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Cerruti Image Fresh Energy (2008)
by Cerruti


Cerruti Image Fresh Energy information

Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

PackagingThierry de Baschmakoff
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Cerruti Image Fresh Energy

Cerruti Image Fresh Energy is a masculine fragrance by Cerruti. The scent was launched in 2008 and the bottle was designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff

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Reviews of Cerruti Image Fresh Energy

I like this!

A couple years ago I was doing a quick "fly-by" of the Marshalls bargain bin fragrances and I saw this-- it was super cheap, but I'd have to buy it blind. To be honest, I never really thought Image was anything special (and it seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after a few years of relative popularity-- it reminded me a lot of Azzaro Chrome, which is another scent that bores me).

OK, on to this one. I had to run some errands today and I hit myself a few times with Image Fresh Energy before leaving the house. First off, the bottle is tasteful and relaxed looking. The actual nozzle mechanism is one of the coolest-- you depress the lever on the top, which leans sideways to the right and the juice sprays out the left side. It's a very satisfying design.

As to the juice. As with the original Image, this one is very SOFT. I think that's one of the reasons I sometimes thought of it as boring. It has no sharp edges, but it's just gentle, relaxing and cool-- like some soap I used in childhood. As I was doing my errands I kept picking up random whiffs of something amazing, but I didn't think it was me. Finally after smelling this fruity, sweet almost plummy accord in three separate locations throughout the day, I realized that it was definitely from the Image Fresh Energy. Yes, there is something narcotic in there that tickles me like Versace's The Dreamer and Lagerfeld's JAKO (another underrated gem).

This is a very green, mild scent-- and where some scents seem to quicken my pulse and make me hyper-- despite this having the word "Energy" in the name-- I find this to be a very, very relaxing fragrance to wear. It actually calms me down a bit from my usual high-strung state to where I can actually focus and be productive.

Cerruti Image Fresh Energy is not a scent that is ever going to set the fragrance world on fire, but if you have a chance to try it-- or even get it blind at a low price, go for it. It makes a very nice "vacation" scent for those days when you want something a bit low-key and laid back, yet very nice smelling.

Very nice stuff!
22nd August, 2011
its a great drydown and nice sporty scent the ONLY problem is that its a bit offputting in the opening and one should not have to wait to smell something good
10th March, 2010
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Graprefruit and Mint coupled onto a Cool Water like scent without the metallic note and a smoother sweeter drydown. It actually smells an awful lot like a Cool Water knockoff that I bought in the past that smelled better than the original. It would make a good summer scent.
08th March, 2010
Light. Summery. Can definitely make out the grapefruit element. Bottle is vaguely Lalique-ish with frosted glass bottom with words on it. Tends to fade away rather soon.
10th July, 2009
tanto Show all reviews
United States
Clean and fresh best describes Fresh Energy. It has an almost "minty" opening to it along with other real "fresh" notes. I really like this one. It is subtle and long lasting. I was ablr to find it in Marshall's for under $20 for the 3.4oz spray. Fresh Energy has a character all its own and it is very agreeable, too.
22nd April, 2009
A very good twist...doesn't stray too far from the original. I thought the original was energetic already, but the energy in this lim ed version is obvious. It's not sweet, a bit citrus spicy. SirSlarty is on point...yuzu (a Japanese kinda grapefruit) and mint in the opening...a bit off putting, but as distortech pointed out it gets better as it wears...way better. Excellent flanker, if you can find it buy it...that is if you liked the regular Image.

Update: smells like one big juicy fizzy guava note. Drydown is amazing.
27th September, 2008 (last edited: 24th February, 2014)

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