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Rien (2006)
by Etat Libre d'Orange


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEtat Libre d'Orange
PerfumerAntoine Lie

About Rien

Rien is a shared / unisex perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Lie

Reviews of Rien

Rien is a bonafide masterpiece, a tremendous tour-de-force composition of leather, aldehydes, musk, spices, patchouli with everything finely interwoven. The perfumer Antoine Lie has mentioned that this is the costliest formula in the whole Etat Libre d'Orange portfolio.

Abstract, complex, perfectly proportioned, wonderful balance between the different elements, and yet there is always a tension. The result is a novel accord, hard to describe because it's so different, nonetheless smells great and is something that would probably make Guy Robert proud. Definitely it's a bold perfume with wonderful silky sillage and lasting tenacity to match, so naturally it was never meant to please everyone.

This is definitely in the musky leather category for me, and would likely appeal to fans of Kouros, Christopher Street (Charenton Macerations). Rien is the quintessential leather perfume of the 21st century - unique, iconic, and yet indelibly evocative of the best vintages in its glorious depth and richness.


13th March, 2021 (last edited: 15th April, 2021)
Harshly spicy at first, then the spiciness mellows down a little bit and incensy leather appears. Incense is very sharp. Spices are very spicy (well, duh!) and remind me about the top notes of YSL Opium a bit, just a bit more bitter and more peppery. It's an interesting scent, and the parts of it seem to clash instead of blending and joining each other - it's like you smell all these different aromas all at once instead of smelling one perfume. After a while all the clashing aromas kind of start melding into one, but by that time the scent is very quiet on my skin.

It's interesting for sure, but do I actually like it? I think I need more time to decide, as I do like those notes/accords separately, but I'm not sure I dig the whole chorus here. Honestly, I think I'd rather just wear Opium for the spice, or something by Comme de Garcons for the incense, or Chanel's Cuir de Russie for the leather, or... you get it.
03rd February, 2021
This, for many reasons, takes top honors as my least favorite fragrance of all time. (I'm sure there are other possible contenders for this title, but I have yet to sample them.) Rien is everything I don't want to smell or smell of: synthetics that simply won't quit, sharp and (yet cloying) notes of cumin and civet, peppery incense that smells heavily industrial, and something that smacks of burning glue/plastic.

For a brief period of my life, I worked as a finish carpenter, specializing in installing carpet, tile, and laminate. Rien instantly takes me back to that dreadful year of wrangling buckets of toxic glue, underlayment, and rolls of rebond. The smell is so similar that it's uncanny.
05th February, 2019
First smell of Rien and I for a moment thought I would like it. Out of the bottle and onto the skin, a different story unfolded. Based on the notes listed, this one should be right up my alley...however it took a different turn.

While sitting on the sofa after wearing Rien for about an husband asked me if the cat peed in the room or if the cat box needed to be cleaned. I said he hadn't and I had just emptied and refilled the litter box with fresh litter earlier that morning. He left the room and walked in again and asked if one of the boys had accidentally peed in the room or hid their wet clothing (as one not quite totally toilet trained child of our is apt to do - hide the accidental incidents). After looking around the room for the potential source, he stated it was me and didn't realize it until he got close to me. I thought it might have been my clothing or who else know.

Yes, I smelled like pee thanks to Rien. I figured I might as well ride out the storm and see where the fragrance would take me. After a few hours the urine smell did finally diminish and instead was taken over know how around mid-January when you finally decide to take down the once-live Christmas tree and it still has the faint tree sap residue with a slight tinge of mildew...that where Rien decided to leave itself for the remainder of the ride.

Strangely other Etat fragrances I've quite like, not passionately, but admire them for their qualities even if they aren't for me, such as Fat Electrician. Most of the Etat range I've tested has short longevity on my skin, but not Rien....Rien defends it's territory, sinks its teeth into my skin and refuses to let go. I'll give it kudos at least for that as it is the only admirable quality about it.
22nd April, 2017
As a fan of leather fragrances I feel this one is animalic in all the wrong ways. And though I enjoy animalic leathers like Cuir d'arabie and leather oud, this one is animalic in the sense of stale cat urine, that sharp, sweaty, "grey" smell that is quite unlike human urine. Those unfamiliar with the smell would never guess it's origins and it makes me wonder whether the perfumer has spent any time in close proximity to cats. Unfortunately my wife knows the smell too well and was horrified by this fragrance. Of course there is more going on than this central accord, but in the end this is all that attired to me. Glad I sampled first.
19th May, 2016
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United States
At first I was thinking, "The Knize Ten, but less oriental and complex," but then I was thinking, "vintage Red for men but with leather instead of sequoia, and again, less complex." And after a few hours, at most, my thought was that it was far too "chemical," as in chemicals being spilled in a lab! I find Leather Oud by Dior to be more "natural" smelling, and therefore superior, but it's in that "general ballpark" as well. I can understand the appeal, especially for those who like these kinds of scents and don't find this one to be too "chemical," so I'll give it a neutral rating.
08th May, 2016

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