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Mystra (2006)
by Aesop


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
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About Mystra

Mystra is a shared / unisex perfume by Aesop. The scent was launched in 2006

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Frankincense, Labdanum and Mastic.

Aesop's Mystra is ( to me at least ) a strange, but likable rendition of ambery incense. It emits a medicinal earthiness that possesses a mentholated slant to it. Well, on my skin, the opening accord contains that aspect and within 5 minutes it begins to dissipate.

What I notice most about Mystra is that the Incense implementation isn't very similar to what I have been sampling from other releases. For example, the manner in which Amouage uses the note can be identified in other fragrances utilizing frankincense. In Mystra, the incense seems to be of a different sort.

The overall feel I get from wearing Mystra is detached with a sense of coolness. I expected the opposite considering how I like Labdanum and Incense, but for a good portion of the transitions, this aloof quality takes precedence in my mind. Normally, amber-incense evokes warmth and perhaps resiny smoke when I wear that combination. I don't experience that sampling Mystra.

This is incense from the earth. It conjures resin, natures smoke and the dew of the cool ground. The slightly medicinal and sticky nature of Mystra never really exits, nor does it exhibit any sense of sweetness. It's austere on my skin, but I mean that in the best possible light. There's no frills and the 3 listed notes have surprised me by eliminating what I thought would be a predictable evolution.

Mystra stops short of possessing a bitter element. I think this aspect derives from the dryness of the amber and how that interacts with the other notes. This isn't meditative or really thought provoking, but it does project a focused intent on smelling serious.

Sillage is average and longevity is about 5 hours on me. I find Mystra interesting in a sparse fashion, yet I don't find anything to love. It doesn't go for the heartstrings, nor does it push you away.

Neutral rating from SS for Aesop's Mystra. A sample wear is definitely recommended.
04th March, 2015
An initial blast of industrial cleaner - full strength - that is rather off-putting. The dry down however comes fairly quickly and it is that of a very very dry frankincense - one that has been left in the sun for months with all of its resin evaporated.

Turin tells us there are only three ingredients, all of them gums: labdanum, frankincense, mastic.

Despite his four stars, I don't see any reason to shell out $75 to smell like pungently dry wood.
18th March, 2014
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An odd one. Dense and dry; resinous pine with herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme, no parsley), spices and a touch of incense. It conjures the smell of dark and dusty old Mediterranean churches; or 'Italian Cypress' minus the sunnier elements. There is a slightly sticky quality on my skin. I didn't really enjoy it but it might make a 'nice and gloomy' scent for Goths tired of their funereal rose fragrances, or a pine-enthusiast looking for something different. I found sillage and longevity average (review of EdT).
01st September, 2012
This is a simple scent -- and sometimes simplicity done to perfection is completely satisfying. That is the case here.
Woody, dry, green, resinous, haunting, invigorating, classy.
Wear very well throughout the day.

In the store, I tried both the Edt (splash) and Parfum (roll-on) versions. The Edt is a little drier, brisker and woodier than the Parfum which is very smooth. I preferred the Edt version.

Update --
Notes: mastic, frankincense, labdanum
Still enjoy this scent a lot. Simple but satisfying.
Green, dusky, resinous, terpine, coniferous, woody, dry, medicinal.
My kind of fragrance!
31st July, 2012 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
I bought this fragrance in Australia and the impression it gives of hot, wide spaces and aromatic herbs & spices fits in well with the country of its origin - even though the spices etc. aren't actually Australian at all.

I think LT said of the Armani Bois d'Encens (which I also have) that he finds incense to be a sort of moving target; I know what he means and agree with him. Mystra is definitely one of those and is rather like walking through the perfume or spice souk - different scents waft up as you walk past, never quite the same but always interesting. The longevity is certainly not as long as one would like but it does come in a natty rollerball bottle, perfect for pockets or handbags, so you can top-up as often as you want - just don't do it in the middle of a crowd as the top note is pretty powerful.

This is good, but (like any fragrance) may not necessarily ring your bell. I'm quite enjoying it but it hasn't gripped me the way that Bois d'Encens has, after a long time thinking whether I could afford that one I succumbed and now could not bear to be without it. This is a great fragrance in its own way, I accept that other people might want to re-write this review and transpose the names, but Mystra is not cheap and I personally will be spending my money in future on the Armani, when I can afford it.
24th August, 2010
I was blown away the first time I smelled a sample!
I remember riding on the back of my Dad's motorcycle in midsummer on hot balmy nights and taking the winding country roads to get places. In the still night air there was a new treat for the nose with each inhalation. Sometimes the road would dip down into the valley where the air cooled significantly. It was in those valleys where the cool shaded air of the hot day spilled out from the creek bed and over the road, giving a brief bone chilling sensation, and an essence identical to that captured by Mystra.
Wicked stuff. 5/5 stars
09th February, 2010

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