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Razala (2006)
by Ayala Moriel


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAyala Moriel
PerfumerAyala Moriel

About Razala

The ambergris used in this perfume was beach harvested on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and no whales were hurt or killed in the process. It was naturally cured by the sun and ocean and sea salt. Razala is Ayala's Arabic nickname.

Razala fragrance notes

Reviews of Razala

Razala is an intriguing multi-faceted fragrance. Though I seldom feel moved to wear it, it remains my favorite of the fragrances I've tried from this line, and is one of the most interesting niche orientals available.

Myrrh is the dominant note in the composition, but is modified by other ingredients at every stage. This isn't a myrrh "soliflore", to misuse a phrase.

The top notes burst out rich and spicy, with pepper, myrrh, oud sweetened by white florals - Ayala mentions magnolia and tuberose, I get mostly the latter - and neroli.

Something about this combination reminds me of a mulled wine I had years ago, made with port, spices, orange zest and raisins. Perhaps it's the oud, a note I often associate with fortified wine for some reason.

As the top notes fade, Razala becomes richer and the myrrh and oud stand out more as it moves from mulled wine to a mosque, and becomes predominantly an incense fragrance.

This is the first and only fragrance I've tried that contains real ambergris - I'm afraid most synthetic ambergris notes smell like soap on me - so I'm not sure of my nose's ability to detect it. There is a buttery warmth to the base.

Whether it's due to the ambergris or this being a base-heavy blend, Razala is a long-lasting fragrance, something unusual in all-natural blends. It has medium sillage but its longevity surpasses most fragrances, including the others in this line.

If you like myrrh and rich orientals, try this. You won't regret it.

02nd November, 2008
Ambergris itself is one of the few natural animalic fragrance ingredients that has no connotations of cruelty because it is produced and excreted by the sperm whale. It can float on the ocean for years evolving under the influence of sun and salt water. Then it is collected when it washes up on shore, by which stage its distinctive nutty, warm scent is a symphony of boronal, ambrinol, dihydro ionone gamma - and its best-smelling aromatic part, ambroxan.”
This techie note is from the Luckyscent site and gives very interesting insight into the mysterious allure of beach-harvested ambergris. What a rare and fascinating ingredient!
Razala has a rich, spicy opening. It is not very orangey on my skin. The scent is soft, floral, and substantial. I think the oud combines very well with the myrrh: it gives a bracing edge to the aromatic and perfumey myrrh. The oud and myrrh combine to create a sensual, languid, almost narcotic feeling. The drydown is spicy and complex. The scent is intended to evoke a “love-potion” mystique, and in my opinion it succeeds! It doesn’t suit my skin type, but is an exceptionally beautiful scent which I would enjoy smelling on someone lovely.
23rd July, 2008
Multi-faceted fragrance with depth and complexity. Top notes of pepper appear unfold to reveal a sweet floral blend carefully cradled in the strong, earthy arms of myrrh, patchouli and oud. Real ambergris gives it a three-dimensional boost. Bold, dynamic. Must be tried on the skin to fully appreciate its development. Likeable and unconventional at the same time. This perfumeur does not use animal products, such as civit or castoreum, yet there is an animalic quality to this fragrance.
18th January, 2007

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