Salt Air
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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Salt Air

Salt Air is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library.

Reviews of Salt Air

It's wonderful and I always re-buy it. Wish it stayed on more than five minutes, but who cares, I enjoy it so much. Love so many things from the Demeter line.
18th June, 2018
Very floral, synthetic, hand-soap fragrance. It smells very pleasant and nice as a scent alone but it's boring to me. Smells like any number of soaps, air fresheners or lotions.

Decent projection while it lasts.
18th March, 2018
The name says everything about it: a concentrated breeze of air brought by the wave hitting the shore. It's fresh, airy, and very salty! The opening is very strong. Towards the drydown I can also get some smell reminding me of sand. The sillage is pretty close to skin and it lasts about 5 hours on me. It's a fun fragrance while you're craving for sea. I haven't yet tried layering it but I think it's a good option.

Originally written in 2013.
27th January, 2018
This simply doesn't smell like real salty air by the sea. It is rather synthetic. It has a pleasant clean marine smell and would make a great room scent, though.

None of the oceans I'm familiar with smells this sweet and rounded out. I don't get the rough texture of salt that makes the ocean the ocean.

That said, it's a relaxing fragrance that is reminiscent of the ocean, so I'll probably buy a bottle considering the low price.

28th September, 2015 (last edited: 06th October, 2015)
When I first put it on I thought that maybe it smelled like the ocean, but it might also smell like wet paper. And then I went on about my day not paying much attention. But every so often I'd get a drift of silage that reminded me of when I used to live near the beach. And the more I smelled it the more impressed I was with how accurate it is.

I never really liked the way the ocean smells. I always thought of it as plankton living and dying in a gigantic eerie pool of water. But this sample is so accurate I don't feel like giving it up right yet. Or maybe it's just that it reminds me of a part of my life, and so I don't want to let it go.

07th January, 2015
An assault on the nose. Salt Air is very strong at first, then becomes very feminine and an offensive soap.

I really wanted to like it :/
20th January, 2014

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