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Spiritueuse Double Vanille (2007)
by Guerlain


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Spiritueuse Double Vanille

Part of the "L'Art et la Matière" collection.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille is a luminous fragrance: golden vanilla dazzles us with its multiple facets and incredible splendour, far from sweet and childlike insipidity. A stunning composition in which each raw material recalls the journey, the long crossings by boat, in which the wood of the hull melds with that of the rum barrels and spice boxes.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille fragrance notes

Reviews of Spiritueuse Double Vanille

A cautious thumbs up for possibly liking the quiet hum of this bourbon vanilla. SDV was part of a larger order of samplers to rule out a few potential candidates for full bottles. Vanilla is a treacherous note in my opinion because it is so ubiquitous, comforting, satiating, and inviting, it can betray a wearer at any moment without notice sending you into tawdry, gluttonous, or cheap artifice without much warning.

When it comes to vanilla there are three things I do not want to smell like: a candle, a bakery item, or an art medium. My grandmother used to send little care packages to me as a child that had domestic Japanese items I assume were either purposed to dial me into ‘my’ culture, or she didn’t know what else to get her first ever grandchild, an American she couldn’t relate to. Whatever the case, she always included stationery products like pencils and erasers, and the Japanese erasers had a woodsy vanilla-like scent to them.

SDV reminded me of those erasers so it is a strong contender to enter my library criteria by representing a memory but that memory is an art supply so I’m on the fence. I do think it’s pleasant enough to merit a larger decant.
27th September, 2020
Smells like creamy, vanilla ice cream or a fluffy whipped cupcake icing for awhile. In the background, a mysterious incense blend with a resinous beat.

The vanilla crumbles to an icy powder, mixed with vague rose... Muted flowers. It stays a vanilla-resinous thing for a long time... Vanilla wrapped in benzoin, with a hint of spiced rum.

Overall, it's a good vanilla scent for which I'm glad I finally tried it.
08th August, 2020
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast is a medium-bright combination of a very restrained vanilla, a tad of bergamot, and an additional element that at first for a moment came across as the slightly boozy aroma of butterscotch liqueur, but that very soon morphed into a frankincense that added a somewhat darker and deeper feeling to the top notes.

The drydown commenced with an ylang-ylang impression that was uncharacteristically light and lacked any notion of richness and creaminess; and elegant and slimmed-down ylang lite so to speak. At this stage the intensity of the mix had diminished considerably, turning the whole of this olfactory blend into a skin scent; I was expecting its demise at any time soon.
A duo of a light and somewhat nonspecific rose and a jasmine that is a bit more convenience completed the floral input into the heart notes. Interestingly, towards the end of this stage the whole mix appear to stage a comeback and grew somewhat more intense and a bit more vibrant.

Soon the vanilla receded, as did the intensity of the fragrance on me again, and for a while it became a skin scent once more. The drydown was now dominated by the ylang-ylang of uncharacteristic lightness that I described previously.

The vanilla had fortified in prominence as it entered the base phase, and and again a - very weak booziness was making a transient appearance, with a benzoin adding a bit of raspiness, but ever so discreetly, towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and a total longevity of about eleven hours on my skin, with the fluctuations is its performance that I outlined above.

An interesting vanilla composition for autumn days, and a vanilla scent that is breaking away from the traditional stereotype of the heavy, intrusive and cloying vanilla that dominates a fragrance and suffocates all other ingredients. It is not without it’s moments of originality, but it also has phases that are generic and edging towards the mundane and disappointing. Overall is manages to scrape into a positive score - just be the skin of its teeth though. 3/5
27th February, 2020
Really not understanding the hype for this one??

Ice cream with a slight incense/spicy vibe. Skin scent from start to finish.

At this price it's a no go for me!!
25th May, 2019
Top notch vanilla, makes me sneeze upon application, then all is sublime and blissful in the world. Smells like a wonderful cocoa.

Stays very close to the skin, I don't think I'm overwhelming anyone with waves of perfume, but I get whiffs throughout the time I wear it. Lasts till the next morning if applied at night, or all day, and if you spray into your hair/hairline around the neck, it'll be with you till you wash that area well.

I love it, and it was an immediate purchase for me.

Similar to Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata, but better somehow. It's not just the price tag.
30th November, 2018
Sexy boozy vanilla, oozing class and sophistication.

Top notch. 5/5
16th November, 2018

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