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L'Air de Rien (2006)
by Miller Harris


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMiller Harris
PerfumerLyn Harris

About L'Air de Rien

The company say:

Iconic singer and actress Jane Birkin's perfume, L'Air de Rien is a uniquely intimate and nostalgic fragrance. Seeking to capture all of Jane's favourite scents and chic sensuality, L'Air de Rien captures the comfort of a lovers embrace, watching dust dance in the light as you lay entwined. An intimate blend of musk and amber, softened by the suggestion of old books through earthy moss and dry vanilla. Alluring and profound, with an unspoken intimacy and closeness.

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Reviews of L'Air de Rien

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United Kingdom
Even in the modern version there is the mossy neroli freshness present, but with with the synthesisation the oakmoss note is flatter, simpler but still pleasant. The overall mix in the top notes is quite unique, interesting, albeit not very complex.

The drydown brings a more richer and less mossy-crisp mix of amber and woodsy notes, with a white musk undertone also present. A pleasant vanilla-derived very restrained sweetness develops, but the vanilla aroma as such never really takes off on my skin in the newer version.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity seven hours.

In the original version this was a delightful and creative chypre-neroli for spring with a musky twist. After IFRA-induced reformulation and synthetic contamination it still keeps an combination of quite original top notes, but the masterful simplicity of the original formulation is now changed to a somewhat predictable and duller synthetic drydown. For the current formulation it is hence only a 3/5. The solution is to find the vintage version.
05th January, 2017
As someone who loves strange, unusual, unisex scents, this is right up my funky alley. This fragrance is nearly impossible to describe or categorize which is another reason I find it fascinating. It is, indeed, somewhat skanky and dirty-skin-smelling, although it is also musty/dusty and herb-ish, as well. I never get tired of smelling it, nor can I truly capture its scent in my mind's eye. I tend to become familiarized with most scents quite easily and can "re-smell" them mentally, but not this one--it is new to me every time I put it on. It definitely smells bohemian, incensey, skin-like, and like the perfect mash up between something both human and environmental. A beautiful intellectual sensualist, who is equally at home in the back shelves of a library or the messy bed of her French-speaking lover.

In case you can't tell, I adore it.

*One caveat: it has been reformulated :-( Find an older bottle on Ebay, or risk missing some of the original oak mossy goodness that this strange creation has to offer.
25th June, 2016
Such a diversity of reactions in the 42 reviews (to date) on this page.

Some of the reactions had me poised to really dislike this, but I don't. It seems quite simple to my nose. Amber and vanilla with a slight, not unpleasant, metallic note to balance the otherwise possible overly sweet result of that combo. Much like the use of lavender in Jicky counteracts the vanilla in that classic.

I find it perfectly pleasant - a warm scent with an edge. It's just not interesting or delightful enough to warrant either a thumbs up or a bottle purchase.

Very nice, but not a contender.
23rd January, 2016
When I first smelled and then bought this fragrance, on the recommendation in Luca Turin's book , I fell in love. I loved the complexity, I loved the way it changed from heavy white floral to skanky mossy chypre, I loved, loved, loved, the dry down of Oakmoss and Nitromusks; lots of Nitromusks. I gave it a high score, and a "thumbs up". Sadly all has changed. Since IFRA has declared war on Moss and Nitromusks, L'Air has been reformulated. The initial smell is good, and appears unchanged. Unfortunatley as it dries down, so the difference between old and new versions become greater and greater. This seems to be the case for many classics that have been reformulated; all the work has been done to keep the Top note the same, with little concern about the Drydown. The latest version of L'Air de Rien completely lacks any mossiness, and has no Nitromusk. The Drydown is weak and thin. Such a shame! The most recent version gets a "meh".
08th May, 2015 (last edited: 19th February, 2016)
"That's some cologne you've got on." -Grindr trick, grimacing as I got into his car wearing this.

I liked it a lot more when I first tested it and liked it enough to use up half a bottle but it started to seem metallic and thin in that modern "niche perfumer tinkering with unconvincing synthetic civet and flat treemoss aromachemicals for pixelated 'vintage' shock value" way after awhile. It completely ceased to smell dirty to me, in fact it smelled more dry and powdery. Nice, but overpriced.
25th February, 2015
What’s got your face in a knot? Nothing, you say, but everything has lost its shine when your lover cuts you somehow. Rolling in the deep, the scent of his skin, the beat of patchouli, the astringent slap of oak moss, he should know, he should know.

When nothing is something you have L’Air de Rien, yeah, not pretty, what the fluck is pretty when you feel like this. You shout, the accusations are wrung out of you…what….an explanation. Oh, bruised lips, thighs, rumpled sheets, sleep. There’s amber, vanilla, rolling in the hay, sweet sweat and forgiveness in an oversized t shirt.
29th January, 2015

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