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Zirh Ikon (2008)
by Zirh


Zirh Ikon information

Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerFrank Voelkl
PackagingChad Lavigne
Parent CompanyTPR Holdings
Parent Company at launchZirh

About Zirh Ikon

Zirh Ikon is a masculine fragrance by Zirh. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Frank Voelkl. The bottle was designed by Chad Lavigne

Zirh Ikon fragrance notes

Reviews of Zirh Ikon

Zirh Ikon marries spicy, smoky incense and clean-feeling, soapy elements; the result is a wearable, versatile, well-layered blend that qualifies as a tasteful everyman scent with gentle performance to match.

It's hard to argue with the composition, which never puts a foot out of place (given the price, it's fairly synthetic, but well-blended nonetheless). The vetiver in here makes me think of this as more mainstream, softer-edged take on the Encre Noire series. The increasingly dominant incense and woods add some mystique to what otherwise would feel green and clean, as though a bar of Irish Spring sat in a drawer full of incense and absorbed the smoky, spicy aromas. The citrus and green elements fade to the background by the drydown, leaving a rich, resinous scent behind.

As nice as it is, it's probably a hard sell to fragheads who would be inclined to pursue scents that push elements of this composition in more dramatic (and, therefore, polarizing) directions. But a good all-arounder is, in its own way, worth celebrating, and Zirh Ikon would be good all-arounder scent for a man of any age. It's distinct and intriguing enough to work as a signature, but restrained enough to work in any situation.
14th October, 2019
IKON is a sign, as a word or graphic symbol, whose form suggests its meaning. And that is ZIRH IKON. I've been captured by the polished black bottle with the round metal cap, imagining a mysterious black juice inside. But still, Iím happy to report IKON is much better than I imagined it would be.

It starts with a light, fresh lemon-ginger blend note. There is a speedy transition from citrus freshness to spicy and aromatic notes of green cardamom and artemisia.

In mid-development, it releases a decent quality of resinous labdanum. You must pay close attention but cinnamon bark and clove buds are also detectable in IKON. Actually, no matter how hard I try, I get no powdery vibe of orris, at least not during this stage.

The base notes of IKON smell exactly as I thought they would: dirty, ambery, and musky. Great and warm olibanum appears roughly after an hour, it is resinous, fumy, and dark as the one you could smell in a church during a winter service, It is very heavy. Imagine putting all flavors of incense sticks into a tin, shutting the lid, and opening it the following day.

In spite of the presence of oriental dark, deep, and opulent notes, IKON is not especially long-lived and sillage is not great unless you drown yourself in it, so perfect for a dinner date or such like on a cool and rainy night. Definitely more of an evening scent. Although it screams warm winter nights, I can see this one also working on a warm fall evening because of the cedar and vetiver, though I am yet to try. Of course, you could easily wear this for office work, considering the inoffensive projection, but you will need to refresh it afternoon if you'd like to smell good when going back at home or meeting your friends.

This is my take on IKON, it is neither a meh nor a whoa, though I think I like it, a decent cold evening scent. It's not an annoying scent, yet confident and strong, and just smells so damn good.
03rd February, 2018
Tried this for the first time today and I really like it. Will be going on the wish list because of the value and versatility. Reminds me of MB Individuel mixed with Armani Code, but also with a hint of smoke thrown in...very enjoyable and should please others.
02nd June, 2016
For the money, this is a good scent. The incense is very heavy. Imagine putting all flavours of incense sticks into a tin, shutting the lid, and opening it the following day. This is that chaotic mix or aromas that somehow seems to work. Cloves are in the background, along with a synthetic smelling floral and vetiver, which is not unpleasant. Ikon is not especially long lived and sillage is not great unless you drown yourself in it, so perfect for a dinner date or such like. Definitely more of an evening scent. Although it screams warm winter nights, I can see this one also working on a warm evening because of the floral and vetiver, though I am yet to try.
15th January, 2016
Just blind bought this and it is a weak scent nothing special,just move on people....
20th July, 2015
iStink Show all reviews
United States
Now that I'm living a rather odd lifestyle of a 30-something that is a full-time college student, I have been wearing cheaper and less sophisticated scents because I'm now a jeans-and-T-Shirt type of guy. Zirh Ikon is the absolute steal of my collection! I payed 12.99 for a gift set of this, and upon first spray I was reminded of a scent I wore back in my days of being a salesmen... Dunhill Edition.

I would 5-star this because of the value of the scent, but it stands on it own against the costlier and more snobbish scents I've tried and own. Cardamon and a light lemon opening quickly turns into a clove/cinnamon dominated middle that linger forever on my skin. It's that clove/cinnamon middle that conjures up memories of Dunhill Edition.

For the fall/winter semester, this is my signature scent.
19th December, 2014

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