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Lui (2006)
by Mazzolari


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Lui

Lui is a masculine fragrance by Mazzolari. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Lui

Sometimes a perfume called Lui just has to whump its chunky gonads on the table to prove it means business – and here is a case in point. A big musky patchouli full of animal magnetism that’ll sort out the stouthearts from the snivellers. Its musk is on point – sweet, funky and erotic. The patchouli is dark and brooding and yet wears a stubbly smile. The attract-repel smell of humid, bitter bark perches at the back of this composition like an aftertaste and there’s a touch of dry spice. It’s moody yet endearing; this brutish bubba can keep me happy by hugging me all day long. Which is not to deny that ultimately it’s dashingly dressed, with a vigorous elegance about it, and when the volume drops in the drydown, civilization really has nothing to fear. Perfectly unisex to my nose, gonads notwithstanding.
16th April, 2021

I dont find this animalic. Its a dank patchouli. Its got some fruity background flavors, and a creamy somewhat pissy air about it. Its a patchouli in the way Givenchy Gentleman is, with 70s patch. Its got sweet amber woody chems fron 2006 as its base. Those aromachems are no longer so novel. Something in the base smeks cheap to me. There are better blends. Low neutral.
10th September, 2020
I get the same structure/effect that a lot of others do comparing this to me, this starts out with a no-holds barred in your face blast of thick animalic patchouli...i've got no problem with that...i love it...projects like crazy at his point...and, just like MKK , after being this beast of a fragrance for an hour or two , it proceeds to dry down to a woody/flowery romantic/sensual/exotic/erotic smell that is just of my all time favorite patchouli fragrances...started with a decant and moved up to a full bottle...hope to always have some of this in my wardrobe...feels great wearing it...
06th March, 2019
Stardate 20181009:

A great modern animalic. The style is similar to Muscs Koublai Khan - real funky up top but soon the supporting structure takes over and you get a nice sweet ambery people pleaser with a musky kick.
I do prefer MKK to this. Just cause I find MKK to be less funky in drydown.
A must for folks who like musk or animalics

09th October, 2018
Dangerously close to Amouage Gold.
20th September, 2018
A classic macho mens fragrance that might burn the hair off your chest, but if applied reasonably offers an alpha male attitude that is dark and ready for action even if it might be dangerous. This is a patchouli, leather and spice scented toolbox necessity type of fragrance. You have to have one of these around for the life of the party attitude. The patchouli is raw, old and wizened in tone as it is slowly absorbed into a saucy leather which still maintains a sharp spice and indolic floral trail. I muse that these exotic flourishes for the Lui leather are due to blackberry musk, saffron and possibly jasmine indole. Overall Lui sports a sharp patchouli and warm leather scent with a personality that is a bit too bold and rowdy until the special moment when you need a kickstart for new adventures.
04th November, 2017

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