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Scandal pour Femme (2007)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove

About Scandal pour Femme

Scandal is a floral fragrance.

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Reviews of Scandal pour Femme

I own both the extrait (Creation S) and The EDP versions.
My review is for the edp.

Id have to say this is the most dreamy modern romantic white floral melange in our time. This is an always appropriate white floral thats polished and can reach for everyday without it being too much. Not sure what to wear? Scandal. Its much more versatile than one may think. This is not anything like fracas ..this is much more romantic and refined.This white floral does not roar. So if you are looking for a screaming white floral presence..look elsewhere. His Tuberose is closer to Fracas..this is closer to JDB but much more ladylike.. Just...lovely.

I do not get into MSRP/Pricing as I feel that is relative/subjective.
02nd November, 2018
White floral bouquet by Roja Dove High quality floral and powder. Very linear and probably not worth the price.
15th July, 2017
A demure floral bouquet which is surprisingly talc-y with freesia dominating the first few minutes. Nothing remotely scandalous about it, save perhaps the price. Even the indoles are tame.
14th October, 2014
I do not understand why this is called Scandal. On me, it's such a tame soft warm floral scent, nothing scandalous about it. I'm pretty disappointed by that actually, but that's probably the fault of my skin's chemistry and my high expectations of drama. The tuberose in the middle is very pronounced on me, and I happen to really dislike this particular note, so I won't be wearing Scandal anytime soon. But overall, it's a beautiful scent, very well balanced, and it would probably smell so wonderful on somebody else.
28th June, 2012
.None of the top notes come through...At first spritz a heady white floral scent, my anethema, .. luckily my skin then proceeds straight to the drydown GORGEOUS ORRIS WOODY AND SPICE .
Thank you to VM I hate Civet :)
19th April, 2009
Lian Show all reviews
United Kingdom
To me the opening is fresh and warm because of the orange blossom. A little while later the flowers mix in with the top notes and the top notes fade slowly. The flowers are blended very nicely and the pyramid of notes arent all the notes, at the haute perfumery they told me that there is clove in here as well but everything is blended so much that nothing really overpowers one note or another.

I love jasmine and I can detect itīs magic in here as a greener aspect that gives elegance but also a touch of green that stops it from becoming too overpowering. i think Scandal takes all the good stuff from each flower and uses it to make a very nice floral perfume that has the brightness, the richness and elegance you look for in different florals.

Itīs not a soft delicate floral perfume but a very present, elegant and confident floral. Itīs not overly sensual or over the top anything. But itīs there and present and it wonīt back down, there is no need. Itīs a nice blended, well rounded floral that wonīt make excuses. I like a bit of attitude in my perfumes and this one has a professional attitude, it does what it does ( being a floral perfume) and it good at what it does ( being a well blended perfume).

The base is a bit softer, but I can still smell floral for ages but once the base notes start to mingle in it becomes a bit softer and mellowed out.

If you like all sorts of floral you should give this one a try and you might find a way to fit it into your wardrobe ( Canīt make up your mind what floral you want today? Have a bit of everything, brilliant)
15th April, 2009

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