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Absynthe (2009)
by Christian Lacroix


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Lacroix
PerfumerLaurent Le Guernec
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Absynthe

Produced in collaboration with Avon (see Rouge and Noir)

Reviews of Absynthe

Absynthe is very chemical in a sense. However I don't mean that I'm repulsed by it, I just find it that little bit odd.

When I first sprayed this on, my immediate thoughts were that it smelt like menthol and a cosmetic aisle. I was a little disappointed that it didn't smell anything like absinthe, the very potent alcoholic beverage that has been banned in my own country.

Absynthe is only slightly green, but not in a grassy or rainforest sense. It smells damp and musty to me, like a heavily timbered area which barely sees the light. It reminds me slightly of Eden by Cacharel.

This fragrance is floral, but not in a feminine or delicate way, they sit on the skin quite rudely with their complexity. There is also a subtle spiciness brought about by the saffron and a bitterness caused by the wormwood additive which is the most common ingredient found in absinthe.

Despite liking the idea and concept behind the fragrance, this is not really a true homage to absinthe itself, but rather a unique green floral with an interesting muskiness. The lasting power is unfortunately very poor.

30th June, 2011
I am drinking a 'makeshift absinthe' while I write this: an iced tea brewed with wormwood and other herbs with Ouzo. Pretty close....
Absynthe smells 'pretty close,' but its scent is not that of its namesake: rather, this is a gentle homage scent that actually radiates with an admirable consistency rather than wafting in and out. The green and white floral opening is certainly feminine and characterized by a sort of milky powder that, try as I might, I can't help but feel is strange and unattractive. It's observation of the change from top to heart that makes this an interesting fragrance. The aforementioned accord implodes, folding away some of its floral strength, while the musky amber and woods of the inside are drawn slowly to the fore. Now the milk-powdered florals are an underscore for a basic masculine oriental structure. Here Absynthe remains for some time, and for its remainder could certainly be called a unisex scent. In the end, Absynthe is very enjoyable, especially if you actually like the opening, and its intrigue is in its quiet transformation. This is an aromatic floriental worth trying and, in reiteration of prior comments, a pleasant surprise coming from Avon. Such surprises are always welcome.
13th April, 2011
This is my guilty pleasure. A few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing Avon. I was intrigued by the novelty factor of the name and promos for Absythe. It was cheap enough so I bought a bottle on a whim. At first it was nice, but now I can't put it down. The sad part is the humidity here makes it stuffy and migraine-inducing even though it's not a heavy scent. It's a nighttime or wait till it cools down in the fall scent for me, but it could work in a less humid summer climate. It's definitely given me reason to rethink my views of Avon fragrances.
31st July, 2010
This is a scent very sensitive to body chemistry. I've tried, hard, to like this scent, and I do. It's very dry, clean, crisp, woodsy, earthy, and mysterious. I can't say it's a warm weather scent to me, but neither is it strictly cold weather. On me, however, all I smell are the chemical earmarks of a cheap perfume. (I have absolutely nothing against cheap perfumes -- half of my perfume collection are "pedestrian" perfumes from Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret -- but the chemical smell is very distinctive.) The scent only lasts a few hours on me and the drydown isn't really pleasant enough for me to miss it much.

I love it on the sample card, but on my skin, it just doesn't work out. Very disappointing.
31st May, 2010
Absynthe is an intriguing fragrance... a paradox of warm and shimmery cool notes.

The top notes are decided unisex in nature- sharp, green, and citrusy- but it develops into a very warm and woody floral- and I agree with Nebraska, the longevity is quite good.

09th May, 2010
This is a green fresh and woody -aromatic scent.The opening is a sharp fresh note of Absinthe which is a very different from other greenish notes.Then comes the freshness of the aromatic note of narcissus and orchids and fresh cut florals...the aroma gets more sweet and deeper.
The sillage is great and turns to a soft ambery and woody base.
The scent in general is very fresh and green ,long lasting and soft woody.
06th May, 2010

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