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3 Fleurs (2009)
by Parfum d'Empire


3 Fleurs information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseParfum d'Empire
PerfumerMarc-Antoine Corticchiato

About 3 Fleurs

3 Fleurs is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfum d'Empire. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

3 Fleurs fragrance notes

Reviews of 3 Fleurs

Utterly ravishing floral, it’s like swimming in a bead of nectar on a petal of a just-opened lily, lightly scented pollen falling gently from its anthers. The three flowers of this perfume’s name are rose, jasmine and tuberose, but the blend, though leaning initially more towards the white flowers, is exquisite, wrapping the wearer in a delicate, dew-kissed haze.
I love the fresh, light touch evident here – these are blossoms calling from a spring meadow, accents of galbanum and mint deployed so successfully, they bring to mind memories of plucking green stalks of spring grass and tasting their barely-there sweetness. The whole thing is rendered breezy and cool by a puff of clean musk. And yet somehow the essential indolic headiness of jasmine and tuberose isn’t sacrificed, an accomplishment in itself. An elven glade bottled.
About 6-8 hours in, the galbanum’s darker green shade becomes more evident – evening falling on this perfume. And then, yet a few hours later there’s another development: now the honeyed tones of the Bulgarian rose (backed no doubt by ylang) become the soothing lullaby being sung to the wearer. 3 Fleurs is an all-dayer, my nose doesn’t lose track of it as time goes by, and it remains a pleasure. The ingredients used seem top drawer and the pricing is on the more friendlier side of niche. Of course none of this will appeal if you don’t have a soft spot for out-and-out florals, but for me finding 3 Fleurs was a hallelujah moment.
03rd May, 2020
The rose reminds me of Mai Rose. I am reminded of the roses my mother grew. She tended to them, as if they were her children. Oh, how fragrant they were!

Next in line is jasmine. It sidles up to be noticed. Truly floral. No nasties there. Rose and jasmine go arm in arm with tuberose and galbanum. A lovely quad of scent. The latter add a darker, greener element.

It all smells real. They all merge, becoming a regal bouquet; never sweet, never cloying. This is a perfect floral, I think, for any time of the year. They all behave and none offend... I get a touch of mint later on. rose, lasts and lasts.
26th April, 2019
Portrait of Three Ladies in Profile by William Baxter Closson
25th June, 2018
Like all scents from Parfum d'Empire, this is not subtle. It is quite strong. Jasmine, Tuberose and Rose with a bit of galbanum to make it a green white floral and the tiniest bit of mint to act as an aldehyde in bringing it all crisply and effervescently forward.

I am also getting the ripe banana vibe of ylang, although this is not listed, but this is what the heart notes dry down to, a sort of tropical fruity floral that is not unpleasant, but due to its strength, belongs more in a shampoo or liquid soap than a scent one is going to be wafting forth all day.

Still, it's well constructed. More for the teen-aged girl than the young woman and definitely not for the mature one. If you are into fruity florals, a little dab of this will last and last.
01st August, 2017
Parfum d'Empire 3 Fleurs is a redolent take on floral musky galbanum. The latter provides density, silvan thickness and a tad of botanic stickiness throughout. This scent is a beautiful example of quite mossy floral bouquet jumping up straight from the green/dark wilderness of the high impenetrable mountains. The general muskiness is by soon minty and aromatic. The floral presence is initially well discernible (in each single element) before finally ending to smell like an intense musky indiscernible (compact) amalgam. The fragrance opens soon rosey, kind of detergent (in a sort of victorian traditional apothecarian way), silvan, mossy and earthy in a way conjuring me shortly (just for a few time) the musky combination of galbanum, orris and rose mastering the Chanel N.19's introducing atmosphere. The typically rosey-neutral vibe sets down an adamant mark which holds on its influence along the time, even when a more captivating kind of lacteous ylang-ylang/jasmine/tuberose-accord starts enveloping the elements yet in the core of the aromatic journey. Dry down is a quite aromatic temperamental floral accord (like a modern less complicated Ysatis) really visceral (a tad of animalics?), sexy, moderately sophisticated (by spices, soapy balsams and ylang-ylang) and bold. Along dry down jasmine seems more heady (on the contrary being rose quite dominant in the top and tuberose in the core) and it's like to stumble over a redolent jasmine-centered realistic Bruno Fazzolari's floral accord (realistic but a tad "novel in structure" despite not properly wild and crude). Nothing particularly original but surely a powerful commanding essence for all those women in love for the indolic floral impetuous solutions.
01st November, 2016 (last edited: 02nd November, 2016)
Genre: Floral
Notes (from Lucky Scent): Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, Indian tuberose, galbanum, mint, white musk.

I get green jasmine and buttery tuberose from 3 Fleurs right off the bat, the rose being far less obvious at first. Conspicuous galbanum and minty top notes initially align 3 Fleurs with Dominique Ropion’s Carnal Flower for Frédéric Malle, though 3 Fleurs is a cooler, quieter, and far less voluptuous scent. 3 Fleurs grows more intensely green as it develops, eschewing much of the indolic, animalic character of jasmine and tuberose in favor of a crisp, snappy, morning-in-the-garden mood. It’s the same kind of pretty, but thoroughly chaste, floral style that Estée Lauder does so well in scents like Alliage, White Linen, and Private Collection. In fact if you’d handed me 3 Fleurs to sniff blind, I’d of guessed it was a Lauder scent from the 1970s – especially once the soapy white “laundry” musk and peppery rose drydown sets in.

With such a green, herbaceous profile, 3 Fleurs also strikes me as a potentially agreeable floral for men. It’s really not all that far removed in style from Givenchy’s bitter-green Insensé or Power by Kenzo, themselves both owing much to the clean, green Lauder/Balmain florals of the 1970s. By now of course you probably know where this is going: 3 Fleurs smells good, but it’s been done before, and just as well, for quite a bit less money. I wouldn’t buy it without trying Alliage, White Linen, Private Collection, or Ivoire first.
08th June, 2014

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