Love and Luck for Men (2008)
by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEd Hardy [Christian Audigier]
PerfumerOlivier Gillotin
PackagingChristian Audigier

About Love and Luck for Men

Love and Luck for Men is a masculine fragrance by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Gillotin. The bottle was designed by Christian Audigier

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Reviews of Love and Luck for Men

A decent fragrance from a brand that most people would like to forget.

As far as the comparisons to Millesime Imperial by Creed (1995) during the opening? Yes, it's pretty similar, minus those salty notes that really stand out in MI. Very synthetic, fruity notes made ozonic -- and I don't really care for ozonics -- but this is done in a tasteful way so as not to cause that screechiness that ozonics (especially aquatics) are known for. Despite such an interesting note profile, this comes off as rather formulaic and common-smelling. I'm not getting any absinthe in this at all, and that was one of the notes I would have been interested in smelling. It dries down to a well-done woody musk if you pay close attention to it, but on the overall, it's hard to notice some of those nuances like the agarwood and vetiver unless you really pay attention. And when you experience this from the macro view, not really paying attention to all of the small parts, this is easily mistaken as plain old department store fare. Couple that with the fact that you can get this on the cheap at a TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross, etc., and the fact that the Ed Hardy brand was almost a parody of itself even when it was at its height, it's no wonder that this fragrance never really took off, which is a shame, as it's actually pretty decent.

This is one of those value fragrances that you can get at a good price and that won't offend. It's a decent generalist unfortunately tied to a defunct, faddish name brand that has left this in discount store purgatory, at least to the delight of those who like getting a good deal. Not something that a perfumisto is going to be lovingly applying, but a decent choice for the everyday guy.

A big, trucker-hatted, rhinestone-studded thumbs up on this scent.
26th June, 2019 (last edited: 08th August, 2019)
This has a very nice opening and fresh smell, but that goes away in about 15 minutes. Then, it dries down into a very feminine flowery smell, so I won't be able to keep this. WAY too feminine! I'm not sure who this would be good for, maybe a metro dude or young teen, or a girl of any age. Decent sillage though and last about 3/4 hrs on skin. I can see why they discontinued this one! It does have a nice pressence, just not for me.
12th July, 2018
The late Christian Audigier did many things for the fashion world, including bringing us Von Dutch, but his latest and biggest venture, which was to build a fashion label out of the works of famed tattoo artist Don "Ed" Hardy, proved to be a fantastic flop. A dozen posh boutiques around the globe, marketing haute couture directly to celebrities, but trying to feign that down to earth "everyman" attitude associated with tattoo parlors in the first place, made for a disastrous "ain't foolin' nobody" outcome. Don "Ed" Hardy himself would take back the brand and make it a ready-to-wear brand sold mostly online and in department stores going forward, leaving Audigier the fragrances until his passing in 2015. Ed Hardy Man (2008) was the first male fragrance from Christian Audigier's fragrance division (now in the hands of EA Fragrances since his passing), but it was a rather safe and inoffensive scent that spoke nothing of the edgy vibe it's name suggested. Love and Luck for Men (2009) fares a bit better in this department, and is also created by Olivier Gillotin like the previous one. Olivier is a perfumer who has a few renowned successes like Elizabeth Arden's Red Door (1989), Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds (1991), Jacques Fath Pour l'Homme (1998), and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (2007) but also a few infamous scents like Dior's Higher (2001), Higher Black (2002), and DKNY Be Delicious Men (2004). All this proves to me is that Gillotin isn't afraid to play around with ozonics, nor afraid to fail critically, and all of his "bombs" (despite sales) are of that ozonic category; they're honestly well-made too, despite being of a genre unfavorable to enthusiasts. Love and Luck for Men does strike in a way as being of that ozonic demeanor too, but is rounder and more toned-down than anything listed above from that category; this is an ozonic made mature, respectable, piquant without being shrill, and zesty without losing a softer side in the exchange. It's probably a good thing this was done, as the ozonic style began to die out in 2008 and by the next decade would become passe. The long slip-over-bottle cap design is also cool, and makes this a treat to handle.

The opening of Love and Luck is a whole bunch o' citrus, including bergamot, orange, mandarin, and a peck of grapefruit to tie it in with the ozonic theme. Cardamom also makes a show, and the whole thing has maybe half of the expected nose tinge that a typical ozonic possesses. The heart follows up the top notes rather quickly on skin, while on shirt the top stays literally on top of everything longer, but once they're there, the heart of sage, cypress, and violet show off a brief bit of femininity. Supposedly an absinthe note is here too, but as an absinthe drinker, I beg to differ, and if anything, it's a synthetic compound meant to replicate the smell of anise and wormwood in spirits, which it doesn't. I can't tell you what it is, but that stuff is not absinthe. I also hear comparisons to Creed Millésime Imperial (1995) from a large portion of folks, and the occasional rooty-tooty-fresh-and-snooty perfumisto comes down from Mount Snifflympus to say "balderdash!" but to be honest, I don't care. Obviously every fragrance with a quality lemon verbena note isn't trying to smell like a clone of Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985), so let me nip that right there for you guys. The base here is where the scent gets most interesting, as a note of oud mixes with vetiver, cedar, and laundry-fresh white musk. It's ultimately the interplay between the musk and cedar that wins the day in the base, but you can feel that very dry and bleached agarwood in the background, in almost a similar way to Mancera Wild Rose Aoud (2011), but on a far less-potent level. Obviously Ed Hardy fragrance is not niche, and with current EA Fragrances ownership, barely still designer, but I believe it's this oud/cedar interplay with the musk that gives Love and Luck for Men it's true power, in place of the otherwise nuclear citrus top you'd expect from an ozonic.

Ed Hardy as a fragrance brand has it's first real masculine winner here with Love and Luck for Men. The juice comes in a stylish albeit campy bottle that will stand out in any collection (as with all Ed Hardy scents), but has the double-benefit of actually being well-crafted and original. The later Hearts and Daggers (2009) would be much more in the aquatic direction, and likely a bigger mainstream hit, but nowhere near as focused, at least to me. The "mature ozonic" combination of a 4-way citrus top, delicate florals, and a rather dry, classy base of conventional cedar and exotic oud make Love and Luck for Men a confident all-day warm-weather scent. It's a bit richer than most ozonics and even if it isn't an attempt to replicate Millésime Imperial like everyone seems to think, it does bring a bit of class to the table all it's own, as long as you ignore the packaging. Love and Luck for Men is a tad sensual thanks to the violet and cypress also playing with that musk and wood base at times, but overall this is a sparkly clean citrus that's a cut above the ozonic and aquatic din of the period. it's another example of "if you hate the style you'll also hate this" since I know male ozonics that aren't made by Issey Miyake don't tend to get a lot of love here, but for the price this retails in some places, it's a steal for the guy wanting something fresher, more modern, but not smelling like a bottle of 409 or Fantastik like some things that attempt what this scent accomplishes. Best part of all? This stuff goes the distance for eight hours or more, so unless you're pulling a double, you won't need to reapply, which is something I have never been able to say about anything that is remotely ozonic in the designer category outside an Issey fragrance. A nice, sophisticated freshie that doesn't play it 100% safe is what you get here. There isn't a whole lot more to be desired from the category.
21st May, 2018 (last edited: 23rd May, 2018)
What can say ... its a Winner ..
A hidden gem , it has one of the best openings for a summer scent.
It has resemblance to Creeds Milisime imperial .
10th October, 2017
mkpunk Show all reviews
United States
Ed Hardy Love & Luck is a strong smelling cologne with a slight musk to it. It is good as a day cologne as well as a night cologne for spring to early fall. It could be a good intro musk cologne. I will say those who complain about it being for kids are wrong. The design maybe for the younger set but it is a rather mature smell. It lasts about 6-8 hours surprisingly and is rather pretty good silage wise.
22nd May, 2016
Having a difficult time with this one because it's supposed to smell like Creed MI, which I love, but I just dont smell it. Maybe I got a bad bottle because it's just cheap, synthetic and cloying. Pretty strong too which was a surprise based on all the reviews.
11th December, 2015

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