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Bayou is a shared / unisex perfume by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

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Not bad

This smells very similar to another BPAL fragrance called Ravenous. Ravenous consists of orange blossom and patchouli. I'm unsure of the exact note scheme of Bayou, but it smells like a very strong orange blossom up front. At first, it's a bit more tropical than like a bayou, but who's keeping score? When I picture a bayou, I picture a muddy, swampy area, so I'm not sure how bayou-ish this is.

The sweet opening eventually partners up with a green note. It's not pine or anything, it reminds me of tomato leaf. It's green in a garden or vegetable sense. So, the heart of the fragrance is this sweet/tart kind of note with this tomato leaf (just my amateur guesses).

The base notes are some type of white floral, perhaps a bit powdery, but soft overall. The other notes mostly die down.

Not a bad fragrance. I'm not sure I'd buy it, but I'd wear it if someone bought it for me. The sillage is strong - not necessarily overpowering, but you'll know it's there. And, of course, being a perfume oil, the longevity is incredible.

20th October, 2013

Jambalaya! Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the Bayou. Well, this is it, I guess. I’ve never been to the bayous but I imagine that they would smell pretty much like this: Moist, aquatic, mossy, vegetal, with tropical flowers. They are all here. It opens with grapefruit – not exactly bayou material but it does give kind of an aquatic feel, and the green notes help in the interpretation. This opening note borders on dark. The opening even manages to have the feel of hot, humid air. The moss and the florals show up together to my nose, and it’s a good moss note – green (a bit sharp) rather than that musty dusty feel that often shows up with moss notes. The florals are more in the background than the foreground and they do have a little of the tropical feel to them, but they are not really the main element of the heart notes… the mossy, coniferous green form the main intent. I think that I like the base the best of all because it has that earthy feel to it that is always present in swampy places on hot days. I love that earthy smell and it is nicely supported by a woody accord. The base is quite soft, though – not a sillage monster. All things considered, I think Bayou is more feminine than not – I know I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it, but it’s a very interesting and, I would guess, a wearable scent.

10th October, 2008
Smashing! Has a southern goth feel to the opening, after that the tropical white flowers add a little lushness & warmth.. they blend in & fade a bit into the dydown. I love the balance the drydown has of deep dark green/wood with a delicate vein of powdery floral. It's beautiful and unique, and it's what I was hoping for in scents I've tried like Passage d'Enfer, Heure Exquise, L'Heure Bleu.. it's soothing & peaceful but with depth & substance.
02nd December, 2007

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