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Magnolia Romana (2008)
by Eau d'Italie


Magnolia Romana information

Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEau d'Italie
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Magnolia Romana

Magnolia Romana is a shared / unisex perfume by Eau d'Italie. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Magnolia Romana fragrance notes

Reviews of Magnolia Romana

Like a green field,drenched in dew and full flowers on a sunny spring morning.this is one of the best magnolia i've yet to experience.a joyful fragrance with just the right amount of sweet,innocent florals to give it a feminine fits perfectly for young & older women alike due to it's timeless yet light floral tones.

This opens with a very fresh green,almost citrusy note,and with the spring feeling of neroli,before settling into delicate magnolia middle is soft,slightly sweet without any sharpness,and it is almost transparent,as if you smell it whilst being half asleep during a sunbath.i definitely recommend to anyone with a sensitive nose who wants a beautiful light floral scent that isn't too sweet or heavy.the sillage is soft without being skin scent,just right for late spring.
15th September, 2021
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United States
Herbaceous, herbal, greenish, and floral. It gets the magnolia tree smell really right. But I’m totally missing the rose-mint-citron-creme of the blossom. Nicely done and doesn’t leave me scratching my head.
06th February, 2019
Genre: Green Floral

Neither of the two earlier Eau d’Italie scents I’ve tried – Sienne l’Hiver or Bois d’Ombrie – pleased me much, but I just had to know: what would Bertrand Duchaufour, master of dark, smoky incense, do with an aquatic floral? Well to start with, he drops the hideous melon note that's graced every aquatic scent since about 1992. (The clouds part, doves fly, an angelic chorus sings.) Dayenu!

Magnolia Romana goes on with a blend of green floral notes and smoky (yes, smoky,) nutmeg so beautifully calculated that I want to freeze the opening in place for hours. But after a few minutes an aquatic accord wells up to douse the smoke, and Magnolia Romana emerges quickly and dramatically from veiled mystery to limpid clarity. Bright rose, crisp cypress, and ozonic notes blend into an accord that smells more of lotus than magnolia to me, while a very hard-edged cedar interacts with the rose to yield a nose-tingling peppery accent.

It’s that sharp, peppery edge that keeps me engaged as Magnolia Romana develops. Its bitter dissonance rescues the scent from the comfortable blandness that ruins so many watery florals. Another redeeming feature is an utter lack of sugar. Most similarly structured scents I know wallow in gobs of tropical fruit syrup, but this one eschews the melon margarita mix for a bracing shot of Campari.

Once it reveals its cool, bitter heart Magnolia Romana remains linear for a full four or five hours before folding down into its cedar base. Much to my delight, the peppery bite persists right till the end. Though not a weak scent, Magnolia Romana wears close to the skin, even when applied generously. Magnolia Romana is not a scent for those who enjoy filling a room with their fragrance, but I can recommend it as a warm weather option for anyone who hankers after a sugar free variation on the aquatic green floral theme.
19th June, 2014
Citric woodiness, aromatic herbs and aqueous floral patterns.
Mediocre (or better un-original) fragrance not in line with the great ones from the same brand but appointed for all the lovers of the contemporary easy/aquatic (slightly aromatic, woody and floral) fragrances. Decently crafted anyway and thank God not too much sharply woody and dusty as many modern juices in the same clan. A first layer and many many "olfactory conjurations" pass through my mind; i figure indeed on my skin a tad of the vintage Trussardi Action Uomo (aromatic herbs, floral notes, in particular jasmine, musk, cedarwood, lemon) and of the new disappointing Trussardi Uomo as well as an hint of the great Coveri Pour Homme (ambergris/oakmoss), a whiff of the sharp/aromatic 1881 Cerruti, as much as a twist of Fissore Cashmere For Men and finally a whisper about Estee Lauder Pleasures for men all in a swirl of aquatic notes, deep floral patterns, astringent citrus, herbal aromatic/redolent molecules, a touch of soapiness and sharp woodsy notes. I feel by soon the cedarwood (aquatic and citric), the lemon, the aromatic herbal notes (especially the standout basil which is really notable throughout dominating and outlining the aroma) and a deep floral mélange, in particular jasmine (this one i feel rather than the tuberose), neroli/rose and aqueous flowers of the pond (peony?). The aqueous feel dominates all the run deep, citric, floral and aromatic till when a more woody/musky consistency starts to turn out its vibe (floral, mossy and woody). I appreciate indeed far better the dry down which is more dry ground also due the dry hay's vibe may be plus the oakmoss and with its touch of prickly spices (hints of pepper?) and virile ambergris flanking woods and musk. The base is masculine, comforting and warm with a deep (but soapy) floral/musky temperament. Longevity and sillage are more than good on my skin.
Pros: Well balanced and comforting.
Cons: Un-original."</p>
16th October, 2013 (last edited: 28th May, 2014)
After an initial blast of neroli it calms down to become a Magnolia/Champaca flower scent. The Champaca flower has a beautiful scent, though being somewhat bitter green. It has a freshness although it clearly also has the sweetness of a 'white flower'. In the dry down one may encounter other florals such as tuberose and in the end it becomes more musky.

24th November, 2012
I'll give it a mild thumbs-up.
For me, it has two phases. The first one is quite good. It evokes a sunny field, through notes of hay and green herbs. The scent is not at all sweet and in fact I never get any floral notes. Here, it is arguably a masculine-oriented scent.
The second phase is a translucent, watery style. Perhaps a pond in a sunny meadow -- but not terribly interesting, not much distinctive character here. As the scent loses any herbal or grassy notes, the bottom drops out and there's very little left. An airy, slightly soapy scent -- that's it.
But on the strength of phase 1, the thumb will keep pointing skyward.
29th August, 2012

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