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17/17 Irisss (2007)
by Xerjoff


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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About 17/17 Irisss

17/17 Irisss is a feminine perfume by Xerjoff. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of 17/17 Irisss

12th February, 2020
This is, by far, the most stunningly beautiful iris scent I have ever smelled: somehow both elegantly luxurious and yet rooted and earthbound. It is slightly more petal-soft and buttery than its close cousin, Iris Silver Mist (which truly feels a bit sharp and cold in comparison).

And now that I have smelled Irisss, I have zero interest in any other iris fragrances and this is unfortunate for two rather important reasons: the price of this gorgeous perfume more than matches its extraordinary beauty, and worse yet, it has now been reformulated and is a shell of its former beauty. I consider this particular change one of the perfume world's major crimes and I am deeply saddened that Xerjoff has seen fit to pass this current iteration off as the same fragrance. I would have happily continued to mortgage my home for the original iteration, but refuse to pay $$$ for this new, definitively inferior version.
08th September, 2019 (last edited: 11th July, 2020)
A big, straightforward orris root fragrance, somewhat similar to Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, with a distinct smell of roots, reminiscent of carrots. Not frilly. Some rose emerges in the base.
22nd July, 2017
Stardate 20170721:

A good Iris fragrance. Makeup kind of iris. This lacks their signature base- which is a good thing.
There is some woods in the drydown and some other notes up top but Iris is the main focus and gets more prominent once the top is gone.

Their Iris and their Rose(damarose) are great and others meh. Maybe they should stick to soliflores.
21st July, 2017
This is one of the best iris fragrances I've ever smelled - it's rich, buttery, exquisitely balanced. But on my skin, it's as delicate as the flower, with scant sillage and projection, and it fades away completely within 3 hours. At over $700 a bottle, that's unacceptable - fortunately, I didn't have to pay that much because I split a bottle with three other people.

I give Irisss a thumbs-up for sheer beauty, and it might perform better on someone else; it wouldn't seem fair to give this lovely scent a neutral rating. But I must say, I like Cuir de Lancome almost as much.
30th July, 2016
I am a huge fan of Orris. However, it often wears too cool or flat for me in a soliflore composition. Therefore, I rarely wear it alone, or have to find it in blended perfumes (Misia is a current favorite). In blends, I sniff endlessly in search of the Orris, never satisfied that I am getting enough.

Irisss is the exception. Orris is right there, the entire time. This is not so much a "perfume", but a performance, a perfect interpretation of Orris. While Oriss is by far the predominant note, and this perfume has the "feel" of a soliflore, it most certainly is not. Xerjoff has meticulously selected supporting notes, used in homeopathic quantities. In minute amounts, Jasmine and Rose add a palatable sweetness, Violet supports the powder, and Carrot Seed gives lift. Vetiver enhances the earthy quality of the Orris, and Musk adds a skin feel that Orris lacks on its own. I can't even detect the other stated notes. Doesn't matter, they are behind the scenes doing what they should- supporting the undeniable and perfect star of this show: Orris.

Yes, the price is absurd, but perfection doesn't come cheap
29th June, 2016

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