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Roses Musk (2009)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Roses Musk

Roses Musk is a feminine perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Roses Musk fragrance notes

Reviews of Roses Musk

Peppery saffron rose sweetened with patchouli and violets. There's a fecundity that hints at oud, while there's also a sour green undertone that brings to mind 70's chypres.

I'm not really enjoying this. The saffron kind of drowns out the rose, making everything quite jagged, while the sour, sickly greens and poop are unbalanced and just smell bad instead of adding needed counterbalance to beautiful topnotes, the way they should.

If you like these ingredients, Montale has another 90 perfumes made with the exact same stuff in slightly different ratios, so I find no need to convince myself to like this.
05th September, 2020
Big amber and oud-like blast at first. Large musk. Buzzy jasmine. Effervescent rose. Rose is not strong. It is present, at least. This perfume isn't sweet at all. Powdery rose later. Simple and lovely.
27th November, 2018
I really love rose soloflores, and was very excited to try this. On paper, it smelled great; warm roses and musk. However, on my skin this is barely rosey at all. I mostly smell the (very nice and spicy) musk. Obviously, given the other reviews this is a quirk of my particular body chemistry, but it's still disappointing.
I do like the scent - it really is a nice musk - and will use up the sample, but I won't be buying the bottle.
15th September, 2018
Roses Musk is Montale’s bestseller and I can see why. It offers an uncomplicated yet powerful median rose combined with fresh laundry musks. The main elements are easily recognizable and the overall just-bathed and powdered feel of the perfume in the opening and heart phases is bound to have many fans. Especially for social occasions where we often like to project that impression of ourselves to the world, the body cleansed and arrayed in clothing deemed fit to signal acceptance and rank in the social order, the ostensible purpose usually being celebration. If that is reading too much into a perfume, perhaps it is better to say that the rose has greenish tinges but remains a kind of standard rose (no active displays of personality involved), until the transition to the drydown when after going through a fruity patch it lands firmly into the woody patchouli pit that is a Montale signature. This is now megaphone rose, a kind of bondage Barbie creation. Muzak for sure, but played at maximum volume because it is Montale.
07th September, 2018
This is the best rose scent I've ever smelled.
Excellent longevity and incredible sillage, the rose note is sweet, soft, fresh, fruity.
The drydown is awesone, with the musk and a hint of jasmine and amber.
This is a masterpiece, feminine, sensual yet very elegant, a must have for rose lovers.
What a lovely gem! My new love.
04th May, 2018
This is yet another cynical rose perfume by Montale. It's simplistic, being a blend of high-pitched synthetic rose, musk and amber. It's not particularly sweet, but there's nonetheless a hint of cloying candy-like attribute now and then (similar to a dozen other Montales). This is in the same ballpark as Aoud Musk, Musk to Musk and several other Montales, and one wouldn't lose out on much if 90% of these were scrapped considering the redundancy.

Sillage and duration are both good, but eventually it's boring, crude, even smelling 'cheap' at times, and outstays its welcome.

27th December, 2017

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