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Royal Muska (2001)
by Micallef


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Royal Muska

Royal Muska is a feminine perfume by Micallef. The scent was launched in 2001

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Reviews of Royal Muska

Tame and unadventurous...

Fruit mixed with rose. Not too sweet. The rose keeps sweetness at bay. Yet another ordinary perfume in the beginning...
Slowly, a bit of average musk & generic wood appear. The florals seem to stay muddled in the background. Distant -- At arm's length. Musk increases with a safe, "girly" tone.
Fades away all too soon. Barely a skin scent within two hours. Not worth the price for what "it is". I give it 2 stars for it's "prettiness" and I feel I am being generous.
04th September, 2019
Musk 'Light' or a light rosy almost sheer musk. Easy wearing, very airy actually and quite enjoyable to wear. I would saying this is more of a soft cozy sweater kinda scent, very comforting. I found the floral notes didn't last longer than 3ish hours but the soft musk became a lovely skin scent that lasted a decent amount of time. Very nice, but question the cost for something so subtle and sheer.

24th August, 2019
A very floral, powdery and soft yet pesistent musk. From what I have smelled, genuine deer musk also have this floral quality, rather than being sharply animalic (of course there can't be any real musk here). The drydown has a light, sweet ambery touch and I also smell traces of violet. One could also imagine there might be a hint of costus essential oil, which smells like human skin and hair. This might not sound so nice, but it makes Royal Muska become less boring and much of a skin scent. It also cuts off the somewhat synthetic feeling of the floralness(?). I find this a beautiful and easy to wear musk, but not without personality.
06th March, 2013
CLEAN MUSK! Royal musk? No, it's "I just washed your highness" musk. Agreeable smell, soft, whitish, yes: soapy. Having smelled musks with more personality, I can say that the bottle is quite beatiful, but I can't imagine spending more than $30 on a it-and I probably wouldn't spring for it if I found it for such a good price. Forget it! I would give this a thumbs down, but it really doesn't smell <i>bad</i>.

One of the best musks I can think of is White Musk by Al Nayyfat, sold through Zahra's boutique-it's $85 for a tola of oil, thus I have no more than a tiny sample-but it's clean and has personality-dare I say it has a scent-and it's not disappointingly soapy like this.
28th February, 2010
soft, white clouds with a mild touch of ambrette seed. it;s toooo soft and powdery. yet, is very enchanting. for those who like scents which dont interfere (atall) and yet give a very comforting feel, this is it. for those anosmic to musk, better tred with caution, you might just smell - nothing!
16th September, 2009
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United States
To sum this up for me -- "musk soap." Nice when I bury my nose into my arm, but the overall sillage is quite soapy, hence the neutral rating. I'm just beginning to explore musks, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt. On another hand (literally), I also tried Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan today and I found it much more appealing.

06th July, 2009

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