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Cereus pour Homme No. 11 (2007)
by Cereus


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerSteven Demercado

About Cereus pour Homme No. 11

Cereus pour Homme No. 11 is a masculine fragrance by Cereus. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Steven Demercado

Reviews of Cereus pour Homme No. 11

All of the others in the Cereus line seem to get all the glory. I’ve tried all of them, and there are certainly some real standouts. But No. 11 is easily my favorite. It manages to be both unique and familiar. Or, more appropriately, unique IN its familiarity, like the funhouse mirror sensation a childhood haunt can inflict upon a now-grown adult.

The anise perhaps has something to do with it, and it certainly is a lovely note here. No. 11 is blended supremely well, with no one note shouting above the others. So, anise is here, bright and noticeable up front, but ultimately assuming its crucial but reserved role in the excellent blend, where it stays until the end.

An easy scent to wear, day or night. No.11 is about as close I'll get to having a signature scent partially because it's so eminently easy to wear.
08th July, 2016 (last edited: 08th September, 2016)
Anise + Versace Fraiche

I had read that this is similar to kenzoair with the anise and cedar and this was my hope. The anise is there, more so on the first half of the journey. Cutting to the chase, this reminds me of DG Light Blue (fem) or versace fraiche with anise. Basically thats it. I do enjoy this version much more, but still a little too sweet and perhaps fem for my tastes.

Pros: Very Fresh
Cons: Not original"

27th October, 2013
A fairly nice vetiver topped with an icy wintergreen smell that reminds me of cough drops. There's an alcoholic vodka smell hiding in there, as well as some sort of vaguely synthetic smoky wood (iso e super, I believe) and hints of lemon and melon. The anise smells to me more like fennel, giving everything a leafy green hue that really sings under the iso e super smoke. The end result is quite nice, and No. 11 stands out as one of the best of the Cereus line, though I personally think Guerlain does icy vetiver better with both Vetiver Eau Glacee and Vetiver Pour Elle. But when all is said and done, anything that combines smoky wood, vetiver, and leafy greens is going to be a thumbs-up in my world.
03rd May, 2013
Mainly get a peppery vetiver throughout the life of the fragrance. The anise note isn't a prominent note like it is in Lolita Lempicka. It's more on the lines of the star anise in Rive Gauche. It's a pleasant enough, but doesn't stand out from the crowd and it's price is what makes it a no go.
07th September, 2011 (last edited: 17th September, 2011)
Fantastic peppery licorice woods fragrance. Bits of grapefruit, anise, juniper and pepper yields a substantial but simple fresh wood scent that stays clean and present for hours. This fragrance is a solid choice out of a group of similarly scented fragrances I've tried that includes L' Artisan Navegar, Kenzoair, and Bond No. 9 Brooklyn. Cereus No. ll is more substantial and less sythetic than Kenzoair, a bit greener than Navegar and not nearly as aquatic as Bond No. 9 Brooklyn. A great choice for spring or summer warm weather.
28th March, 2009
I detect a strong note of vetiver here, but perhaps it's just the wood notes I'm picking up on, or even something a hair grassier/greener than those. Like SirSlarty, I too pick up a distinctive anise-like accord in the opening, although I must admit that this dries down within a few minutes.

Rich, woody, almost creamy center in this bad boy, with just hints of pepper and citrus.

A definite thumbs up, yes, but I won't likely seek a bottle. (Not at Cereus' prices.)
13th January, 2009

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