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La Pausa / 28 La Pausa Eau de Toilette (2007)
by Chanel


La Pausa / 28 La Pausa Eau de Toilette information

Year of Launch2007
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About La Pausa / 28 La Pausa Eau de Toilette

One of six new fragrances for Chanel's "Les Exclusifs" range created by Chanel master perfumer 258.

28 La Pausa is an iris-based fragrance and is named after a house owned by Mlle. Chanel in the South of France.

La Pausa / 28 La Pausa Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

Reviews of La Pausa / 28 La Pausa Eau de Toilette

Iris. Powder. dusty. Old iris. New iris. Slightly earthy iris. It's iris - what more can be said. Yeah, it is pretty. After a bit, I smell something underneath. Vaguely like pear or some other fruit. It's faint. Cedar maybe? Confused...

This Chanel doesn't last long on me. It is gone too soon. Not very memorable either. Meh. I hate to have to give a neutral rating for a Chanel. I have other iris scents that give me more of a thrill.
23rd March, 2019
A beautiful and luxurious iris perfume, the top notesin La Pausa come off almost identically as the Orris Abs. vials in Chanel's demonstration perfumers' organs in boutiques.

The orris here is soft, mellow and above all creamy and waxy, distinguishing it from other iris heavy fragrances like Malle's Iris Poudre which often bring out the nostalgic, powdery accents of iris. Not here. The iris is buttery and effortless, almost like freshly laundered white sheets with a hint of expensive makeup left on them from the day before.

Besides the iris, there is little else to discern to my nose, hence the similarities to this and pure Orris abs. (per Chanel). La Pausa is whimsical, nonchalant and cheery, like a happy American heiress from the 1940s who went to French finishing school.

Unfortunately, longevity is the deal-breaker for me here as La Pausa becomes a skin scent about 1.5 hours in. Not even having sillage enough to waft and catch your nose at moments, I have to put my nose against my wrist to catch anything of it.

In the drydown, the gentle scent has it's cool iris descend into an almost translucent, watery floral- the lack of anything musky or powdery to my nose is interesting. At this stage 4 hours in, the whole fragrance reminds me distinctly of Pomelo (as in the fruit), watery, chilly, slightly bitter rind and containing the faintest floral note of orange blossom.

Beautiful, but of course it doesn't last.
31st August, 2018
When my cat comes in from her wanders, I can always smell where she has been. In winter her fur is telltale smoke and soot, and I know she has been eavesdropping down chimneys; in summer it is soft and green. For a fleeting moment, 28 La Pausa smells like my cat after she has been sleeping in the long grass. It transports me to a perfect May morning, of dew and leafy promise, of waiting for a lift at a crossroads, with meadow flowers singing on a cool breeze.

Then it is gone, and all I can smell is my own skin, lamenting the loss of a colour. I hope the EDP manages to preserve and amplify this May perfection, stronger and longer. In the meantime I will keep sniffing my skin and begging it to play that song again.
05th August, 2018
Chanel’s signature iris accord as in more of Les Exclusifs;
Just marvelous and realistic type of orris, reminiscent of high orris butter/absolute.
18th February, 2018
At fist sniff it reminds me of Nu (YSL). And then after couple of minutes it - wait- did I forget to put on my perfume?
Two additional puffs on my wrist, each puff on one wrist, no rubbing them against each other of course, two puffs on the neck, again one on each side. The air around me smells opulent. My husband loves the fragrance and how it grows on my skin. After half an hour he leans over and asks me why I don't wear any perfume any more. Big thumb down I'm afraid. One of most expensive 30 minutes of my life...

27th April, 2017
jrr2ok Show all reviews
United States
God, what a beautiful but frustrating fragrance. The iris is full and rich upon application, with the woods developing quickly (<15 minutes) to firm up the overall impact. An hour in, it dries down to a soft powdery musk with woody undertones. However, the fragrance is essentially gone after 4 hours (with a conservative application). It's literally like a beautiful visitor that sweeps you off your feet, wrapping you in intimacy only to disappear, leaving you clutching the air and longing for more.

Because of the limited performance, I'm tempted to rank it as a Neutral, but the fragrance itself is so lovely I must rank it as a Thumbs Up. Its audience, however, will probably be limited to those who can afford liberal reapplications and those who are willing to accept a fleeting experience. What an experience it is.
07th November, 2016

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