bottle on the shelf. Thumbs up, with the caveat you know what you’re buying and why.
07th November, 2019
Vacation in a bottle! Pretty relaxing and calming. Definitely a summer scent. However i feel like it leans a bit feminine, been told so too sadly. Overall 8/10
01st September, 2019
This scent gets a big thumbs up from me, BUT it comes with a few qualifying remarks.

This is a truly wonderful scent. It really does transport you to a beach on a warm, summer's day, especially if you are old enough to remember when people would slather on Banana Boat Suntan Lotion (this was back when people didn't use sunblock and instead used a lotion to increase the amount of rays that they got), because this smells just like a 1980s sunbather right after they spilled a mojito on themselves.

The initial hit is coconut and lime, which I must say is perfectly balanced. It's difficult to make sure that the creaminess of the coconut and the bright acidity of the lime are in harmony, with neither of the ingredients overshadowing the other, which is often the case with scents like these. There is similarity to Set Sail St. Bart's for Men by Tommy Bahama (2007 - same year this was released, no less), but Set Sail doesn't contain the coconut aspect of VIW, and is more synthetic and complex (though it is a favorite of mine in the warmer months, and I certainly recommend it) in its composition. Set Sail is close enough to VIW to be its stunt double, if you get my drift. User seeroos.syed absolutely nailed this fragrance's doppelganger; Bath and Body Works' Coconut Lime Verbena body spray, or in my case, the car freshener that someone gave me back in the '90s. This is very much the same, but with a more subdued lime and a far less synthetic feel to it. VIW is surprisingly natural and really smells like someone threw suntan lotion and a mojito in a bottle, shook it up, and applied it. And honestly, those are smells that I dig. There are really only three notes in this fragrance that stand out; coconut, lime, and rum. And that's just fine by me, because they are presented in a very natural and very well-balanced way.

The smell is great, the sillage is fair, and longevity is good. This wears very close to the skin on me, so if you're looking for projection, you need to be liberal on the trigger with this. It dries down surprisingly fast, but that's not bad, as the drydown is nicer than the initial spray, in my opinion. Very inoffensive, great for the summer months (or the colder months when you want to daydream, as I'm doing now), and certainly a scent that keeps me sniffing at my wrists every few minutes to drink it in. This is a fragrance that I would wear solely for me, and one that I would wear so that every time I sniff my wrist, I can momentarily transport myself to some island in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean coast. This is not something I would expect compliments on, as this is more an olfactory experience rather than an accoutrement to an outfit. That's why this fragrance is unisex. It's no more male or female than suntan lotion and mojitos are. It doesn't smell masculine or feminine; it smells like the tropics.

Which brings us to the big issue; price. Is this worth $200-400? I would say "yes," with the caveat being that you really, really love the natural smells of coconuts, lime, and rum, and you need to have the best representation of them in a fragrance. For people without that kind of disposable income, you can get a good deal of VIW's effect with a bottle of Set Sail St. Bart's for between 1/10th-1/20th (I'm not being hyperbolic) of the price.

For what Creed set out to do with this fragrance, they knocked it out of the park. It's a very enjoyable niche fragrance, executed well, at a premium price point. Apart from the price and a fairly weak sillage, I really can't knock it. This is one of Creed's best offerings, in my opinion.
26th February, 2019 (last edited: 20th March, 2019)
Thumbs Up for being a good scent, but like some unisex Creeds I cannot wear this. I should have known what my final thoughts on this were going to be the moment I opened the package from Frangrancenet. Inside was a sample for women's perfume - so telling.

VIW is truly a beautiful scent - it's a lot sweet, creamy coconut, some lime, and maybe a little bit of rum.
It's probably one of the simplest colognes I've ever tried. Not complex, just smells natural and well blended - just those three things - coconut, lime, and rum.

Still, the entire time I wore it I kept thinking that this is way more appropriate for a young woman. This smells like something I would expect a girl who is getting over her Bath and Body Works spray habit to jump into when she wants to upgrade her life. If this smell was even slightly synthetic (which is doesn't), I could see it in a pink bottle labeled "For Her." VIW's quality as a Creed makes it pleasurable for anyone to smell at anytime, but that does not hide the fact that this is really a distinctly feminine cologne. I would appreciate it if any woman put this on, but I don't think I can pull it off as a guy.
15th October, 2018

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