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Soavissima is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumum.

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Mmmmmm Soavissima!!

Profumum Roma specializes perfumes that,
perhaps, seem like standard comfort scents, but I have noticed, that they zig, where one might expect them to zag. Fiore d’Ambra opens like a lot of familiar ambers, sweet and inviting, and then snatches the wearer, into a bear hug, and throws it over its shoulder, and carries them into a world of beastly labdanum. Soavissima performs a similar duck-and-switch. It begins like a powdery Teint de Neige number, indicating heliotropin, and signaling its intention to continue to rosey fluffy girlyville, and then does for tonka what Fiore d’Ambra does for labdanum.

There is citrus in its opening, dusted with the scent of powdered sugar, that reminds me of
opening a box of Lemonheads candy, an otherwise run-of-the-mill sour lemon hard candy. Perhaps, comparing Soavissima to confectionary, notably at this stage, might turn off the potential tester, and-or lose my reader, but, please, stay with me, because it changes quickly.

Most powder comfort perfumes, barrel straight on to pink florals, and I like those. Soavissima retains its powdered lemon edge, that seems to gain in sharpness, as it moves on to its next stage. A canyon of Tonka yawns under its lemon dust, a deep, angular, indigo-charcoal chiaroscuro effect, that reminds me of the shadows in a de Chirico painting, an olfactory deception that appears flat, to the nose, at first, and, then deepens into mystery, as green herbal licorice Angelica joins, and makes this wearer wonder, what else lurks around that corner.

I love perfumes that celebrate Tonka (oh, my dear, late, lamented, Commodity Tonka. Why??!!), without completely surrendering their identity, to its, sometimes, unpleasant burned-out, fluorescent-light, dull-gray hum. Soavissima’s Tonka retreats as soon as it marches forth, it blends with ashy herbal Angelica, then lemon rejoins, with its attendant haze of powder, with a greenish citron note that coaxes its Angelica impression back to the fore, in tangy contrast to Tonka’s chewy sweetness. a long-lasting, tart line of gradient, pale yellow, a streak of sun through clouds, sustaining some substantial, but not ding batty, cheerfulness as Soavissima relaxes into a phase, that feels like the purr of a well-tuned engine in idle, a pulsing ambient hum, that is like the entrancing, extended, musical bridge in Tame Impala’s sublime, “Let It Happen.” The perfume critic Tania Sanchez sometimes, favorably, compares perfumes, like Nicolai’s Maharanih, to falling into a feather bed, and that is the trick I find in Soavissima. I expected its Tonka to solidify into into a boulder, and, instead, it softens, depeens, plushes out, without losing substance. As it dries down, it seems lit from within, its usually persistent powdered citrus glowing through its Tonka base.

Soavissima can have a strong presence, but, its projection is not aggressive. It lasts for about 15 hours on skin, and has lingered on my sheets and scarves, for days. As I am writing this, I realize how apt the name Soavissima is, for this perfume. It is, indeed, ultra-soft, smooth like a fluffy cat, rather than a Brancusi sculpture, and wearing it is a disorientingly tactile experience. I have never worn Tonka that feels so velvety and thick-piled. The perfumes I have tried, so far, from Profumum Roma, have deceptive intelligence, that hides beneath the simplicity of their exteriors, and has, finally, enabled me to understand, a little, why these perfumes cost more, than they initially seem like they are worth. The care in their composition, attention to detail, and quality of their ingredients, rewards attention. I once thought they were hideously overpriced, for what they are, but I am re-evaluating them, as each perfume I have tried, has haunted me, after an initial impression of, that is/was nice, to beckoning me back, and, finally, seducing me, as it takes me repeated wear, and focus, for me to penetrate the source of their allure.

I have found nothing from this house that challenges me, but, so far, I found much that has surprised, and impressed me, over time. The perfumes have a muted opulence, that reminds me of modern versions of Guerlain’s more amorphous creations, like L’Heure Bleue. Soavissima’s initial impression does not do it justice. I have not found many perfumes, aside from Vol de Nuit, with any greenish countenance, that are also appropriate for cozy, cold, evenings in loungewear, or for wearing to bed. Soavissima can lull me to sleep, but not from boredom. It is a perfect snuggling companion, with witty conversation. I have not tried it in warm weather, I wonder if the powder might overwhelm, but I also wonder if its citrus might give it seasonal versatility. This is better work than its other reviews indicate, I think. 4 stars, with two softly glowing, sheer golden-flecked, thumbs up.

21st January, 2021
In many ways I like this. What I love most about it is the angelica vibe I pick up along the lines of one of my favorite vintage Creeds (Angelique Encens). I also love its unabashed power. It is what it is, and it is proud.

There is a bit of powder and a weird touch of "glue" smell that I pick up for the first hour. The glue actually feels as if it is there to keep the parts together, it does its job and then fades away. It's not bad, certainly not as bad as what my sentence probably conveys.

What I think it needs is a touch of spice (maybe some fizzy spice?) and a bit less vanilla. It is slightly syrupy, making it a fence-sitter between identifying as a gourmand and an earthy-soap composition dashed with powdered sugar.

What I like most about this fragrance is its ability to be an explosive skin scent with only small to moderate projection. It does not announce you and certainly needs to be discovered (within 12 inches I would guess), but when you meet it, the cloud makes a convincing statement.

14th September, 2015
YEP, I agree with the previous two commenters: this begins lke a posh herbal shampoo and dries to powdered Barbie doll. Doesn't have much projection. I've nothing against sweet, powdery scents, but this would not be my fragrance of choice in that genre.
04th October, 2012
This is some stroooong stuff. You only need a tiny drop. Well, the scent is floral with a mix of baby powder. The baby powder note is the kind that tends to smell "plastic", if you don't watch the amount applied. All in all, it was an "okay" fragrance.
22nd March, 2012
Bottom line first: it smells like really expensive soap.

Long version: I like the opening quite a bit - gentle resinous creaminess with an unexpected zing of *something* almost citrusy, almost spicy cutting through it. Medium sweet and unabashedly feminine.

Later on, the distinct notes join to form one glowy, powdery, soapy aura. Feels almost motherly, and safe. Expertly blended, high quality ingredients, can't fault the fragrance, and YET... I feel no desire whatsoever to own it. I miss the fireworks. Confetto presented the same problem to me: it's nice, sure, but where's the zing?
04th September, 2009

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