Ambra Nera (2011)
by Farmacia SS. Annunziata


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseFarmacia SS. Annunziata

About Ambra Nera

Ambra Nera is a shared / unisex perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Ambra Nera

Dusty. Musty. Brings on distant memories. Ground-up dried, green things. It's like a poultice of healing herbs. A salve of scent. Less a perfume - more a remedy for malaise.

Mellow, soft powdery sweetness with vanilla and patchouli being a calming factor or attribute. Bits of greenish vetiver come forth at times. It reminds me of a dry spell in summer months. I think the amber accord is well-controlled. It isn't powerful, to me.

Dry, peppery, both floral and herbal at the same time. Safe. Clean. Gentle. Wearable for anyone.

A woody, almond-heliotrope type accord much later.
08th December, 2019
Inoffensive amber, but still amber. Fades quickly. Not great.
10th March, 2019
I've only recently discovered this producer, and they've shown me a new world of scents. Ambra Nera is a very complex amber vanilla with amazing richness. It kind of seems like what Chanel aspires to be but misses. I think this would be the all time best date night fragrance.
05th August, 2017
Whether or not I'm prejudiced by house or packaging, I have to say that this is Amber, Italian-style. A bright blast of eucalyptus gets things going (it really did clear my sinuses today), drifting into black smokey notes (no churchy aromatics here) before easing into a smooth, rich amber with absolutely none of the minerality I've noticed in other interpretations. Where other ambers drift up in wisps or clouds, this one encloses like a fog.

I love the animalic notes: on skin, they bring this otherwise rather linear amber to life, opening it up and allowing it to breathe, smelling of warm creatures and barnyard and sunshine. I find them very persistent, almost wedded to the amber itself. The drydown is a mild vanilla, not too sweet, and has a hint of vegetation in it.

Nice persistence. Well crafted. I love critter smells.
17th February, 2016
Ambra Nera is a bit of a surprise. I was expecting a hippy-ish, Arab marketplace amber, the kind that is comforting, but so familiar it runs the risk of being yawn-inducing. Instead, I found an amber that is the stern, bookish sister in the family of ambers – nothing soft or oozing about this one at all. It charts an unusual course from bitter herbs and green mold to dust and smoking resins, eventually arriving at a surprisingly animalic heart before drifting off into a powdery, vanillic drydown that feels both more familiar and less distinctive than what has gone before.

Ambra Nera opens on a knife edge of bitter eucalyptus, providing a camphorous pungency normally associated with patchouli fragrances. Vetiver in the base adds a rooty, almost vegetal type of freshness that floats up through the scent and leavens the heft of the resins and powder. This is a gentle, airy sort of herbal accent, not the pungent and spicy feel of the bay leaves and spices in Ambre Sultan, for example.

In other words, this is not an oriental amber. It is more suggestive of the dusty, cobble-stoned streets of a small Mediterranean village than of the souk. And Ambra Nera is as much about the ancient resins of Frankincense and benzoin as it is about the amber. The incense is slightly smoky but cold in feel, as if the censer has been snuffed out and what we are smelling are the ashy remains of the resins.

Ambra Nera is also lightly but distinctly animalic, which was a surprise for me. The animalic aspect – the effect of an unlisted leathery labdanum or castoreum perhaps - appears halfway through the middle stage of the perfume and hangs around until it is overtaken by the powdery benzoin in the basenotes. The appearance of this leathery, skanky note is a jolt to the senses in what is essentially a dusty, stern church amber, kind of like someone whispering a filthy limerick in your ear during high mass. But the animalic accord is brief, and soon Ambra Nera settles back down into its basic character.

The drydown is extremely powdery and vanillic, which may be a problem for those who usually steer clear of powder notes in fragrances. I don’t mind the powder too much, but I admit that I am less fond of this last stage of the perfume, as it feels like too much of a departure from its more interesting and masculine beginning and heart. Still, all in all, this is a very interesting amber perfume, and one that is likely to appeal to anyone who likes spooky, gothic fragrances. Bookish and intellectual, it lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from the typical sexy marketplace ambers, and is all the better for it. It also contains a nice surprise in its heart – a warm, animalic accord that seems to contradict the cold, dustiness of the scent’s essential character. I like Ambra Nera very much, and although I own a lot of amber fragrances, there is nothing quite like this in my wardrobe.
04th September, 2014
This is a great and very complex amber based fragrance.
Right after first spray you will get hit by heavy blast of bitter resinous amber and honey!
It's very warm, sweet and bitter resinous smell which is very sensual and yummy!
I can smell a soft fruity scent, something like cherry in the background as well but it's not up in front and easy to detect.

As time passes, that faint fruity cherry smell goes away and now I can smell a soft animalic feeling beside the sweetness of honey and amber.
The animalic smell is mellow and I believe it's because of castoreum note which isn't listed here anyway!
It's a soft buttery and dirty animalic feeling that gives the scent a beautiful aroma. it's not stinky and sweaty like musk and it's not very heavy something like civet! very easy to wear and like animalic note.

In the base the sweet amber change more into vanilla type of sweetness. that animalic feeling still does exist and now I can smell some sort of bitter smoky aroma. I don't know if there is leather note in this fragrance or it's vetiver that gives us that smoky feeling but anyway it's detectable in the scent. it's not so strong but definitely it's there.
I can feel also a soft floral, green and slightly powdery feeling. maybe violet leafs or iris or maybe both.
Very sensual, complex and great scent.
Projection is very heavy (beast mode!) and longevity is 10+ hours easy. with two sprays (max 3 sprays) you're good all day long.
26th July, 2014

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