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Sweet Lime & Cedar (2008)
by Jo Malone London


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Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseJo Malone London
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Sweet Lime & Cedar

Sweet Lime & Cedar is a shared / unisex perfume by Jo Malone London. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Sweet Lime & Cedar

That plasticky wood smell of assembling Ikea furniture, lightly minty and herbal. Maybe a mojito made with vodka instead of rum. Sawdust mixed with industrial glue.

I've said in other reviews that thin, synthetic woods are some of my least favorite perfume tropes, and this is no exception. The sawdusty mint is ok, but the plastic fume haze surrounding it negates what little charm I was feeling. I'd stick to Guerlain Homme, which does what this is trying to do, but MUCH better.
21st January, 2021
A very thoughtfully constructed, enjoyable scent from Jo Malone!

I realize that, especially with fragrances that are LOADED with many notes, that individual expectations and experiences will vary greatly. So from my POV...

Moderately strong lime splash that gets very subtle accents from the flurry of other notes swimming around (e.g. sweet, spicy, fruity touches). Cedar - hands down one of my most favorite fragrance notes of all time - gets a very solid feature role here. Even that note gets accentuations from unusual notes like tamarind, which has a very tart, earthy effect that clings to the cedar well.

Decent sillage, better longevity. A scent I would really consider buying full bottle!
10th October, 2018
A splendid offering from Jo Malone that tells you straight up, without artifice or pretension, that it is -- Sweet Lime and Cedar. Yes, it does have many ingredients, but in the end it reduces to this very beautiful cologne (of average sillage), that is citrusy/ fresh/ slight sweeter (than Lime, Basil & Mandarin) and woody.
It is unisex (as the best ones usually are) and though it breaks no ground and shatters no convention, it is nonetheless a beautiful composition that sits coyly on the left of bombast.

Give this a spin. It is worth it!
24th October, 2011 (last edited: 01st November, 2011)
I have a certain fascination with Jo Malone scents. They are often described here as linear and maybe that's what I like: a clear statement with fairly simple suppporting or contrasting accords. Like a strong melody accompanied by transparent orchestration.

But what's wrong with me? When I tried this in the shop I was completely enamoured of the tart lime contrasted with warm, aromatic cedar. Waited to buy it from JM's airport shop and now I can't find the tartness anywhere! Not even on the very first sniff. To be fair it is called "sweet lime" and the sweetness is definitely there but seems more associated with the gardenia than anything citrus. And that lack of tartness has completely destroyed the balance of the scent for me. I find what remains a bit too diffuse and although it's not unpleasant I can't relax with it because it keeps hinting that something will break through but ultimately just cloys somewhat.

The good news is that it makes a nice base with a strong citrus scent (Lime Basil Mandarin works without getting too weird) overlaid on it.
25th January, 2010
I tried this based on name alone and on a first wearing it was rather disappointing. The opening struck me as plasticky and floral; I really didn't catch the lime or cedar and washed it off before I could develop a full impression of the drydown. Subsequently I went to Jo Malone's website and read that the designer's inspiration for Sweet Lime and Cedar was Thai cuisine. With that, I gave it another shot. Again, I found the opening to be plasticky and floral, but I could detect the lime and the heat and the suggestion of Thai cuisine was helpful. Now I would still say the opening was cluttered by florals. The lime stays a good while, the florals dissipate and I get the cedar clearly. At this point the scent matches what my olfactory imagination hoped for: a pleasant base with cedar, touched by lime still. So the opening gets a thumbs down, the base a thumbs up and I will score the fragrance overall with a neutral rating. Definitely not worth it to me to endure the opening, but perhaps it will work on others.

An additional observation: per the current Jo Malone web page, spearmint and nutmeg are not listed in the notes.
10th September, 2009 (last edited: 19th September, 2009)
A modern twist in the cologne genre, Sweet Lime and Cedar uses kaffir lime leaf (aka Thai lime), tamarind and cedarwood as the theme. It may have the coolness of a tamarind drink in the alleyways of the souk, but it is more leafy than citrusy and I canít say that Iím smelling the unmistakable kaffir lime note on its own. Rather, it seems like a Westernized version for those who donít really care for that particular lime or perhaps find it too weird. The overall impression is of fresh leaves rubbed between the palms, and not particularly citrusy though possessing that type of invigorating freshness. A few moments later, I can sense a foreign note attempting to rise above the others Ė a gardenia and coconut accord, but a very artificial kind as the one you smell in every-other-celebrity-fragrance and the next one coming up. Thankfully, this phase is very short living and is quickly replaced by a dry pomelo note and a tad of coriander that lead to the longer lasting cedarwood that lingers on and on.

Colognes usually lose my interest nearly as fast as the initial blast of fresh juicy citrus top notes evaporates from the skin. But those that have cedarwood base seem to not only work well on my skin but also keep my brain stimulated longer without feeling irritated (the synthetic longer living citrus notes do that to me and turn on my skin). I had a similar infatuation with Miller Harrisí Citron Citron and could see myself quenching thirst for an entire summer with one of these at hand. At the same time, I am not particularly convinced that this perfume delivers its Thai cuisine premise and think that if it was carried out more boldly it would have made a truly fascinating perfume.
27th May, 2009

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