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Daphne (2009)
by Daphne Guinness


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseDaphne Guinness
PerfumerAntoine Lie
Parent CompanyComme des Garçons

Reviews of Daphne

Daphne is a millefiori creation, bursting with colour, warmth, light, crammed with notes but still crisp and sure of purpose, not a blurry mess. It surely belongs among the classic Carons rather than CdG’s line-up – I suppose one could read its impeccable ‘golden age’ construction as an ironic avant gesture by this house. Whatever... with a perfume this ravishing who is bothered?
Daphne’s rich bitter orange and resins opening salvo is to die for, I find myself dabbing on more and more to relive its beauty. But at its heart is a tuberose that conquers even my usual phobic reaction to this bloom – it’s buttery, nectary, embracing, with a silky sultriness that invites rather than overpowers. What one would normally consider as the base is shimmery, powdery, wood-inflected (I could swear there’s some sandal in there, even if it’s not in the note list), making its presence felt right from the start and bringing to my mind the Caron connotation.
So why is it not better known? Perhaps it’s because the tuberose asserts its dominance after a few hours, banishing complexity and leaving this pretty much in soliflore territory.
14th November, 2014
Blind buy after polarised reviews. Marmite - love or hate. I love. Very similar to Etat Libre d'Orange 's Rein which I hated on first try. This is softer, more floral and equally as difficult to wear. I'm in agreement with the 'messy soup' reviews but also think it's a frag you need to stick with. The orange blossom vanilla dry down I didn't expect to like, but it's warm and cosy. Try before you buy full price or do what I did and get a cut price bargain on eBay and be very pleasantly surprised. The BF calls it "the thick one". He's right, it's thick with everything you can throw at a perfume but no sugar to help the medicine go down.
05th October, 2014
I loved it at the opening, smelled refined, bright, exotic, and creamy white bouquet of flowers.....

Then it turned into a messy soup:-) yes and veery powdery, bitter, and dry powdery and sweet and very retro....180 degrees change from bright summery scent into an old lady powdery mess:-)

But the dry down on blotter lasted for weeks! Why are they in so many occasions beautiful?

I go neutral on my first impression.
24th March, 2013
Daphne just hasn't been able to win me over. It smells a lot like a natural perfume, but in a bad way. Sometimes natural perfumes can get so complex that they become a bit of a sweet flowery resinous mess, and I'm afraid that's what Daphne smells like to me, though it's concentrated more like a loud EDP than a subtle natural oil blend.

So what does it actually smell like? Well, there's indolic, slightly creamy tuberose mixed with some sort of resin that smells like sweet fake oranges. And then it's got that weird fish food/pet shop odor I get in some natural perfumes. There's a ton more going on that's contributing to all this, I'm sure, but the tuberose/fake orange/pet shop mix is my best description. Not for me...
24th February, 2013
This one reminds me strongly of a favourite of mine; Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon by Pilar & Lucy. lt has the same blend of tuberose, amber, incense & spices, combining to produce a "headshop" vibe which is very appealing to me. The tuberose is perhaps a little fruitier here, & the amber turned down a notch, but overall it is strikingly similar. From here it remains very linear, except for a whiff of myrrh in the heart. The projection is good, & it lasts a good six hours before fading.
l like this fragrance a lot; it is exotic & different, but it has made me pine for another bottle of Tiptoeing.. which is, after all, less expensive, & less fruity.
23rd January, 2013
A wild romp - so retro, so '60's, so fun, an explosion of notes. In spite of it's big overstuffed grocery cart of notes, the barely contained cornucopia of vivid olfactoriness, it manages to hang together.... actually, it's got that '60's mentality of letting it all hang out. No secrets here, just lots of living, expressing, and emoting. It's great! This strikes me as a fragrance you need to just go with, and then you get along with it just fine. You can trust it like the wild roommate you had in college - lots of fun, a friend. It's an attitude fragrance, and if you're going to get all analytical about it, it's probably not for you - this is not a cerebral fragrance.
That being said, what with it's deserved reputation for hanging in there and partying until the next day, this fragrance can stay too strong, too insistent in the drydown, when you're ready to quit partying. With such a powerful drydown, you have to like the note it becomes at that point, which is a jasmine/tuberose woody amber, and be willing to go with it.
The solution is a subtle touch with the application. I slathered indiscriminantly with my sample, and it was a force to be reckoned with until the next day. Wow. It really does require judiciousness - a spray in the air, then walking through it, and perhaps a dab at pulse points (but not all of them!).
Great, but consider yourself warned.
12th July, 2012 (last edited: 31st March, 2013)

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