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Gli Odori (2008)
by Odori


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyArnoway > Bois 1920

About Gli Odori

Gli Odori is a masculine fragrance by Odori. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Gli Odori

This one is all about the cumin.
And that does not sound good.
Cumin is great as an unexpected foil for a floral, or sweet ginger or tea fragrance, but it is rarely found on its own. It just doesn't have the chops the headline the show.
But Gli is the exception. The cumin hits you early and often and I just can't get enough of it.
There is just enough warm sweetness behind to keep it balanced and ever interesting.
Maybe with future wearing I will pick out the green herbs and woods, but in only one wearing I can tell this is one amazing cumin perfume and is going to be one of my favorites.
13th January, 2014
My experience with this cologne is the same as the previous reviewers, all of them. The first time i tried this I was put off by it. I had access to a great price so I tried it again, and again. Then it hit me, for my collection and what I have tested over the years it was the only scent that was really different. I think this is a very odd crazy scent that I just enjoy wearing at home. Its a welcome change from the burning alcohol main stream or the old style 80's power house. This is the first cologne I don't care about the reviews or ratings, its just weird and I'm okay with that. Would I suggest a blind buy, no way, never. Do I recommend it, no way. Go figure but for me it's thumbs up.
14th July, 2012
A promising aromatic opening of kitchen spices in Gli Odori is followed by some delightful spices. There is a VERY strong dose of cumin seed as odysseusm points out, which I don't necessarily have a problem with per se. However, the cumin is marred by the unnecessarily sweetness of nutmeg and sandalwood, and probably an anonymous sweet floral like hydroxycitronellol. I wanted to like this fragrance, but cumin plus sweet is just hard to pull off. It doesn't quite work here.
02nd June, 2012
Fans of Eau d'Hermes need to sample this.

It's like the country cousin to the Hermes; dirtier, more raw, and dare I say at times a bit more skanky than its urbane relation.
13th September, 2011

An herbal green treat with spices and cedar: Gli presents a lively, sparkling opening featuring rosemary, carrots, and celery. The aromatic opening presents an intense and sparkly accord – made extra sparkly with an ingenious use of herbals and spices. There is just enough roughness / bitterness in the combination to tone down the lively exuberance and give Gil an enchanting and intriguing rustic character. As herbal / spicy as it is, I don’t find it any kind of “spice rack: or “roast-rub” cliché… there’s a clear, aromatic potency to it that I don’t find closely related to the world of kitchens: To my nose there’s a strong eucalyptus or menthol aspect closely integrated with the herb / spice notes which places the accord in the “almost-surreal” category. I find the whole fragrance quite medicinally green and I love it!

The accords do not broadcast much off my skin… they are relatively discreet considering that the herbal / aromatic quality of the fragrance is dominant. Gli is linear and long lasting… the aromatics of the composition holds up beautifully for the long run. This is the kind of linear fragrance that I enjoy.

05th April, 2010
I cannot get enough of this scent...I could eat elevates my mood when i apply it. A man friend proclaimed it the sexiest fragrance he had ever smelled....
Peppery melange of rosemary, not too much sage and other herbs.
It's green and spicy and works like a charm on my skin
12th November, 2008

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