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Lola (2009)
by Marc Jacobs


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMarc Jacobs
PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker
PerfumerAnn Gottlieb
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Lola

Lola is a feminine perfume by Marc Jacobs. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Ann Gottlieb and Calice Asancheyev-Becker

Lola fragrance notes

Reviews of Lola

Lola is one of my favorite fruity florals (which is not typically a group I pick from often). It's soft, pretty, and unassuming. The pink pepper provides a little spiciness and intrigue to the rose, and together, they perfectly complement each other. The pear is just the right amount of fruitiness without overpowering the soft florals, musk and sweet vanilla. Lola is gentle, buoyant. Purely delightful.

To mimic another reviewer below me: Lola absolutely has a '90s throwback quality. That's actually the entire reason I decided to try it. I think most times I see Marc Jacobs perfumes with their flamboyant toy-like bottles, I can't take them seriously. But Lola helped me gain perspective on the matter. Especially going back to that '90s mentality - Couldn't you see the kitschy Lola bottle sitting atop Lisa Turtle's dresser (from Saved by the Bell)? Or perhaps Blossom Russo's? Heck, one of my favorite perfumes in the '90s, Fetish, had a ridiculous bottle. Which is one of the reasons I tried it in the first place! Haha.

Lastly, I have an odd story, or, perhaps a comparison to add. Lola isn't exactly a perfume I would've even taken a second look at if not for searching high and low for similar scents to Avon's discontinued 'Natori'. I recently read that a knock-off of Lola, called "Hola", was a dead ringer for the gloriously '90s Natori. I thought, "Well, what about actual Lola?" While they had a few notes in common, Lola turned out to be only vaguely similar to Natori. But I wasn't disappointed by Lola in the slightest - it's a charming scent that I'm glad I happened to stumble upon.
26th April, 2015
Genre: Fruity Floral
Lola explodes from its bottle in a blaze of neon-colored fruit that streaks directly toward shampoo or public restroom hand soap. It settles into a tropical fruit (guava?) and rose accord thatís a linear descendant of Calyx, but decades of inbreeding leave Lola coarser and several degrees more shrill. Calyx used pleasantly bitter green notes to offset the sweetness of its fruit and rose. Lola is all canned fruit syrup. I waited patiently while Lola played itself out, hoping that it would develop into something more interesting, or at least less cloying. It didnít. Instead it just congealed into a block of sweet and intensely unnatural vanilla.

In a very crowded field of crude, sweet, fruity florals, Lolaís most distinctive features are its cute bottle and its volume. This scent is LOUD. Loud as in, spill a few drops of this on my carpet, and Iíll have to relocate. Loud as in, keep it in a locked box if there are small children in your home. Iím not kidding: Iíll be wearing disposable rubber gloves the next time I open my sample vial. I wish I could say otherwise, but Lola is a very, very bad fragrance. On the other hand, a purse spray might be handy for deterring muggers.
19th June, 2014 (last edited: 09th October, 2014)
I extremely loveeeeeeee the fact that it's long lasting on me and attracts compliments from people around me. Even my mom and sister in laws loves it. They thought that it is a perfect perfume and suits me very well. The price are ok for me. Would I buy it again? Probably not because even though it attracts compliments from both women and men around me, I dislike the smell of it on me. Am keeping it though in case my mood changes and for my sisters and mom when they come over.
09th May, 2014
I asked my sister to buy me this perfume for Christmas two years ago, and it's been sitting in the box for two years collecting dust. I wa drawn to the bottle and I am an avid user of Daisy so I thought it to be a sister perfume, so I got a sample from the perfumer and I found it to be very strong, much stronger than Daisy and very much so in your face. I immediately thought of wearing it while out on the town with my friends and to parties cause it has that musky - fruity seductiveness to it. I've started wearing it today because my bottle of Daisy is running low and I liked it more than my other perfumes on my shelf, some o which smell like old ladies, no offense to Sarah Jessica Parker. (Lovely and Covet) I consider this my alter-ego scent because it's the complete opposite of Daisy, but I dont understand the bad reviews. I think the bottle is perfect for the scent. It's dark like a wine rouge and has a flower on the top which in reminiscent of what a flower truly is, the sexual reproductive organs of the plant. It starts off strong and fruity/ spicy then gradually fades into this warm, poeny like scent which I like and the musk is detected right away but is subtle. Only spritz it once cause it might irritate someone sitting next to you. Daisy can be worn everyday cause its so light and pleasing but I fear that Lola is not for everyone. It doesnt smell tacky or cheap to me, but very temptressy and bold. I will probably finish the bottle in a few years cause I wont wear it very often. Daisy won me over and I can't move on just yet. ;)
29th July, 2012
A "white noise" floral that just smells synthetic, generic to my nose. Thankfully it also seemed to disappear quickly. I keep expecting more, more something, from modern florals and rarely find it. I got no drydown on this one at all. White floral detergent whiff and gone.
22nd March, 2012
The appeal †(for some, not for everybody) of the bottle design and the intriguing latin sound of the name don't manage to save this fragrance from the collapse. Lola †is one of †those scents that †are literally †headache inducing. Detergent, hyper synthetic, syrupy and almost plastic this fragrance stars citrusy, fruity and gassy with the dominant role of harsh grapefruit and pepper, developing towards a bombastic, linear, aggressive and chemical accord of synthetic musk, caramellous fruit and vanilla. I don't smell clearly neither the †rose nor the geranium because the intensity of the artificial fruits, colorants and candies caramel overwhelms any †botanic natural feel and because is just possible to detect an indistinct floral vibe. Too warm and over sweet to be worn in the course of a summer night so i utterly disagree with some of the reviewers. Unfortunately the lasting power is notable, i had to wash many times my hands to scrub the smell off. One of the worst fragrances around and the fragrances are thousands.
09th December, 2011 (last edited: 16th September, 2014)

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