Tasnim / Tasneem
by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo


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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseAbdesSalaam Attar Profumo
PerfumerDominique Dubrana

About Tasnim / Tasneem

Tasnim / Tasneem is a shared / unisex perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo. The fragrance was created by perfumer Dominique Dubrana

Reviews of Tasnim / Tasneem

Tasnim is a soft semi-oriental with an exotic twist. The latter is provided by a well appointed combination of almond and spicy ylang-ylang. This accord is slightly soapy/ resinous and breezy, almost ethereal. There is the usual olibanum Dubrana's whiff but in here it is really really minimal and elusive. I find in the mix several aromatic patterns providing that sort of "breeziness" which is really appreciable and turning on. The dry down is balmy vanillic, musky and almondy with subtle floral sophisticated patterns (jasmine) a la Acampora and a well rounding tobacco caress. Nothing to reprove about this aroma, just I find it too "pale" and slightly untemperamental. Extremely natural of course as usual for the Dubrana's creations.
21st May, 2014
What stood out in this light floral is the predominant ylang ylang note, which forms and informs the entire fragrance. Pure Ylang is an amazing fragrance - very blowsy, bold, tropical and large, a caricature of a cheap tropical floral fragrance in one authentic essential oil. Subtle is not part of its repertoire.
So it is with this fragrance. The Ylang is modified by Jasmine, Tonka and Vanilla, which plays to the best of Ylang's qualities and tones it, but it is still obviously a Ylang fragrance. That's my problem with this fragrance - I like Ylang as a modifier but not showcased.
This fragrance isn't bad and is inoffensive and wearable, but you have to like Ylang to wear it. This one doesn't feel polished or even complete. Ylang has a distinct note and character, but not enough complexity to underpin a fragrance, and in spite of the fact it also has jasmine, feels like a forgettable casual beach frag. It might be nice if it had less Ylang and a touch more Jasmine and Tonka or a buttery note. The upside is that it smells natural and non-synthetic. No scary hairspray, ozone or sugar. It becomes a skin scent fairly quickly.
I dabble in making essential oil perfumes from time to time. I once made an accidental creation involving Ylang I've never been able to recreate (didn't take notes :( ), that was sensual and amazing, possibly my best. The Ylang, coupled with copious amounts of vanilla, jasmine, rose, benzoin, violet, and a kitchen sink load of other essential oils and fake animalics, turned skanky, and Ylang was a major player in this slut vibe. I realized then Ylang's true forte. But it isn't this - a thin, mannered, pale floral single-note presentation. At least for me.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 22nd January, 2014)
Yilang yilang of jasmine indolic quality mixed with vanilla, reminded me of beautiful Vanilia by L artisan, but this one here is more delicate composition, less plasticky:-)

This floral scent is gentle feminine and calming, i do believe in its therapeutics qualities because i am just weak on natural stuff

It did smell little pale ordinary at my first quick testing, but this is because our noses are much used to strong chemical stuff, when i tried it later it struck me by its beautifully light composition i could bathe in!!!

I wish the staying power and projection are of Tabac:-)

Yilang yilang smells of white flower here and not of bananas, i think this one could be great for the summer
11th November, 2012
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United States
Yesterday I wore Tasnim (which is spelled Tasneem on the website) and enjoyed it right through the evening when it spoke softly of sweet amber (tonka and vanilla, according to the notes). When I first applied it, I was reminded of one of the Neil Morris frags (sorry, can't remember which one). Tasnim struck me as a semi-sweet woody, and it felt languid and tawny. According to the Profumo website notes, a second distillation of ylang-ylang produces an almond quality. A very comfortable and comforting fragrance, if not a little ambiguous and forgettable.
07th July, 2009

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